A Prisoner's Prayer

May 17, 2015|
A Prisoner's Prayer
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For years I felt I had to hide the pain, hurt, and anger hidden within. I pretended to be happy, when I was hurting deeply on the inside. When I was around others I felt as though I was inside a cage.

When I realized I couldn't share my thoughts with anyone, not even the people closest to me, I began writing on paper as if I were talking to God. What I was writing down were thoughts in the form of prayers. I began to hand the prayers out to inmates. Inmates started opening up to me and asking me to pray about the situations they feared most: walking into the courtroom and standing before the judge.

Ninety percent of the inmates that received those prayers, walked free with no prison time to serve. The other 10% did not walk away free because of their lack of belief in the prayers.

I soon realized that I must go boldly to the throne room of God and plead my case. At that point I became aware that the devil could not hurt me anymore. He could not keep me in locked in an invisible cage of anger, pain and hurt any longer.

After reading the prayers in this book, my daughter Oralene, encouraged me to make them public by writing a book.

I pray that whoever reads this book will break free from every lie and attack the devil sends their way. This book is a result of all of the prayers I prayed.

Title:A Prisoner's Prayer
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 17, 2015
Publisher:Earlene Kelly Chevis
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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