A Reader of Ancient Near Eastern Texts: Sources for the Study of the Old Testament by Michael D. CooganA Reader of Ancient Near Eastern Texts: Sources for the Study of the Old Testament by Michael D. Coogan

A Reader of Ancient Near Eastern Texts: Sources for the Study of the Old Testament

byMichael D. Coogan

Paperback | September 6, 2012

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In A Reader of Ancient Near Eastern Texts: Sources for the Study of the Old Testament, leading biblical scholar Michael D. Coogan presents a collection of texts that introduce students to the larger world surrounding the Old Testament. Dating from the third millennium BCE to the turn of theera, the readings have been carefully selected from the most accurate sources and arranged by genre and place of origin. They provide historical correlations to people and events mentioned in the Bible; parallels to biblical genres, motifs, institutions, and concepts; and windows into the lives ofordinary people. The texts are enhanced by chapter and reading introductions, extensive biblical references, and illustrations.
Michael D. Coogan is Lecturer in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Harvard Divinity School, Director of Publications for the Harvard Semitic Museum, and Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at Stonehill College. He is the editor of Oxford Biblical Studies Online and The New Oxford Annotated Bible.
Title:A Reader of Ancient Near Eastern Texts: Sources for the Study of the Old TestamentFormat:PaperbackDimensions:240 pages, 9.25 × 7.5 × 0.68 inPublished:September 6, 2012Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

PrefaceCreditsIntroductionWriting SystemsLanguagesWriting MaterialsGenresBibliography1. MythsMESOPOTAMIA1. Enuma Elish2. A Creation Myth from Sippar3. A Creation Myth from Ashur4. Dumuzi and InannaUGARIT5. BaalHITTITE6. El-kunirsha and Ashertu7. The Disappearance of the Storm God8. The Song of KumarbiEGYPT9. From the Pyramid of Pepi I10. From the Pyramid of Pepi II11. The Memphite Theology12. The Contendings of Horus and Seth2. EpicsMESOPOTAMIA13. Gilgamesh14. AtrahasisUGARIT15. Kirta16. AqhatHITTITE17. Kanesh and Zalpa18. Appu and His Two SonsEGYPT19. The Tale of the Two Brothers3. Historiographic Texts20. The Sumerian King List21. The Birth Legend of Sargon22. The Curse of Akkad23. The Apology of Hattusili III24. The Merneptah Stela25. The Battle of Qarqar26. Kilamuwa27. The Mesha Stela28. The Tel Dan Stela29. Obelisk of Shalmaneser III30. Stela of Adad-nirari III31. Annals of Tiglath-pileser III32. Summary Inscription of Sargon II33. Chronicles of Merodach-baladan34. Campaign of Sennacherib35. Karatepe36. Summary Inscription of Esar-haddon37. Chronicle of Nebuchadrezzar II38. Administrative Text of Nebuchadrezzar II39. Chronicles of Nabonidus40. The Cyrus Cylinder4. Legal and Commercial TextsCollections and Codes:MESOPOTAMIA41. Code of HammurapiHITTITE42. Hittite LawsTreaties:HITTITE43. Treaty between Suppiluliuma I and Niqmaddu II44. Notice of Tribute to be paid to Hatti by Ugarit45. Treaty between Shattiwaza and Suppiluliuma I46. Treaty between Mursili II and Tuppi-Teshub47. Treaty between Hattusili III and Rameses IIARAMAIC48. Treaty between Bar-gayah and MatielMESOPOTAMIA49. Treaty between Ashur-nirari V and Matiel50. Treaty between Easr-haddon and Baal of Tyre51. The Vassal Treaties of Esar-haddonContracts:52. Murashu TabletELEPHANTINE PAPYRI53. Marriage Contract54. Transfer of Real Estate55. Document of ManumissionCommercial Transactions56-59. Samaria Ostraca60-61. Tell Qasileh Ostraca62-65. Arad Ostraca66-70. Inscribed Jars71. Inscribed Handles from Gibeon72. Seals and Seal Impressions73. Weights5. LettersRoyal Correspondence:74. From Suppiluliuma I to Niqmaddu II75. From Piha-walwi to Ibiranu76. From Naptera to Pudu-Heba77. From Rameses II to Hattusili IIIAMARNA LETTERS78. From Rib-Hadda to the Pharaoh79. From Labayu to the Pharaoh80. From Abdi-Heba to the Pharaoh81. From a Royal Official to King Ashurbanipal82. From Adon to Neco IICorrespondence Between Officials:LACHISH LETTERS83. Lachish Letter 184. Lachish Letter 285. Lachish Letter 386. Lachish Letter 4ARAMAIC LETTERS FROM EGYPT87. From Arsames to Armapiya88. Between Jewish Leaders at Elephantine and the Governor of JudahPersonal Correspondence:89. From an Egyptian Worker to His Supervisor90. From an Israelite Worker to His Supervisor91. Concerning Passover92. Concerning Repair of a Garment93. Concerning Groceries and the Sabbath6. Hymns, Prayers, Laments, and RitualsHymns and PrayersEGYPT94. Hymn to the AtenMESOPOTAMIA95. Letter-prayer to Ninmug96. Hymn to Ishtar97. Prayer to Anu98. Hymn to Ishtar99. Hymn to Marduk100. Prayer to a Personal God101. Hymn to Enlil102. Coronation Prayer103. Prayer of Ashurbanipal104. Prayer of Nabonidus to Sin105. Prayer of Nabonidus to God Most High106. Praise of BabylonCITY LAMENTS107. Lament for Ur108. Lament for IsinOTHER SUMERIAN LAMENTS109. The Raging Sea Will Not be Calmed110. He Is a Storm: At the Howling111. The God ManifestRituals:MEDICAL TEXTS112. For Headache113. For a Woman Who Has Suffered Miscarriage114. Garlic for Sickness115. For ToothacheOther Ritual Texts:116. Instructions for HittiteTemple Officials117. God and Sacrifice Lists from Ugarit118. Marseilles Tariff7. Burial TextsFunerary Texts:EGYPT119. Stela of IntefBOOK OF THE DEAD120. Hymn to the Sun God Re121. The Weighing of the Heart122. Hymn to Osiris123. Negative Confession124. For Going Out into the Day125. Shabti Inscription126. Carpentras StelaUGARIT127. Royal Funerary TextPHOENICIAN128. Ahiram Sarcophagus129. Ahiram Graffito130. Tabnit131. Eshmunazor132. BatnoamSAMAL133. KuttamuwaHEBREW134. Silwan135. El-Qom136. Ketef HinnomPERSIAN137. Mausoleum of Cyrus8. Commemorative and Dedicatory TextsARAMAIC138. Tell Fekheriye139. Zakkur140. Bar-Rakib141. Daskyleion142. Kesecek Koyu143. SaraidinSAMAL144. PanamuwaPHONECIAN145. Yehimilk146. Yehawmilk147. Bodastart148. Pyrgi149. Tell Siran Bottle150. Siloam Tunnel151. Ekron152-55. Kuntillet Ajrud156. Khirbet Beit Lei9. Love Poems157-61. MESOPOTAMIA162-68. EGYPT10. Prophetic TextsEGYPT169. The Prophecy of Neferti170. WenamunMESOPOTAMIAMARI LETTERS171. To Zimri-Lim from Nur-Sin172. To Zimri-Lim from Inib-shina173. To Zimri-Lim from Shibtu174. To Zimri-Lim from Yarim-Addu175. To Zimri-Lim, from an unknown sender176. An Oracle from EshnunnaNEO-ASSYRIAN ORACLES177-79. To Esarhaddon:TRANSJORDAN180. Deir Alla11. Wisdom LiteratureEGYPT181. Satire on the Trades182. Dialogue of a Man with His Soul183. Song of the Harper184. Instruction of Amenemhet185. Instruction of Amenemope186. In Praise of ScribesMESOPOTAMIA187. Proverbs188. Advice to a Prince189. The Babylonian Theodicy190. "I will praise the lord of wisdom"191. A Dialogue of Pessimism192. A Drinking Song193. In Praise of ScribesHURRIAN194. The Song of ReleaseARAMAIC195. AhikarAbecedaries196. Ugaritic AbecedaryHEBREW ABECEDARIES197. Izbet Sartah198. Tel Zayit199. Kuntillet Ajrud200. Gezer Calendar