A Smack Upside the Head! Old Guy Schools the Young by Ronald E. Newton

A Smack Upside the Head! Old Guy Schools the Young

byRonald E. Newton

Kobo ebook | September 22, 2016

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This book starts with where you are. Let goal  dreams enter your mind instead of the idle daydreams. Do we truly know — what we don’t know? Most of America is in that boat.

Within eleven chapters I hope to change your view on life. To enable you to live more abundantly than expected. You aren’t a millionaire. The poor will benefit from this book! The author wrote this book at agr 76. Some ideas were hard won. It doesn’t have to be so for you.

You don't have to be rich to become wealthy. A simple mental change is required. Financial  sense helps in building your wealth. You just need a plan for your needs. It's scary to develop the plans and money you'll need. Those needs are common to most of us.'

Your needs:

  • Livelihood, call it a job!
  • To actually build wealth not squander it.
  • To gain the ability to recognize an asset from junk.
  • To make a budget and discipline to follow it.
  • To save 10% of your take home pay for yourself.
  • To know the difference between wants and needs.
  • To stop traveling without a destination in mind. Without a destination anywhere will do as a destination!
  • To learn and with that skill how to invest.
  • To know what investments you may make.
  • To plant your seed crop for the future and to reap it.
  • TO ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF NEEDS before wants.
  • To not drift through life but live in the present.
  • You need goals and plans to reach them.

You were single with a job, then you met the special person you couldn't live without. Marriage quickly followed and proving you can't live off of love!

The couple needs money for:

  • The new home
  • Children
  • Car
  • College
  • Various insurances
  • Expanded household budget
  • Long awaited vacations and travel
  • A father or mother needs nursing home care.

God knows, I hope you picked the right spouse! Alimony ruins the budget and life of the payer. Undisciplined children precede worry, disappointments, and lack of family peace. Then you realize that you’re mortal! There’s a retirement to be had; if you don't consider working until you die. Actually you're learning to plan for the stages of your life and an abundant one. Take time to actually live your life and some of your dreams.

So life and your plans unfurl and hopefully each was sufficient! As Spock of star trek put it, “Live long and prosper.” Life isn’t a television reality show. It doesn’t have anything to do with fairness.

A U-Haul truck won’t follow your hearse to the cemetery containing your grave. You can't take what you have with you! The family needs your death box. No, not the casket or urn, but the box that contains the information they need to honor, administer your final wishes and estate. You did make one right?

A wealthy person consults with experts about their life.

  • How you'll live it.
  • How you'll pay for it.
  • How you'll protect it.
  • How you'll get more out of it.
  • How the family will live on after your death.

These experts are financial advisors or planners, lawyers, wealth management firms, tax consultants, and experienced life insurance agents. The breadth and quality of these experts are to be determined by what you can afford!

At the end you'll realize that two things happen to us all — death and a life lived. I hope you’ll be in a better place before you realize that you died. This book is my attempt to provide the information that can better your life and or family. If you could make them better; why would you not do so?

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