A Tryst with Human Mind: A journey for your soul by Prameela Sreemangalam

A Tryst with Human Mind: A journey for your soul

byPrameela Sreemangalam

Kobo ebook | October 29, 2013

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Aadyot is the name of the soul who is preparing to visit the physical world. For this, it will need to acquire a physical form and accordingly he chooses to connect with Bandana and Arjun as his parents. Bandana resides in the native village of southern Kerala and has been raised by her grandparents. Towards the progress of the transition meant as manifestation of Aadyot, Arjun who lives in the city takes a trip to the south recommended by his mother. It is for visiting a girl for a marriage alliance and Arjun is totally unaware of the new shift that he is ready to undergo. As the journey begins he meets a beautiful girl and is mystically connected in attraction towards her.
And here unfolds the cases of clinical experience. In the topic titled, ‘It Lies within You’, a case connected to confidence of a young youth that has been affected due to child hood sexual abuse is addressed through metaphor linked therapy. It addresses how his confidence is resurrected through emotional venting and identity anchoring, thus establishing a link towards his successful life ahead.
The next topic titled, ‘The Mind Identity’, shreds light on personality disorder and on a parallel level, it enables another individual to acquire a journey meant for it’s subconscious learning. The twining together of acceptances, love and selflessness is portrayed, that aids in the soul progress.
A hurried boat journey is undertaken by Arjun and his cousins for meeting a girl that his mother had recommended. Though, his mind was pre-occupied with the thoughts of the beautiful girl who he met earlier in the day, the sudden realization that it is the same to whose house he visited, creates exciting emotions and joy of being reconnected. This girl was Bandana and she responds with fear of the sudden connect with Arjun. Through various expressions of communication he tries to have an impact on her mind, and tries to convince her that he has already made up his choice, however, Bandana does not give her immediate reply and postpones it ahead by a day. However, through her beautiful eyes he reads her expressions.
A clinical experience of understanding of ‘The Subconscious Powers of Mind’, the manifestation of a young adult to pursue an alternate career is discussed here. A hypnotic modality to tap the subconscious, regressions into the past and also future progressions is undertaken. How ones’ mind has the power to get an answer by letting go of it’s fears and doubts showcases a beautiful reflection of the future to be experienced.
The night of impatience, dreams and restlessness follows Arjun as he begins to acquire the first lessons of developing patience in love. The realization that life is a beautiful gift of experiences and learning and it’s connection comes from beyond helps Arjun to evolve. As the days of his native holiday progresses ahead, he silently waits for Bandana’s answer and apprehensions of his hurry comes back to evade his mind. The vision of his mind gets embraced with the joy of life as he receives her positive response. A trip that has begun to transpire both their lives, leaves emotions of pain and of need to be together as the time comes close for a temporary separation.
Time flies by, and a huge reception of union gets celebrated as Bandana and Arjun gets married amidst their families. The love of their life gets accepted and evolved into their senses as the intimacy of marriage gets explored. The divine of love, oneness and unconditional acceptance of two souls is experienced here. Aadyot with a new found friend known as ‘Supreme’ watches the phenomenal journey from the metaphysical plane and realizes that it is ready to take a plunge.
A clinical case connected to ‘Parenting the Womb’ explores the emotions of an unborn child that faces rejection due to lack of acceptance gets discussed further. Guilt and unknown pain were the emotions that were experienced by a young female. Into a trance of hypnosis, a case of para-normal energy release is carried ahead to aid in the release of stored guilt and learning for the female. Forgiveness and compassion from the para-normal existence is also understood. Subsequent discussion of another case that is the result of the rejection beyond life times in the past and the rebelliousness experienced by parents in the current life time is explored in depth to help aid the healing process. All forms of existence seen or unseen needs acceptance and divine love has the power to heal all states.
The journey of Aadyot into the physical world takes shape as Bandana gets accepted for her positive pregnancy state. Bandana provides the warmth and comfort of her womb and gets prepared to welcome him into their world of learning.
‘Understanding the Mother in You’, is the clinical case that is discussed here. A mother of two, experienced blocks in emotional and physical fronts. She experienced agony, helplessness, and anger and began to have growth within her system as nodule in her throat and fibroid within uterus. She gets benefitted as her mind is guided into emotional healing with mother her which was under conflict. It also helps to understand that no individual can choose to disown their creation. Every condition that exists in a physical body is due limiting beliefs that constrains and prevents soul growth. Allowing the soul to grow aids in being limitless and the constraints gets released. As the conflicts finds resolution, her body heals naturally and with the mind getting connected to positivity, everything changes for progress ahead.
Another unsuccessful effort of a young lady who could not conceive and how a medical miracle is experienced is discussed in depth as a second case here. Past life regressions yielded in understanding the point of connect of the problem and thus aiding in receiving help from the Goddess who guided the young female to achieve the joy of motherhood. The subsequent trauma due to the loss of the child for the complete experience and learning goes ahead to teach the humans that one can participate only in the process of creation and not destruction.
The joy and ecstasy of Bandana is expressed as Aadyot is gifted to her lap of consciousness. Fear is explored as the innate experience of Aadyot. With a beautiful process of welcome, nurture and emotional bonding, trust of Aadyot is strengthened thus aiding in the outgrowth of fear.
In the real life of a client, the dominancy and judgement of a father figure that resulted in OCD is explored. The anxiety that resulted in repetitive actions, lack of focus, esteem issues and fear is addressed. Following subsequent family healing through approaches of psychotherapy and subconscious mind work the symptoms of OCD gets completely resolved. The father’s mind was progressed that resulted in the reduction of his dominance and resulted in a natural state of acceptance of his child who healed with unconditional love, acceptance and non-judgement. The esteem of the child gets stronger making him a confident child. The need of an emotionally happy childhood is discussed under the name ‘Stuck Mind in the Box’.
Bandana undergoes transformation as her focus of attention shifts completely towards Aadyot’s nurture. As a gift towards the outpour of her maternal instinct, she gets blessed in abundance of joy, happiness and a new evolved identity.
Change is necessary for any form of transformation. A classic case of a depressive client who experienced the condition is discussed in the topic titled, ‘Am I Alive?’ The emotional storage of mind is unlocked under hypnosis. The external pattern of a person’s behaviour can be understood by reflecting on their stored emotions. The negative thoughts that reflected on her personality as a shadow of depression, gets replaced with positive transformation and outlook as her frozen emotion gets melted in the warmth of acceptance and emotional nourishment through sub conscious mind work.
Celebrations’ connecting to world of Bandana is experienced, as she connects herself to the divine on the first birthday celebrations of Aadyot. Every being is connected with inner light of connect and this helps them to vibrate in tune with the external atmosphere and also with God. This connect is related to the inner vision of an intuitive mind.
‘The Unseen Vision in Blindness’ discusses a case of infant child who gets diagnosed for blindness at a young age of eight months. Just when the world seems shut for the vision to be experienced for him, a new path that opens exploration towards the world of wisdom is discussed here. The path is unseen; however, there is connect of light at the end of it and choosing to tread on the path restores the vision of the child thus reversing blindness is understood. Gaining insight into ones awareness holds the power to reverse blindness.
New roles and responsibilities are undertaken by Bandana and Arjun. Bandana’s cousin from south shifts base. Aadyot gets very communicative and begins interaction with his environment as in quest towards his soul learning. There is an acute emergency in Bandana’s grandmother’s health that results in her shifting of base to the city. A state of bliss, happiness and a personal travel inwards to explore the sublime connection of mind is experienced. Situations and circumstances of life aids in role changes and thus enhances it’s purpose of evolution.
A clinical case of understanding a client towards his role and contribution in this universe is discussed in ‘What’s my Role?’ topic. Some unexplained experiences in life that resulted in pain and grief in his life and a journey is undertaken within. As he undergoes regression into his past lives, he achieves his learning connected to misuse of powers that attracts similar circumstances in his current birth. His soul continues to come back to experience it’s shedding, however, every time it returns back with unfulfilled learning. The law of Karma and it’s payback is explored through the learning that is experienced in his wisdom of intellect. Forgiveness, repentance and unconditional acceptance of self towards realization of his soul existence aid him to understand the role that he is meant to play here on this earth for his eternal growth.
The relationship of attachment results in pain, anger and fear and symptomatically it gets presented as fever in Aadyot, during a short period of detachment by his grandma. On her return from a spiritual camp, grandma heals her grandchild in the comfort of her assurance and giving him lessons of being detached as he drifts away to sleep. 
The physical body connect to mind is explained in the clinical case of ‘Understanding Thyself’. When the mind gets addressed, the body gets healed. Mala undergoes childhood abuse that gets stored in the suppressed memories of her mind resulting in storing anger within. When she is subjected to a hypnotic trance, it captures the images of her memories and gets symptomatically transmitted as physical shooting pain. Though she has maintained a healthy lifestyle, she had a bulging abdomen which was resistant to her workouts. As her emotions got tapped and was given a chance for venting, she transformed into a healed state; additionally, experienced forgiveness within.
Life flows and settles everyone at Bandana’s household. What is to be faced in the future of the time is unknown to their conscience; however, the gentle transition into spirituality gets experienced!
‘Paradise Lost’, depicts the clinical experience and journey of a middle aged female of clear ‘Rejection’ as her subconscious learning. Some of lives that she visited gave her the clear vision of experiencing this state. In the closed chambers and partner to the life of a Bhikku and then wearing the attire of a Giesha, she came to a conclusion that our paradise is created by us; we are responsible for our actions. This helped in her healing within as she moved ahead to transform her life into a paradise that she desired for.
The transition that everyone was being prepared for came into reality as grandma progresses into metaphysical world by experiencing death in her physical state. Everything freezes in the moment of time for family and Bandana is most affected. She shuts herself; however, her soul mate Arjun gently persuades her out of this state. It is now a journey ahead for her to tap the connections above, a realm to be experienced and healed.
Every human being participates in the process of life after their soul choses which role to play. In the topic ‘Me a Psychosoma” a clinical case of transgender existence is explored.. Another client in this topic regressed to the second being inside his body that affects his routine of life is also illustrated.

Bandana gets connected to the spirit world that gives her lessons of life and love. It makes her understand that when one is connected to light, it is only love that is being experienced. A complete transition is experienced as the summary of the learning gets connected to divine love that has the power to heal all minds. In the final chapter of ‘Colours of Mind’ the various reflections of love and how it has the powers to guide us beyond towards our spiritual growth is emphasized. It is up to us to take this journey and moving beyond takes us to another Universe. So are you ready for another new learning? 
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