A Werewolf St. Patrick's Day: A Novella by C.M. Stunich

A Werewolf St. Patrick's Day: A Novella

byC.M. Stunich

Kobo ebook | April 1, 2017

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A young adult paranormal romance from bestselling author C.M. Stunich...
*Book One in this Series, A WEREWOLF CHRISTMAS, is FREE*

"First, I learned that werewolves were real.  Then, werewolf hunters.  Now, faeries.  Freaking faeries."

It's Sylvia Noe's first time leaving the country.
It's also her first time meeting a leprechaun.
And all during a St. Paddy's Day Couples' Retreat for werewolf mates.

An American werewolf in Ireland certainly has a lot to learn—especially when it comes to the wicked little faeries that live on the one hundred and fifty acre estate known as Castle Lycan (no subtlety at all, I know).  Also, what are rashers?  And who put this black pudding on Sylvia's plate?

Of course, with Sylvia and Josiah adults in the eyes of pack law, they get to share a bedroom.  So who cares about fae and shape-shifting when there's a rare moment of privacy to be had, far from the clutches of Josiah's werewolf hunter mom?

This Saint Patrick's Day weekend might not be about green beer (that's oh so American, right?), giant parades, or drinking games, but with magic in the air, who would miss all of that stuff anyway?  There's something darkly beautiful underneath the faerie mound and SylvJo (cute couple name, huh?) are determined to find out what it is.

***A WEREWOLF ST. PATRICK's DAY is a 32,000 word novella from International Bestselling Author C.M. Stunich.  This is the fourth book in the series beginning with the FREE novella, A WEREWOLF CHRISTMAS.  No cliff-hangers, happy endings, and lots of adorable young adult romance with just a hint of steaminess.  Faeries, werewolves, leprechauns, forest spirits, and magic fill these pages, so crack open a copy and see what mates Sylvia and Josiah get up to in the Irish countryside.

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Standing before me, was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen—and he wasn't my mate.
    “Hello wolf,” the boy said, glittering in the light, his smile sharp and wicked.  His voice was mellifluous, like this silken ribbon wrapping itself around my neck; it felt like a leash.  “I never expected one as beautiful as you to stumble across my mound.”
    I looked down at the hill beneath my feet and then glanced over my shoulder, across the towering tops of trees toward the mansion.  Images of the map flashed through my head.  Based on my vantage point … I'd say it was a pretty safe freaking bet that Josiah and I had literally just run right across the top of the faerie mound.
    Where was that dang fence?! I wondered as I tried to remember if we'd jumped one around this area.  But then, we'd jumped so many fences I couldn't really decide when or if we'd crossed the forbidden perimeter.
    “Who are you?” I asked as I whipped my head back around … and realized I was speaking in my human voice.
    A scream broke from my throat as I felt the wind glide across my bare arms like a lover's caress.  Automatically, I wrapped one arm over my chest and slapped my hand across my … you know.  But instead of bare skin, my hands met with a scintillating lavender silk, thin and light as spiderwebs.
    I was wearing a dress.
    “What the …”  I said a few choice words that would have Mom pursing her lips and giving me the famous Noe Family amber eyed glare.  “Who the”—another very choice word—“are you?”
    “Me?” he asked, his voice a sinuous purr as he stalked toward me, barefoot and beautiful in the starlight.  His eyes were the color of the moonlight streaming across my bare shoulders, silver and gleaming, gorgeous.  And his skin?  It was like polished amber, gold and glittering.  It seemed to shine with an inner light, like he was glowing from within.
Totally.  Creepy.

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