Abaddon - The fallen Angel: A true torment of the Spirit

December 2, 2020|
Abaddon - The fallen Angel: A true torment of the Spirit by Sven van der woude
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Abbenon The fallen Angel / Dutch title: Held hostage by desires "A true torment of the spirit”

Sometimes, if you're desperate enough, all contact is okay. But one has to realize that some contacts has to stop right away, no matter how desperate you are. When I met a lady from a dutch dating site all the alarm bells were ringing but I ignored it...

I was convinced that it could succeed with me and Angel, but you can still want it so badly, if the other doesn't want it (or can't) then it's a endless mission, and before you know valuable years will be lost, not even to speak of the healing period. The trick is to throw the worst fish back into the water, because not everything you catch on a the fishing lake 'of life' is suitable for consumption, but I didn't, I threw out my fishing rod, had a bite, and thought, YES FINALLY a woman!

Now, Angel resisted me right away, she certainly wasn't psychologically well either, but who is still mentally healthy nowadays? Anyway, there was nothing wrong with Angel she said, no I only had problems according to her, she even wrote me an anamnesis with which I had to go to my doctor. I've been completely checked-up by the mental health department, it turned out I was an eccentric person. I also had a too low IQ according to Angel and her sister, but the test in the clinic showed that I scored on average...
Anyway, according to a serious psychological analysis (performed by Angel and her sister) I would theoretically be her ideal partner, said Angel. But it didn't feel like it, so I had to be changed, dear People never change yourself , that must be the lesson of my writing. You know, for six years I ended up in an experiment of emotions. One of my predecessors even committed suicide. I wouldn't be surprised if Angel contributed to that.

Many others suffered traumas for life after an intense encounter with Angel, your life never becomes the same again. Soon after I met her, Angel didn't think I was manly enough, it resisted her, she experimented with me, I had to start looking like her ex-boyfriends, first in clothes, then six pairs of shoes in a couple of months! After that it was my walk that turned her off, I had to develop a kind of cool man's walk and look at her with certain looks, and we had to rehearse that infinitely often.

With her sister and mother she was evaluating the education I was getting. When all of that didn't work out, she had chosen tough haircuts for me, my curls were shaved off and a took a punk haircut. Everything only worked for a short time, for a short while the affection got better, but only for a few weeks at the most.

Then she came up with the idea that I had to start smoking, that didn't suit me at all, but it would be tough, and therefore manly, too crazy for words, but I did it too.When I started smoking I often got a cold sores, and I couldn't make the connection that it was because of that. And then you notice that this shit is addictive too.

At a certain point I was taught how to make sex, because I wasn't good at making sex according to Angel, and that repelled her. I had to practice on her couch, Angel did a punch move for & then I had to do it afterwards to infinity I practiced on her couch fucking moves, but even in that I failed, you don't doing what I permit you she blamed me.

Now people, I'll tell you the couch fucking move went pretty seriously, although it was actually for laughing, but laughing couldn't be done, because if you didn't take Angel seriously she would get an outrage response, and you had to take that as well, as long as you didn't fall out on her out because she wouldn't accept that.

There were also eating lessons & butt-wiping lessons, she came up with a diet for me. My bowel movement was also scrutinized by her sister, even Angel's parents were involved, after all that whole family thought the same about it,

I really thought I was crazy or weird. Angel her father gave her the tip that she had to put alcohol wipes on the toilet for me, her father had his own toilet at his home where no one else was allowed to come on. He could talk about his bowel movements for hours, and the shitting itself lasted at least as long as that, it had become a ritual that had gotten out of control, he could only shit at his home, he couldn't even visit family, he said so himself.

I've always treated them with respect and listened to all the shit stories endlessly, although I thought otherwise about it. For almost a year I wiped my bottom with those alcohol wipes, the blood came out sometimes, only when her father stopped using the wipes after a visit to the intestinal specialist, I was also allowed to stop.

Things went from bad to worse, I've never saw a bunch of weirdo’s like that before , but I persisted, because at least I belonged somewhere, never before had I had an in-law family where I was welcome. But if only this kind of people wants you, you've seriously fucked up your life.

At a certain moment I got plastic cutlery from Angel because I would tap my fork against my teeth? I had never heard anyone complain about it, but according to Angel it was absurd behaviour. She couldn't resist it and then she got madly angry, I hardly dared to eat with her, I felt very insecure. She watched me anxiously as I ate, and she was critical of everything I did.

After a while I also had to shower when I came to Angels place, while I had already showered me at home, and along the way I was not allowed to go to the public toilet, I even was also not allowed to touch the food at Angel's house, and we had to wash hands 20 times a day.

Even Bud my little dog's ass had to be wiped. When I turned in my sleep while I was lying next to Angel she turned into a devilish creature and said: "Fat idiot, you woke up" she shouted unreasonably, Yeah right you fool, go back to your house in Groningen an stay there forever she screamed madly.. while I drove 180 km back to the north of The Netherlands in the middle of the night, I was really scared sometimes …

Abnormally how she always screamed and got angry, she had absolutely no control on her emotions, and her sister was just like that.I got scared because I saw in her really a Devil, she must have been almost possessed. But Angel turned everything around, everything that bothered her, that bothered me. She said that the devil lived in me because I was taking pictures and that was devilish according to the bible... And I made her angry , and the devil in me did that to her? Can you follow it?

Angel was a chameleon, then she wanted to go to the Orthodox church but a short while later she wanted to go to a Satan's church. Her views were as unpredictable as the English weather, you could never count on it.
After a while I had to put in a snore bar, and her sister also started e-mailing me unsolicited offers of snore bars.

Soon I slept on a sticky mattress, in a room of 1.70 by 2 meters, without wallpaper and with mold on the walls between boxes and rubbish. That was my deserved place together with Bud the dog, while Angel was lying alone in the double bed against the warm radiator together with her cat. Angel also had some kind of abnormality disorder that she asked attention from her friends, she made up complete stories that I mistreated her.

If you tickled Angel the atmosphere could change suddenly , and then she would say that you had abused her. The rare moments we had sex, without an orgasm she called a rape, slowly things became clear to me, I found it so strange that all her ex-boyfriends had mistreated her & raped her. And I understood I was the next in the long row.
Anyway, I let it all happen, but I lost myself completely, it made me literally sick, and I couldn't hold on to life anymore, but I went on and on, the bomb burst when her mother seriously thought I had killed Angel.

The thing is: Angel was visiting me in Groningen and her phone was off, when her mother couldn't reach her, her sister made up that I might had killed Angel, or encouraged her to commit suicide, her mother believed it right away, she had even counted on the fact that Angel was already dead. Now, then I thought, this has to stop, this is going way too far. I send that mother an e-mail and blamed her for her crazy thoughts . She responded that her fantasy had run wild. Now crazy fantasy fantasies, for an adult mother, if you ask me..

It may sound crazy for you, but it was difficult to end the relationship because I was completely isolated and dependent on this family, the story got a special twist because in the end I was stranded as a loner abroad in a mountain cabin in Upper Vienna .

But anyway I survived! although, well you have to read that for yourself
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Title:Abaddon - The fallen Angel: A true torment of the SpiritFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:December 2, 2020Publisher:ik vutrek.nl

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