Acoustical Imaging by Hua LeeAcoustical Imaging by Hua Lee

Acoustical Imaging

EditorHua Lee

Hardcover | February 28, 2001

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The International Symposium of Acoustical Imaging has been widely recognized as the premier forum for presentations of advanced research result in both theoretical and experimental development. Held regularly since 1968, the symposium brings together international leading researchers in the area of acoustical imaging. The proceedings from the 24th meeting contain articles on the following topics: Advanced Systems and Techniques, Microscopy and Nondestructive Evaluation, and Biomedical Applications.
Title:Acoustical ImagingFormat:HardcoverDimensions:422 pages, 9.25 × 6.1 × 0 inPublished:February 28, 2001Publisher:Springer USLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part I: Advanced Systems and Techniques. Non-Coherent Synthetic Aperture Imaging; P. Alais, et al. Imaging with a 2D Transducer Hybrid Array; K. Erikson, et al. Inferring 3-Dimensional Animal Motions from a Set of 1-Dimensional Multibeam Returns; J. Jaffe. Development of an Ultrasonic Focusing System Based on the Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique; P. Acevedo, et al. High-Resolution Process in Ultrasonic Reflection Tomography; P. Lasaygues, et al. Spatial Coherence and Beamformer Gain; J.C. Bamber, et al. A New Approach for Calculating Wideband Fields; S. Leeman, et al. High-Resolution Acoustic Arrays Using Optimum Symmetrical-Number-System Processing; D. Jenn, et al. Frequency Weighting of Distributed Filtered Backward Propagation in Acoustic Tomography; S. Lockwood, H. Lee. Exact Solution of Two-Dimensional Monochromatic Inverse Scattering Problem and Secondary Sources Space Spectrum; V.A. Burov, et al. Hausdorff Moments Method of Acoustical Imaging; K.S. Peat, Y.V. Kurylev. A Generlized Inversion of the Helmholtz Equation and Its Application to Acoustical Imaging; J.P. Jones, S. Leeman. Real Time Processing of the Radiofrequency Echo Signal for On-Line Spectral Maps; E. Biagi, et al. Reconstruction of Inner Field by Marchenko-Newton-Rose Method and Solution of Multi-Dimensional Inverse Scattering Problem; V.A. Burov, et al. RF Ultrasound Echo Decomposition Using Singular-Spectrum Analysis; C.D. Maciel, W.C. de Albuquerque Pereira. High-Performance Computing in Real-Time Ultrasonic Imaging; D.F. García Nocetti, et al. Causality Revisited; S. Leeman, et al. Resolution Analysis of Acoustic Tomographic Imaging with Finite-Size Apertures Based on Spatial-Frequency Coverage; S. Lockwood, H. Lee. Radiation Force Doppler Effects on Contrast Agents; P. Tortoli, et al. B-Mode Speckle Texture: The Effect of Spatial Coherence; J.C. Bamber, et al. Extending the Bandwidth of the Pyramidal Detector; L.R. Sahagun, et al. Part II: Microscopy and Nondestructive Evaluation. The Use of a Reference-Beam Detector Applied to the Scanning Laser Acoustic Microscope; M. Cywiak, et al. Acoustic Microscopy Evaluation of Endothelial Cells Modualated by Fluid Shear Stress; Y. Saijo, et al. Ultrasound Imaging of Human Teeth Using a Desktop Scanning Acoustic Microscope; Y.P. Zheng, et al. The Acoustic Parameters Measurement by the Doppler Scanning Acoustic Microscope; R.G. Maev, S.A. Titov. Quantitative Contact Spectroscopy by Atomic-Force Acoustic Microscopy; U. Rabe, et al. Double Focus Technique for Simultaneous Measurement of Sound Velocity and Thickness of Thin Samples Using Time-Resolved Acoustic Microscopy; V. Hänel, B. Kleffner. A New Method for 3-D Velocity Vector Measurement Using 2-D Phased Array Probe; T. Shiina, N. Nitta. Acoustic Velocity Profiling of a Scattering Medium: Simulated Results; M.A. Rivera, Cardona, et al. Ultrasonic Velocity Measurement in Viscoelastic Material Using the Wavelet Transform; E. Moreno, et al. An Ultrasonic Circular Aperture Technique to Measure Elastic Constants of Fiber Reinforced Composite; S.A. Nielsen, et al. Application of Heat Source Model and Green's Function Approach to NDE of Surface Defects; T. Hoshimiya. Determination of Bonding Properties in Layered Metal Silicon Systems Using Sezawa Wave Modes; A. Pageler, et al. Integral Approximation Method for Calculating Ultrasonic Beam Propagation; B. O'Neill, R.Gr. Maev. Elastic Stress Influence on the Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves Through Two-Layered Periodic Dielectric Structures; G.V. Morozov, et al. Part III: Biomedical Applications. A New System for Quantitative Ultrasonic Breast Imaging of Acoustic and Elastic Parameters; M. Krueger, et al. Determination and Evaluation of the Surface Region of Breast Tumors Using Ultrasonic Echography; X. Cheng, et al. Determination of Ultrasound Backscatter Level of Vascular Structures, with Application to Arterial Plaque Classification; P.C. Pedersen, Z. Cakareski. Investigation of the Micro Bubble Size Distribution in the Extracorporeal Blood Circulation; G. Dietrich, et al. A Method for Detectin Echoes from Microbubble Contrast Agents Based on Time Variance; W. Wilkening, et al. Analysis of Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) Echo Signals for Characterization of Vessel Wall Properties; W. Schmidt, et al. In Vivo Study of the Influence of Gravity on Cortical and Cancellous Bone Velocity; PP. Antich, et al. Ultrasound Contrast Imaging of Prostate Tumors; F. Forsberg, et al. High Resolution Estimation of Axial and Transversal Bloodflow with a 50 MHZ Pulsed Wave Doppler System for Dermatology; M. Vogt, et al. Diffraction Tomography Breast Imaging System: Patient Image Reconstruction and Analysis; H.S. Janée, et al. Calibration of the URTURIP Technique; B. Migeon, et al. Studies of Bone Biophysics Using Ultrasound Velocity; S. Mehta, et al. Imaging of the Tissue Elasticity Based on Ultrasonic Displacement and Strain Measurements; Y. Yamashita, M. Kubota. System Independent in VIVO Estimation of Acoustical Attenuation and Relative Backscattering Coefficient of Human Tissue; T. Gaertner, et al. Ultrasound Images of Small Tissue Structures Free of Speckle; W. Tobacman, et al. Optimization of Non-Uniform Arrays for Farfield Broadside Beamforming; R.Y. Chiao. Hyperthermia Therapy Using Acoustic Phase Conjugation; P. Roux, et al. Ultrasonic Broadband Fiber Optic Source for Non Destructive Evaluation and Clinical Diagnosis; E. Biagi, et al. A Study of Signal-to-Noise Ratio of the Fourier Method for Construction of High Frame Rate Images; J. Lu.