Acoustical Imaging: Volume 26 by Roman Gr. MaevAcoustical Imaging: Volume 26 by Roman Gr. Maev

Acoustical Imaging: Volume 26

EditorRoman Gr. Maev, Roman Gr Maev

Hardcover | September 30, 2002

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The International Acoustical Imaging Symposium has been held regularly every 18 months for the past 34 years. It is a premier forum for the presentation of advanced research results in both theoretical, experimental development and various applications. The emphasis for the symposium is the exchange of ideas and experience among researchers in different areas of acoustical imaging. The proceedings of the 26th International Acoustical Imaging Symposium, held in Windsor, Ontario, Canada comprise 62 papers including topics of: Biological and Medical, Nondestructive Testing, Acoustic Microscopy, Physics and Mathematics, Components and Systems, Image Processing, Underwater and Geophysical and the History of Acoustical Imaging. Invited talks were given by: Dr. Andrew Briggs, Dr. Robert Green Jr., Dr. Bernhard Tittmann, Dr. Noriyoshi Chubachi, Dr. Joie Jones, Dr. Rainer Michael Schmitt, Dr.Pascal Laugier, Dr. Bryan Huey, Dr. Boro Djordjevic, Dr. Ken Erikson, Dr. Michael Andre, and Dr. Mostafa Fatemi.
Title:Acoustical Imaging: Volume 26Format:HardcoverDimensions:529 pagesPublished:September 30, 2002Publisher:Springer USLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part 1: History of Acoustical Imaging. Imaging Acoustics and Acoustic Imaging; R.E. Green Jr. A Brief History of Medical Ultrasonics; J.P. Jones. Developments of Ultrasonic Measurement Technology for Acoustical Imaging; N. Chubachi. Ultrasound Computed Tomography: From the Past to the Future; R.M. Schmitt. History of Acoustical Imaging: A Brief Review of the early days of Ultrasonic QNDE at the Rockwell Science Center; B.R. Tittman. Part 2: Biological and Medical Acoustical Imaging. Quantitative Ultrasound for Bone Properties; P. Laugier, et al. Scanning Acoustic Microscopy for Micromeasurement of Elastomechanical Bone Properties - Comparison with Nanoidentation Results; J. Brandt, et al. Investigating Compact Bone Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Using Acoustic Microscopy; L.A. Denisova, et al. 2D Simulation of the Axial Transmission Technique on a Cortical Bone Plate; E. Bossy, et al. An Ultrasound System for the Diagnosis of Osteoporosis; J.M. Maia, et al. Cells as Seen with the Acoustic Microscope; J. Bereiter-Hahn, et al. Development of Three Dimensional Image Analysis System for Computer Aided Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Using Ultrasonic Echography; I. Akiyama, et al. Ultrasonic Images of Tissue Local Power Spectrum by Means of Wavelet Packets for Prostate Cancer Detection; L. Masotti, et al. Detecting Cardiac Allograft Rejection by Acoustic Microscopy; Y. Saijo, et al. Ultrasonic Measurement of Depth-Dependent Strains of Articular Cartilage in Compression; Y.P. Zheng, et al. A Research Platform for Diagnostic Ultrasound; R.M. Schmitt, et al. A Novel Method to Measure the Spatial Average Temporal Average Intensity (Isata) and Ultrasonic Power (W) in Medical Composite Ultrasonic Transducers; P. Acevedo, D. Das-Gupta. Prediction of Amplitude and Frequency Dependence of the Backscatter Coefficient in Cancellous Bone with an Autocorrelation Model; F. Padilla, et al. Investigation of the Surface Microstructure of the Polyamide-Hydroxyapatite and Polyethylene-Hydroxyapatite Bone Implants with Acoustic Microscopy Methods; R.Gr. Maev, et al. Multi-Step Compensation Technique for Ultrasound Tomography of Bone; E. Ouedraogo, et al. Influence of Fat Components and Tissue Preparation on the High Frequency Acoustic Properties; H. Sasaki, et al. Application of Short-Time Fourier Multi-Narrowband Analysis to In Vivo Human Skin Between 12 and 25 MHz; C. Fournier, et al. Computerized Ultrasound Risk Evaluation (CURE) System: Development of Combined Transmission and Reflection Ultrasound with New Reconstruction Algorithms for Breast Imaging; P.J. Littrup, et al. Part 3: Acoustic Microscopy. Ultrasonic Force Microscopy: Nanometer Scale Mechanical Contrast; B.D. Huey. Imaging of the Ferroelectric Domains Pattern in the Ultrasonic Piezo-Mode; M. Kopycinska, et al. A Comparison of the SAW Velocity for Thin Film Aluminum Nitride On Silicon By Line Focus Beam Acoustic Microscopy and Direct Transducer Measurements; F.S. Hickernell. Ultrasonic Time Resolved Measurements by the V(x) Method; S.A. Titov, et al. Phase Sensitive Acoustic Microscopy Image Quality Estimation by Volume Imaging in Anisotropic Media: Acoustic Microscopy; M. Pluta, W. Grill. Investigation of Elasto-Mechanical Properties of Alginate By Ultrasound Methods; A. Klemenz, et al. Part 4: Physics and Mathematics. Reconstruction of Fine-Scale Structure of Acoustical Scatterer on Large-Scale Contrast Background; V.A. Burov, et al. Singular Spectrum Analysis Applied to 20 MHz Backscattered Ultrasound Signals from Periodic and Quasi-Periodic Phantoms; W.C.A. Pereira, et al. Novel Techniques in Ultrasonic Correlation Spectroscopy: Characterizing the Dynamics of Strongly Scattering Materials; M.L. Cowan, et al. The Impact of Loss on Ultrasound Propagation; S. Leeman, et al. The Modeling of Correlation-Tomography Reconstruction of Thermoacoustical Radiation Sources; V.A. Burov, et al. Configurational Classification of Stochastic Structures as a Way of Tissues Classification For Acoustical Tomography; V.A. Burov, E.L. Kim. Useful Metrics for Evaluation of Diffractive Energy Imaging; T.F. Garlick, et al. Part 5: Nondestructive evaluations. Advancements in Ultrasonic Imaging for Materials Testing; B. Djordjevic. Acoustic Microscopic Characterization on Advanced Ceramic Composites; J. Hu, et al. Acoustical Imaging of "Kissing Debond" Regions at the Interfaces Of Adhesively Bonded Laminates; N.K. Batra. Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Acoustic Nonlinearities At an Interface with Poor Adhesive Bonding; B. O'Neill, et al. Ultrasonic Measurement of Liquid Flow at Elevated Temperature; D.R. Franca, et al. Evaluation of Shear Relaxation Time and Derived Parameters from Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements of CU(I) and Some Tetraalkyl Ammonium Salts in Binary Organic Mixtures to Study Various Structural Effects; P. Singh. Ultrasonic Imaging of Material Condition Using Advanced Simplified Ultrasonic CT; K.C. Kim, et al. Development of a Nondestructive Method for Ultrasonic Evaluation Of Adhesive Bond Joint Performance; E. Maeva, et al. Frequency Domain Filtering for Enhanced SAM Inspection of Microelectronic Components; J.C.P. KcKeon. Part 6: Components and Systems. Matrix Arrays for the 21st Century; K. Erikson, et al. Optimization of Pulse-Echo Array Transducer System for Identification Of Specified Targets; P.C. Pederson, L. Wan. Air Coupled Ultrasonic Transducers: Design and Applications; W. Gerbhardt, et al. Virtual Biopsy by Means of Miniaturized Fiber Optics Ultrasonic Transducers; E. Biagi, et al. New Development of an Ultrasound Transmission Camera; O. Keitmann, et al. Time-Varying Nonlinear Diffraction Tomography-A New Form of Acoustical Imaging; W.S. Gan. Directivity Spectrum of an Apodized Ultrasound Transducer; V.L.S. Nantes Button, et al. Optimisation of Wide-Band Beam-Patterns by Means of A Joined Synthesis of Weighting Coefficients and Pulse Envelope; C. Parodi, A. Trucco. Lossy Mechanisms in Piezoelectric Ultrasound Transducers; M. Castillo, et al. Suppression of Edge Waves by Apodization of Wide Band Cylindrical Transducers; S.A. Titov, et al. Ultrasonic Fields of Clad Buffer Rods Imaging Probes; D.R. Franca, et al. Part 7: Image Processing. Improving the Accuracy of Diagnostic Breast Ultrasound; M.P. Andre, et al. An Effect of Scatterer Size on Reflex Transmission Imaging; H.-D. Liang, et al. Increasing Frame Rate of Limited Diffraction Imaging System With Binary Code Exitations; J.-y. Lu, et al. Obstacle Detection by Three Dimensional Frontal Imaging with Laser Induced Breakdown; Y. Yasumuro, et al. A Modified Frontal 3-D Imaging for Intravascular Ultrasound With Sparse Synthetic Ring Array; X. Wu, et al. Part 8: Underwater and Geopphysical Applications. Quantitative Acoustic Microscopy: Application to Petrophysical Studies of Reservoir Rocks; M. Prasad, et al. Acoustic Tomography and Wave Propagation in Natural Bubble Fields; S.G. Kargl, D. Rouseff.