Acting Badly: A Sorcerer's Story of Redemption

August 24, 2017|
Acting Badly: A Sorcerer's Story of Redemption by Heather Rodin


Well known in the Voodoo circle in Haiti, Ludovic Bruno—Agi Mal—was one of the most powerful sorcerers of his time. As a young boy, raised to be a witchdoctor, I heard of him often, but did not meet him until after his conversion in 1989. Now known as Frere Dodo, this amazing man tirelessly travels the country as an evangelist and servant of God, and I am pleased to call him friend.

Wouillio Zamor B.Theology, L.L.B.

Field Director, Hope Grows Haiti

There was no sound from within the hut as he stealthily moved to the door. He gently tried the wooden handle. It didn’t budge.

She thinks it’s locked, he scoffed. She believes her Jesus is protecting her. Ha! I’ll show her some Jesus!

After uttering a few magic words, he watched the door silently swing open before him. Agi Mal could see perfectly in the dark and immediately focused on the girl sleeping soundly on the narrow cot against the wall, her worn-out slippers resting neatly under the bed.

Yes, that’s her. I recognize those horrible shoes.

He looked about the hutt to see if there were any others, but she was alone. Stepping closer, he picked up one slipper, turned it upside down on top of the other, and carefully slid them under her thin pillow.

That will insure a deep sleep for a while.Now… to teach her a lesson.

Title:Acting Badly: A Sorcerer's Story of Redemption
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 24, 2017
Publisher:Word Alive Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781486615216

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