Advanced Light Alloys and Composites by R. CiachAdvanced Light Alloys and Composites by R. Ciach

Advanced Light Alloys and Composites

byR. Ciach

Paperback | December 5, 2010

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An expert exposition of the structural and mechanical properties of light alloys and composites, bridging the gap between scientists and industrial engineers in its consideration of advanced light materials, their structure, properties, technology and application. Includes basic problems of alloy constitution and phase transformations. The aluminium alloys are the main topic of the book, consideration being given to their properties, casting technology, thermomechanical treatment and structure. Attention is also given to the magnesium alloys, particularly those having rare earth metal constituents. Both commercial titanium alloys and intermetallic compounds are discussed, as are metallic composites. The latest engineering techniques are discussed in both theoretical and practical terms.
Title:Advanced Light Alloys and CompositesFormat:PaperbackDimensions:518 pagesPublished:December 5, 2010Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

The Current Status of Ti-Al and Al-Li Binary Phase Diagrams; T.B. Massalski, K. Muraleedharan. Effect of Solutionizing Time on Age Hardening. Characteristics and Corrosive Wear Behavior of Age Hardenable Al Alloy Composites; S.K. Varma. Modelling of Nucleation and Growth Processes in Aluminium Alloys; A.-M. Zahra, M.J. Starink. Halides Salts Inclusions in Aluminium Alloys; O. Quintero-Sayago, S.C. Ramírez. The Regularities of the Structure Formation and Phase Transformations in Al-Si Alloys; V.Z. Kutsova. Phase Transformations in Al-Zr-Ti Alloys at High Temperatures; P. Málek, B. Chalupa. Atomic Mechanisms of Diffusion in Ni3Al; S.V. Divinski, et al. The Influence of In on the Structure of AlLiCuMgZr Alloys; N. Boukous, et al. Metal Matrix Composites: A Survey; W.G.J. Bunk. In-Situ Formed Aluminium Composites; L. Svendsen, A.E.W. Jarfors. Dimensional Stability of Al-Si-Cu Casting; G.E. Byczynski, et al. Finite Element Analysis of Deformation Behavior in Particle Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites; A. Aran, S. Yilmaz. In Situ Processing of TiCp-Aluminium Composites; Y. Birol. Metal Matrix Composites and Foamed Metals: Examples of Innovative Light Metals; H.P. Degischer. Indentation Creep in M124+s MMC Material; G. Cseh. Using Fly Ash for the Production of Light Weight Composites; J. Sobczak, et al. Optimization of the Hot Working Conditions of A359/SiC/20p Using Processing and Stability Maps; A.M. de Sanctis, et al. High Temperature Deformation of Dispersion Strengthened Al-Al4C3 Composite; J. Zrník, et al. Effect of Fiber Volume Fraction, Geometry and Fiber Breakage on Creep in Short Fiber Reinforced Aluminum Alloys; B. Skrotzki, et al. TiAl Alloys: Phase Transformation, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties; M. Yamaguchi. The Influence of Microalloying and Melting Technology on the Structure and Properties of the Titanium-Base Alloys; A.Yu. Kutsov, et al. Magnetically-Controlled Melting and Welding of Titanium (&agr;+&bgr;) Alloys; Ya.Yu. Kompan. Thermal Cycling and Deformation Effects in Ni-Ti-Co Shape Memory Alloys; M. Larnicol, et al. Influence of the Transition Metals on Structure and Mechanical Properties of Titanium-Base Alloys; A.V. Dobromyslov. Light Intermetallics; M. Palm, G. Sauthoff. Melt Treatment Practice of Aluminium and Al-Alloys; W. Reif. Solidification of Aluminium Alloys; R. Ciach, M. Podosek. Theoretical Principles of Hypereutectic Silumin Alloys Crystallization; S. Pietrowski. Numerical Simulation of Solidification Kinetics and Development of Microsegregations in Dendritic Aluminium Alloys; J. Lacaze. Metastable Precipitates in Aluminium Alloys; G. Kostorz. Improved Hypereutectic Al-Si Cast Alloys: Microstructure and Properties; K. Müller. Quantification of Structure Parameters of Dispersion Strengthened Aluminium Alloys; M. Besterci, et al. Advanced Casting Materials and Technology; K. Eigenfeld. Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Al-Si-Cast Alloys by Grain Refinement and Modification; W. Reif, K. Müller. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Laser Welded and Aged Al-Li-Zr Alloys; J. Kusiński, A. Twardowska. Decomposition of Rapidly Quenched Supersaturated Al-Sc-X (X: Li, Ta, Ti) Alloys; U. Schmidt, et al. The Effect of Strain Rate on Plastic Instabilities in Some Aluminium Alloys; P. Lukác. Influence of the Reinforcement on the Coherent Precipitation in Aluminium-Based Metal Matrix Composites; V. Massardier, et al. Precipitation Processes in Age-Hardenable Aluminium Alloys; SAS Studies of AlLi 9.07at% Sc 0.11at% Alloy; W. Gille, O. Kabisch. Improved Analysis of Ripening Kinetics: Application to AlLi Alloys; H. Grätz. Precipitation in High Strength AlZnMg (Cu, Zr) Alloys; L. Reich, N.Q. Chinh. P/M Al-Si Alloy Based Materials Obtained by Hot Forming; S. Szczepanik, et al. Thermomechanical Processing of Aluminium Alloys; F.J. Humphreys, G.W. Lorimer. Strain Reduced Fracture in Textured Al-Li Alloys; J. Kuśnierz, et al. Microstructure Analysis Based on Local Orientation Measurements; J. Pospiech, et al. In Situ Investigation of the Portevin-Le Châtelier Effect in AlZnMg Alloys; A. Søreng, H.J. Roven. Structure and Mechanical Properties of High Strength Aluminium Alloys; J. Dutkiewicz. Structure Development in High Temperature Al-Zr-Ti Alloys; M. Janeček, et al. Recovery and Strain-Hardening of AlMg Alloys; M. Verdier, et al. Medium Temperature Deformation of Al Alloys; G. Lapasset, P. Costa. Constitutive Relations for Aluminium Deformed at Elevated Temperatures; E.S. Puchi, et al. On Evaluation of Fatigue Failure Criterion of Aluminium Alloys Based on Inelastic Strain Energy; N.S. Yermolaeva, S.V. Petinov. Warm-Deformation and the Age Hardening Response in Two Aluminium Alloys. The AlMgSi1 AlZn5Mg1 Alloys; O. Jensrud. Structures and Properties of Commercial Aluminium Alloys after Severe Straining; M.V. Markushev, et al. FEM Modeling of the Aluminium Alloy Microplasticity; N.S. Yermolaeva, et al. Microstructure/Property Relationships in Two Magnesium-Rare Earth Alloys; G.W. Lorimer, et al. Advanced Magnesium Alloys with Rare-Earth Metal Additions; L.L. Rokhlin. Thermal Cycling Effects in Magnesium Composites; P. Lukác, et al. Mechanical Properties of Mg and Mg Base Alloy Composites; Z. Drozd, et al. Magnesium Alloys with Rare-Earth Metals Prepared Using Rapid Solidification Technology; T.V. Dobatkina, et al. High Strain Rate Superplasticity in Some Lightweight Alloys and Their Composites; T.G. Nieh. High Strain Rate Superplasticity in Fine-Grained Commercial Al Alloys Processed by Equal-Channel Angular Pressing; P.B. Berbon, et al. Carbon Hard Coatings of Al-Alloys for UHV Application; W. Precht, et al. Intermetallic Coatings with Nano- and Quasicrystalline Structures on Al-Based Substrates; S.V. Divinski, et al. Surface Modification of Aluminium Alloys Using High Intensity Beams; P. Petrov. Subject Index.