Advances in Biomagnetism by Samual J. WilliamsonAdvances in Biomagnetism by Samual J. Williamson

Advances in Biomagnetism

bySamual J. Williamson, Manfried Hoke

Paperback | October 12, 2011

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Title:Advances in BiomagnetismFormat:PaperbackPublished:October 12, 2011Publisher:Springer USLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Tutorials.- Biomagnetic Sources and Their Models (invited).- Principles and Applications of SQUID Sensors (invited).- Fundamentals of Neuromagnetism (invited).- Principles of Cardiomagnetism (invited).- Biomagnetic Studies of Organs other than the Heart and Brain (invited).- 20th Anniversary of the SQUID'S Introduction.- Evaluation of the SQUID and its Use in Biomagnetic Research (invited).- A Vicennial View of SQUID Magnetocardiography (invited).- Present Status and Future of DC SQUIDs made from High Tc Superconductors (invited).- Neuromagnetism: Auditory Evoked Responses.- Activation of the Human Auditory Cortex by Various Sound Sequences: Neuromagnetic Studies (invited).- Selective Averaging in Auditory Evoked Magnetic Field Experiments.- Frequency-Specific Sources of the Auditory N19-P30-P50 Response Detected by a Multiple Source Analysis of Evoked Magnetic Fields and Potentials.- Replicability for Localization of the P1, N1, and P2 Components of the Auditory Evoked Response in an Unselected Group of Subjects.- Nonstationary Dynamics of Sequential Magnetic Dipole Source Changes Associated with N100 Auditory Evoked Responses.- Event Related Potentials and Fields Evoked by Auditory Stimuli: Effects of Interstimulus Interval and Selective Attention.- Neural Mechanisms of Selective Auditory Attention.- Neuromagnetic Responses to Infrequent Changes in Periodicity Pitch.- Paired Tone Presentation Enhances Responses of Human Auditory Cortex to Rare Frequency Changes.- Neuromagnetic Responses of the Human Auditory Cortex to Different Types of Deviant Stimuli.- Specificity of Neuromagnetic Responses in the Human Auditory Cortex to Consonants of Monosyllable Speech Sounds.- Neuromagnetism: Somatomotor and Nerve Activity.- Short-Latency Somatosensory Evoked Magnetic Fields Recorded over the Brachial Plexus and Cervical Spine in Man.- Intraoperative Recording of the Magnetic Field of a Human Nerve.- A Comparative Study of Compound Action Potentials and Currents.- Estimation of Both Conduction Velocities and the Number of Firing Nerve Fibers from Magnetic Fields Outside a Volume Conductor.- Source Localisation from Somatosensory Neuromagnetic Data.- Short Latency Median Nerve Somatosensory Evoked Magnetic Fields and Electrical Potentials.- On the Frontal Components of Somatosensory Scalp Responses to Median Nerve Stimulation: Neuromagnetic Demonstration of an Anterior, Midline Generator.- Spatiotemporal Modeling of Somatosensory Evoked Magnetic Fields.- Magnetic Localization of Somatically Evoked Responses in the Human Brain.- Evoked and Spontaneous Magnetic Activity of the Human Somatosensory Cortex.- ECD Tracing for Middle Latencies of Neuromagnetic Responses to Right Tibial Nerve Stimulation.- Neuromagnetic Localization of Sensorimotor Cortex Sources Associated with Voluntary Movements in Humans.- Measurement of Neuromagnetic Fields Preceding Triggered and Self-Paced Finger Movements.- Neuromagnetic Localization of Late Pain-Related Fields.- Multi-Dimensional Vector Analysis of Evoked Responses.- Neuromagnetism: Visually Evoked Responses.- Identification of Multiple Sources in Transient Evoked Neuromagnetic Responses.- Spatial / Temporal Resolution of Multiple Sources: Path of Activation in Human Visual Cortex.- A Frequency Domain Technique for Using Evoked Magnetic Fields to Test Multi-Stage Models of Sensory Processing.- Ultra-High Resolution Analysis of Auditory and Visual Brain Responses Using Zoom-FFT.- Neuromagnetic Measurements of Visual Responses to Chromaticity and Luminance.- Brain Activity Related to Spatial Visual Attention.- Temporal Variability of the Neuromagnetic Evoked Field: Implications for Human Performance Assessment.- Crossmodal Interactions of Auditory Stimulus Presentation on the Visual Evoked Magnetic Response.- Scalp Distribution of Magnetic Fields Generated by Horizontal Eye Movements and Eye Blinks.- Neuromagnetism: Spontaneous Activity and Higher Functions.- A Modality-Specific Neuromagnetic P3.- Cortical Resource Allocation During Mental Rotation Determined by Magneto- and Electro- Encephalography.- Alpha Suppression Related to a Cognitive Task.- Visualizing and Rhyming Cause Differences in Alpha Suppression.- Phase Relationships in Synchronous Magnetic and Electric Alpha Activity in the Parieto-Occipital Area of the Human Brain.- Distribution of Phase for Alpha Rhythm Measured by Multichannel Magnetometer over Occipital Head.- Coherence Analysis of Alpha Rhythm MEG Measured Simultaneously at Two Positions.- Method for Locating Sources of Human Alpha Activity.- Neuromagnetic Imaging of Synchronized Mu Activity.- Sleep Spindles in Magnetoencephalography and Electroencephalography.- Neuromagnetism: Clinical Applications and Physiology.- Magnetoencephalography in Epilepsy Research and Its Perspectives (invited).- Recent Developments on the Physiological Basis of Magnetoencephalography (MEG) (invited).- Application of a Multichannel MEG-System in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.- Mapping of MEG and EEG in Normals and Epileptic Patients.- Template Analysis on Interictal Neuromagnetic Data from Cases of Focal and Generalized Epilepsy.- Comparison of Dynamic Spatiotemporal Field Structures of Dorsolateral Fronto-Central Seizures and Hand Sensorimotor Cortex.- Pre- and Postoperative Magnetoencephalography in Partial Epilepsy. A Case Story.- Multiple Source Modeling of the Human Epileptic Spike Complex in the Magnetoencephalogram.- A Method to Separate Contributions of Different Foci in Interictal Epileptic Activity.- Ischemic and Epileptic Lesions Measured by AC- and DC-MEG.- Neuropathological Dynamics of Magnetic, Auditory Steady-State Responses in Alzheimer's Disease.- The Use of Flash and Pattern Evoked Fields in the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.- Objective Evidence of Tinnitus in Auditory Evoked Magnetic Fields.- Magnetic Observation of Spreading Cortical Depression in Anaesthetized Rabbits.- Observation of Spreading Cortical Depression in Migraine Patients.- Comparative Study of Transmembrane Potential and Magnetic Evoked Field Due to Applied Electric Field in the Turtle Cerebellum.- Conductivity Boundaries May Produce Stronger Magnetic Fields than the Primary Source: Comparison of Three Analytical Methods.- In Vivo Neuromagnetic Study of Normal and Pathological Intracellular Current in Rat Cortex.- Cardiomagnetism: Cardiac Conduction and Physiology.- Contribution Maps in Magnetocardiography (invited).- High Resolution Magnetocardiography, Source Localization and Multichannel Magnetometry.- Dynamic Magnetic Study of the Heart Conduction System.- Evaluation of Techniques Used to Extract His-Purkinje System Spatial Distributions.- Magnetocardiographic Localization of a Pacing Catheter.- Magnetocardiographic Localization of Kent Bundles.- Application of a Biomagnetic Multichannel System to the Comparative Localization of Accessory Conduction Pathways in Patients with WPW Syndrome.- Detection of Accessory Pathway in Patients with WPW Syndrome by Means of the Isomagnetic Map and MRI.- ECG and MCG Studies on the HIS-Purkinje Activity in a Case of Congenital Heart Block.- High-Resolution Magnetocardiographic Mapping of the Pre-Excitation in Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome.- Analysis of High Resolution MCG Recordings of Patients with Ventricular Tachycardia.- Detection of Magnetic Atrial Flutter Waves in Isolated Rabbit Hearts.- The Magnetic Field of Isolated Rabbit Heart.- Cardiomagnetism: Other Clinical Applications.- What Does an Electrocardiologist Expect of a Magnetocardiogram? (invited).- Clinical Value of Magnetoencephalographic Mapping (invited).- Biomagnetic Imaging in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (invited).- Detection of the Abnormal Repolarization Vector in Diabetes Mellitus by Means of the Isomagnetic Map.- Magnetocardiography in Patients with the Long QT-Syndrome.- Measurement of Cardiac Magnetic Field Vector.- Classification of Infarcts Using Electric and Magnetic Inverse Solutions.- Descrimination Between Patients with Myocardial Infarction and Those with Ventricular Tachycardia Using Magnetic and Potential Map Extrema and Trajectory Plots.- Magnetocardiographic and Electrocardiographic Recordings of Patients with Ventricular Tachycardia.- Atrial and Ventricular Tachycardias: Invasive Validation and Reproducibility of Magnetocardiographic Imaging.- The Influence of Heart Motion on Magnetic Fields.- Effect of Constitutional Variables on Magnetocardiogram.- Magnetocardiography in Patients with Cardiomyopathy and Operated Congenital Heart Disease.- The Magnetocardiogram in Patients with Systolic and Diastolic Overload of the Right Ventricle.- Pneumomagnetism.- Magnetic Microparticles can Measure Whole-Body Clearance, Cell Organelle Motions, and Protein Polymer Viscoelasticity (invited).- Estimation of Energy of Intracellular Movement and Apparent Viscosity by Magnetometry.- Intracellular Motility of Pulmonary Macrophages from Smokers and Non-Smokers Estimated by Cytomagnetometry.- Welding Fume Retention in Lungs of Previously Unexposed Subjects.- In Vivo SQUID Measurements of the Magnetised Human Thorax.- A Study of Magnetic Contaminants in Post Mortem Lung Samples from Asbestos Miners.- Effects of Latex and Different Doses of Silica on Behavior of Iron Particles in Rabbit Lungs.- Research on Biomagnetic Technique Used for Tracing Pneumoconiosis of Metallurgical Workers.- Tissue Susceptiblity.- The Hamburg Biosusceptometer for Liver Iron Quantification.- The Calibration Problem in Liver Iron Susceptometry.- Magnetic Mapping of DC Fields Related to Tissue Susceptibility in the Human Body.- Diverse Applications.- Ionic Currents Within Developing Chick Eggs.- Magnetic Field Measurements of the Electric Organ of Gymnotus Carapó.- Measurement of Magnetic Field Near An Acute Surgical Injury on the Rabbit's Thigh.- Biochemical Magnetite Formation and Its Application.- Immunosensor Using Bacterial Magnetites.- Localized Stimulation of the Human Cortex by Opposing Magnetic Fields.- Modeling, Theory, and Data Processing.- Volume Current Effects on MEG and Modeling (invited).- Impact of Different Noise Sources on Dipole Localization in the Spherical Model: A Simulation.- Monte Carlo Analysis of Localization Errors in Magnetoencephalography.- A Variation Principle for the Return Current in Encephalography.- Magnetoencephalographic Localization of Simulated Evoked Response Sources Affirms the Importance of Adequate Modeling.- Improved Methods for MEG Inverse Dipole Estimation.- Influence of the Finite Pickup Coil Size on the Location of Current Sources with Quadrupolar Components.- Considerations on a Spatio-Temporal Two-Dipole Model.- Rule-Based Location of Multiple Current-Dipole Sources from Biomagnetic Data.- A Linear Estimation Approach to Biomagnetic Imaging.- Discussion of Biomagnetic Imaging System and Reconstruction Algorithm.- Direct Approach to an Inverse Problem: A Trial to Describe Signal Sources by Current Elements Distribution.- Magnetic Fields of Current Monopoles.- Localised and Distributed Source Solutions for the Biomagnetic Inverse Problem, I.- Localised and Distributed Source Solutions for the Biomagnetic Inverse Problem, II.- Random Dipoles as a Model for Spontaneous EEG and MEG Activity.- Theory and Properties of Lead Field Synthesis Analysis.- Minimum Norm Estimation of Current Distributions in Realistic Geometries.- Localizing Abnormalities in Mapping.- Preliminary Tests of MEG and EEG Localization in a Homogeneous Saline Head.- Projective Methods for the Magnetic Direct Problem.- Mechanism of Flux Reversal Phenomena in Spatial Distributions of the Magnetoencephalograms.- Constructing a Realistically Shaped Model of the Human Head.- Compression of Biomagnetic Data by Combining Linear Predictive and Variable-Length Coding.- Interactive Control and Data Processing in Multichannel SQUID Instrumentation Systems.- Channel Capacity of Multichnnel Magnetometers.- Instrumentation.- A 24-Channel Planar Gradiometer: System Design and Analysis of Neuromagnetic Data (invited).- Improved SQUID Magnetometer with an External Feedback Circuit.- Designing Planar Gradiometer Arrays: Preliminary Considerations.- Pb-In Wire Bonding for Superconducting Connection between Thin Film DC-SQUID and Pickup Coil.- A Single-Chip SQUID.- A Multi-Channel Biomagnetometer.- A Nine Channel DC SQUID System for Biomagnetism.- Development and Performance of a Multichannel System for Studies of Biomagnetic Signals of Brain and Heart.- A 24-Channel Magnetometer for Brain Research.- MicroSQUID: A Close-Spaced Four Channel Magnetometer.- Preliminary Measurements with MicroSQUID.- Sequential Spatially Distributed Activity of the Human Brain Detected Magnetically by CryoSQUIDs.- Techniques and Methodology.- The LANL Gradiometer Orientation Device.- Magnetometer Position Indicator for Multichannel MEG.- Subject and Gradiometer Positioning for MEG Recording: A Preliminary Report.- The Positioning of Magnetometer Pickup Coil in Dewar by Artificial Signal Source.- Neuromagnetometer® Calibration Using an Array of Small Coils.- Spatial Fourier Technique for Calibrating Gradiometers.- On the Spatial Locating Accuracy of Multichannel Magnetometers.- Experimental Accuracy of Localization of Current Dipoles in a Spherical Phantom.- Environmental Noise Cancellation for Biomagnetic Measurements.- Electronic Noise Suppression in Multichannel Neuromagnetic System.- Thermal Noise of a Biomagnetic Measurement Dewar.- Noise Cancellation in Biomagnetometers.- Three-Dimensional Volumetric Reconstruction for Neuromagnetic Source Localization.- An Integrated Stimulus Generation and Data Acquisition System for the Investigation of Auditory Evoked Magnetic Fields.- Study on a Design Method of a Magnetically Shielded Room by Using Models.- Preparation of High-Tc Superconducting Magnetic Shields by a Low Pressure Plasma Spraying.- Author Index.