Advances in Hydroinformatics: SIMHYDRO 2012 - New Frontiers of Simulation by Philippe GourbesvilleAdvances in Hydroinformatics: SIMHYDRO 2012 - New Frontiers of Simulation by Philippe Gourbesville

Advances in Hydroinformatics: SIMHYDRO 2012 - New Frontiers of Simulation

byPhilippe GourbesvilleEditorJean Cunge, Guy Caignaert

Hardcover | December 2, 2013

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The book is a collection of extended papers which have been selected for presentation during the SIMHYDRO 2012 conference held in Sophia Antipolis in September 2012. The papers present the state of the art numerical simulation in domains such as (1) New trends in modelling for marine, river & urban hydraulics; (2) Stakeholders & practitioners of simulation; (3) 3D CFD & applications. All papers have been peer reviewed and by scientific committee members with report about quality, content and originality. The target audience for this book includes scientists, engineers and practitioners involved in the field of numerical modelling in the water sector: flood management, natural resources preservation, hydraulic machineries, and innovation in numerical methods, 3D developments and applications.
Title:Advances in Hydroinformatics: SIMHYDRO 2012 - New Frontiers of SimulationFormat:HardcoverDimensions:560 pagesPublished:December 2, 2013Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part I: Data and Uncertainties in Hydraulic Modeling for Engineering, Specific Applications of Modeling

1. Introduction to Part I

2. What Do We Model, What Results Do We Get? - Anatomy of Modeling Systems Foundations, Jean A. Cunge

3. Use of Standard 2D Numerical Modeling Tools to Simulate Surface Runoff Over an Industrial Site -Feasibility and Comparative Performance Survey Over a Test Case, Morgan Abily, Claire-Marie Duluc and Phillipe Gourbesville

4. Hydraulic Modeling for Rhone River Operation, Laetitia Grimaldi, Guillaume Bontron and Pierre Balayn

5. Numerical Modeling: A Tool for the Decision-Making Process, Cédric Bernardi, Claire Auriault, Monique Bourrilhon and Pierre Maruzewski

6. Information Handling in Interdisciplinary Hydro-Environment Engineering Projects, Frank Molkenthin, ChiYu Li and K. Vikram Notay

7. Multivariable Model Predictive Control of Water Levels on a Laboratory Canal, Klaudia Horváth, Peter-Jules van Overloop, Eduard Galvis, Manuel Gómez Valentín and José Rodellar Benedé 

8. Towards Real-Time Flood Forecasting in Hydraulics: Merits of In Situ Discharge and Water Level Data Assimilation for the Modeling of the Marne Catchment in France, Johan Habert, Sophie Ricci, Etienne Le Pape, Andrea Piacentini, Olivier Thual, Gabriel Joinville, Nicole Goutal, Fabrice Zaoui and Riadh Ata

9. Dam Break Flow Modeling with Uncertainty Analysis, Benjamin Dewals, Pierre Archambeau, Sébastien Erpicum and Michel Pirotton

10. Coupling TOMAWAC and EUROTOP for Wave Overtopping Predictions, Nicolas Chini and Peter K. Stansby

11. Coupling 1-D and 2-D Models for Simulating Floods: Definition of the Exchange Terms, André Paquier and Pierre-Henri Bazin

12. Detection Of Contamination in Water Distribution Network, Zineb Noumir, Kévin Blaise Guépié, Lionel Fillatre, Paul Honeine, Igor Nikiforov, Hichem Snoussi, Cédric Richard, Pierre Antoine Jarrige and Francis Campan

13. Water Planning and Management, Real-Time Pump Scheduling, Louise Brac De La Perriere, Antoine Jouglet, Alexandre Nace and Dritan Nace

14. Study of Flow in a Staircase at Subway Station, Wlaid Bouchenafa, Nassima Mouhous-Voyneau and Philippe Sergent


Part II: New Numerical Methods and Approaches for Modeling Systems

15. Introduction to Part II

16. A Non-Hydrostatic Non-Dispersive Shallow Water Model, Didier Clamond and Denys Dutykh

17. Finite-Volume Implementation of Non-Hydrostatic Shallow Water Equations, Vincent Guinot, Didier Clamond and Denys Dutykh.

18. Modeling Flood in an Urban Area: Validation of Numerical Tools Against Experimental Data, Quentin Araud, Pascal Finaud-Guyot, Robert Mosé, José Vazquez and Fabrice Lawniczak

19. FullSWOF: A Software for Overland Flow Simulation, Olivier Delestre, Stéphane Cordier, Frédéric Darboux, François James, Christian Laguerre, Carine Lucas and Olivier Planchon

20. SWASHES: A Library for Benchmarking in Hydraulics, Stéphane Cordier, Frédéric Darboux, Olivier Delestre, François James, Pierre-Antoine Ksinant, Christian Laguerre and Carine Lucas

21. Correct Boundary Conditions for Turbulent SPH, Martin Ferrand, Damien Violeau, Arno Mayrhoffer and Omar Mahmood

22. Integrated Water Quality Modeling of the River Zenne (Belgium) Using OPENMI, Olkeba Tolessa Leta, Narayan Kumar Shrestha, Bruno De Fraine, Ann Van Griensven and Willy Bauwens,


Part III: 3D CFD and Applications

23. Introduction to Part III

24. Use of Numerical Modeling to Optimize the Placement of Data-Gathering Equipment in Low-Head Hydro Production Structures, Julien Schaguene, Olivier Bertrand, Eric David, Pierre Roumieu, Gilles Pierrefeu, Karine Pobanz, Xavier Cornut and Laurent Tomas

25. Optimization of a Shared Tailrace Channel of Two Pump-Storage Plants by Physical and Numerical Modeling Giovanni De Cesare, Martin Bieri, Stéphane Terrier, Sylvain Candolfi, Martin Wickenhäuser and Gaël Micoulet

26. Influence of the Hydraulic System Layout on the Stability of a Mixed Islanded Power Network, Christian Landry, Christoph Nicolet, Silvio Giacomini and François Avellan

27. Determination of Surge Tank Diaphragm Head Losses by CFD Simulations, Sébastien Alligne, Primoz Rodic, Jorge Arpe, Jurij Mlacnik and Christophe Nicolet

28. Study of the Hydrodynamic Phenomena and Fluid-Structure Interactions of a By-Pass Butterfly  Valve with Double Disc, Julien Large,Jerôme Fouque and David Reungoat

29. Simulations of Rotor-Stator Interactions with SPH-ALE, Magdalena Neuhauser, Francis Leboeuf, Jean-Christophe Marongiu, Etienne Parkinson and Daniel Robb

30. Numerical Simulations of a Counter Rotating Micro Turbine, Cecile MÜnch-Alligne, Sylvain Richard, Bastien Meier, Vlad Hasmatuchi and François Avellan

31. CFD Based Mathematical Optimization of Hydro Turbine Components Using Cloud Computing, Albert Ruprecht, Jakob Simader and Andreas Ruopp

32. Numerical Simulation of Pressure Pulsations in Francis Turbines, M Magnoli and R Schilling

33. 3D RANS modelling of a Cross Flow Water Turbine, Christian Pellone, Thierry Maitre and Ervin Amet

34. FPM Simulations of a High Speed Water Jet Validation with CFD and Experimental Results, Christian Vessaz, Ebrahim Jahanbakhsh and François Avellan

35. Modeling Vortex with 3D CFD, Grégory Guyot, Hela Maaloul and Antoine Archer

36. Bubble-Stirred Melts in Nuclear Waste Vitrification, Delphine Gautheron, Armand Bonnetier, Emilien Sauvage, Jean-François Hollebecque, Patrice Brun, Yves Du Terrail and Roland Riva

37. 3-D Oil Spill Model: Application to the "Happy Bride" Accident. Cédric Goeury, Jean-Michel Hervouet, Olivier Bertrand, Régis Walther and Vincent Gouriou

38. Modeling Combined Wave-Current Flows Using a RANS CFD Solver with Emphasis on the Effect of the Turbulent Closure Model, Maria João Teles, Michel Benoit and António A. Pires-Silva

39. 3D Numerical Modeling of a Side Channel Spillway, Géraldine Milesi and Stéphane Causse

40. Numerical Modeling of Two- and Three-Dimensional Flow Patterns in Shallow Rectangular Basins, Matthieu Secher, Jean-Michel Hervouet, Pablo Tassi, Eric Valette and Catherine Villaret

41. Three-Dimensional Simulation of Flow Over a Broad Crested Side Weir, Mohammad Reza Namaee, Mohammad Rostami, Mohammad Sadegh Jalalediny and Mahdi Habibi

42. RANS Simulation of Flow Over Dune with Low Lee and Sharp Lee Angle, Artemis Motamedi, Hossein Afzalimehr, Gerald Zenz and Majid Galoie

43. Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) Measurement and Numerical Modeling of Flow Over Gravel Dune, Artemis Motamedi, Hossein Afzalimehr, Gabriele Harb and Majid Galoie