Advances in Robot Kinematics: Theory and Applications by Jadran LenarcicAdvances in Robot Kinematics: Theory and Applications by Jadran Lenarcic

Advances in Robot Kinematics: Theory and Applications

EditorJadran Lenarcic, Federico Thomas

Paperback | December 1, 2010

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This book presents the most recent research advances in the theory, design, control, and application of robotic systems, which are intended for a variety of purposes such as manipulation, manufacturing, automation, surgery, locomotion, and biomechanics.
Title:Advances in Robot Kinematics: Theory and ApplicationsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:531 pages, 9.25 × 6.1 × 0.01 inPublished:December 1, 2010Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Performance Evaluation. A kinematic calibration of in-parallel actuated mechanisms using Fourier series (evaluation index for determination of the set of measurement paths); G. Shen, et al. Dynamic performance indices for 3-DOF parallel manipulators; R. Di Gregorio, V. Parenti-Castelli. Evaluation of a Caresian parallel manipulator; H.S. Kim, L.-W. Tsai. Rotation symmetry axes and the quality index in a 3D octahedral parallel robot manipulator system; T.K. Tanev, J. Rooney. Linearized kinematics for state estimation in robotics; K. Parsa, et al. Performance evaluation of the grasp of two cooperating robots using a type map; N. Gascons, et al. On the invariance of manipulability indices; E. Staffetti, et al. Influence of the manipulability index on trajectory planning for robots in a workspace with obstacles; F. Valero, et al. Design and Control of Special-Type Mechanisms. Humanoid humeral pointing kinematics; J. Lenarcic, et al. Efficient algorithms for robots with human-like structures and interactive haptic simulation; O. Khatib, et al. Particular aspects in designing anthropomorphic mechanisms; C. Brisan, M. Hiller. Uncertainty model and singularities of 3-2-1 wire-based tracking systems; F. Thomas, et al. Tension distribution in tendon-based Stewart platforms; R. Verhoeven, M. Hiller. Trajectory tracking control for a cable suspension manipulator; T. Heyden, et al. Is design of new drugs a challenge for kinematics? K. Kazerounian. Redundancy, Singularity, and Self-Motion. Redundant spatial Stewart-Gough platform with a maximal forward kinematics solution set; M. Husty, et al. Singularities and self-motions of a special type of platforms; A. Karger. Investigation of singularities and self-motions of the 3-UPU robot; A. Wolf, et al. On closure modes and singular configurations of kinematic chains; J.E. Baker. Constraint singularities as c-space singularities; D. Zlatanov, et al. Hierarchical kinematic analysis of a redundant robot; D. Martins, R. Guenther. Motion planning of redundant manipulators for specified trajectory tasks; J.A. Pámanes, et al. Realtime coordinated redundant motion of a nonholonomic mobile manipulator; G. Schreiber, G. Hirzinger. Methods in Kinematics. Using body flexibility to simplify the solution of kinematic equations in the dynamic analysis of robot mechanisms and multibody systems; P. Fanghella, C. Galletti. Subdivision algorithms for motion design based on homologous points; M. Hofer, et al. Group theory can explain the mobility of paradoxical linkages; J.M. Ribo, B. Ravani. Solving multi-loop linkages by iterating 2D clippings; J.M. Porta, et al. Revisiting Plücker coordinates in vision-based control; N. Andreff, B. Espiau. On displacing a screw about a screw; I.A. Parkin, J.E. Baker. Algebraic solution of inverse kinematics revisited; W. Korb, et al. A variant of a 6-RKS hunt-type parallel manipulator to easily use insensitivity position configurations; I. Zabalza, et al. Kinematic Design. On the kinematics of parallel mechanisms with bi-stable polymer actuators; A. Wingert, et al. The kinetostatic design of a Schönflies-motion generator; K. Al-Widyan, J. Angeles. Design of 2-DOF parallel mechanisms for machining applications; F. Majou, et al. Kinematically equivalent spatial mechanisms with revolute pair at input and prismatic pair at output; E. Peisach. The optimal synthesis of parallel manipulators for desired work-spaces; A.M. Hay, J.A. Snyman. Connecting assembly modes for workspace enlargement; J. Hesselbach, et al. The isotropic conditions of parallel manipulators of Delta topology; L. Baron. Kinematic Analysis. An accurate algorithm for the real-time solution of the direct kinematics of 6-3 Stewart platform manipulators; R. Vertechy, et al. 3-Legged spatial 4-bar platform kinematics; P.J. Zsombor-Murray, J. Cervantes-Sanchez. Dynamic modeling of the Orthoglide; S. Guégan, W. Khalil. Workspace analysis of the Orthoglide using interval analysis; D. Chablat, et al. A divide-and-conquer method for inverse kinematics of hyper-redundant manipulators; Y. Wang, G.S. Chirikjian. Interval propagation for solving parallel spherical mechanisms; E. Celaya. Kinematic analysis of spatial 3-dof parallelepiped mechanisms; Y. Wu, C.M. Gosselin. Kinematics of a planar robot with rolling contact joints; C.L. Collins. Synthesis of Mechanisms and Motion. Dual quaternion synthesis of contrained robots; A. Perez, et al. Type synthesis of linear translational parallel manipulators; X. Kong, C.M. Gosselin. Stiffness synthesis of a variable geometry planar robot; N. Simaan, M. Shoham. Synthesis of architecturally mobile double-planar platforms; K. Wohlhart. Approximate motion synthesis using an SVD based distance metric; P.M. Larochelle, S.L. Dees. Navigation and gait planning for planar walker; I.-M. Chen, et al. Near Optimal Coordination of legged vehicles over large obstacles; K.J. Waldron. Author Index.