Advances in Turbulence V: Proceedings of the Fifth European Turbulence Conference, Siena, Italy, 5-8 July 1994 by Roberto BenziAdvances in Turbulence V: Proceedings of the Fifth European Turbulence Conference, Siena, Italy, 5-8 July 1994 by Roberto Benzi

Advances in Turbulence V: Proceedings of the Fifth European Turbulence Conference, Siena, Italy, 5…

byRoberto Benzi

Paperback | November 5, 2012

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Under the auspices of the Euromech Committee, the Fifth European Turbulence Conference was held in Siena on 5-8 July 1994. Following the previous ETC meeting in Lyon (1986), Berlin (1988), Stockholm (1990) and Delft (1992), the Fifth ETC was aimed at providing a review of the fundamental aspects of turbulence from a theoretical, numerical and experimental point of view. In the magnificent town of Siena, more than 250 scientists from all over the world, spent four days discussing new ideas on turbulence. As a research worker in the field of turbulence, I must say that the works presented at the Conference, on which this book is based, covered almost all areas in this field. I also think that this book provides a major opportunity to have a complete overview of the most recent research works. I am extremely grateful to Prof. C. Cercignani, Dr. M. Loffredo, and Prof. R. Piva who, as members of the local organizing committee, share the success of the Conference. I also want to thank Mrs. Liu' Catena, for her invaluable contribution to the work done by the local organizing committee and the European Turbulence Committee in the scientific organization of the meeting. The "Servizio Congressi" of the University of Siena provided perfect organization in Siena and wonderful hospitality. The Conference has been supported by CNR, Cira, Alenia, the Universities of Rome "Tor Vergata" and "La Sapienza".
Title:Advances in Turbulence V: Proceedings of the Fifth European Turbulence Conference, Siena, Italy, 5…Format:PaperbackDimensions:602 pages, 24 × 16 × 1.73 inPublished:November 5, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Relaminarization of a Turbulent Boundary Layer by Suction through a Short Porous Wall Strip.- An Estimate of the Pressure-Strain Rate Tensor in a Plane Cylinder Wake.- Statistical Properties of Decaying Two-Dimensional Turbulence.- Modelling of Boundary Layer Flows over Rough Surfaces.- Large-Eddy Simulation of Buoyant Plane Plumes.- Extended Self Similarity and Convective Turbulence.- Spatial Simulations of Oblique Transition in a Boundary Layer.- Transitional Flow as a Nonlinear Dynamical System.- The Spatio-Temporal Intermittency of the Velocity Field in Low-Resolution Large-Eddy Simulations of Homogeneous Turbulence.- An Analytical Solution of the Pure Rotation Problem: Rapid Distortion Theory of an Initially Axisymmetric Turbulence.- Experimental Elements for the Characterisation of the Low Pressure Filaments in a 3D Turbulent Shear Flow.- On the Initial Region of Inhomogeneous Coaxial Jets.- Experimental Analysis of Scaling Laws in Low and Moderate Re Grid Generated Turbulence.- The Effect of a Micellar Friction Reducing Additive on Turbulent Structure in a Pipe.- A Transition Toward Developed Turbulence.- Boundary Layer Properties in Turbulent Thermal Convection.- A Physical Model for Merging in 2D Decaying Turbulence.- Experiments in a Turbulent Boundary Layer Under an Averse Pressure Gradient.- Chaotic Behaviour and Mass Transfer Measurement at an Electromagnetically Excited Liquid-liquid Interface.- Stochastic Theory of Turbulent Boundary Layer.- Transition from Laminar to Turbulent Flow for Non-Newtonian Fluids.- Compressible Turbulence and Cosmology.- Large-Eddy Simulation of a Spatially-Developing Boundary Layer.- Solitary Wave-Turbulence Interaction in the Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layer.- Turbulence Energy Transport in the Presence of Organized Vorticity.- Universal Statistical Behavior of Wiener-Szego Polynomials Associated to Gaussian and Non Gaussian Stochastic Signals.- Large-Scale Dynamics of the Kolmogorov Flow on the Beta-Plane.- Mixing Process in Reacting and Non-Reacting Supersonic-Flows.- Two-Dimensional Isotropic Negative Eddy Viscosity: A Common Phenomenon.- The Effect of an External Cross-Wind on the Turbulent Air-Flow in Sprays.- Statistical Mechanical Renormalisation Group Calculations for Inhomogeneous Turbulence.- Instability of Ring Vortices in Supersonic Impulse Jet.- The Mixing Layer Behind a Slanted Trailing Edge.- Numerical Simulation of the Velocity Fluctuation and the Interfacial Deformation of Liquid-liquid Dispersed Two-Phase Flow.- Reynolds-Number Effects in Separated Flow.- Bypass Transition and Linear Growth Mechanisms.- Identification of Vortices in Two-Dimensional Incompressible Flows.- Transverse Structure Functions of Turbulence.- Turbulence Modelling for Aeronautical Applications.- Approximate Wall Boundary Conditions for Large Eddy Simulations.- Effects of Body Forces on Turbulence.- On the Structure of the Mixing Layer of a Heated Supersonic Transversal Jet.- Mixing of a Heated Supersonic Jet with a Supersonic Parallel Stream.- Experimental Study of the Rotating Disk Flow Instability.- The Hierarchy of One-Point Closures and the Modelling of Rotational Effects.- Coherent Structures in Two-Dimensional Turbulent Jets.- The Influence of Free-Stream Turbulence on an Axisymmetric Turbulent Boundary Layer in, and Relaxing from, an Adverse Pressure Gradient.- Turbulence Structure of a Stably Stratified Grid-Generated Flow.- The Turbulent, Radial Wall Jet - Effect of Impinging Jet Conditions.- Some Experimental Results from a Decelerated Mixing Layer.- Boundary Layer Transition Induced by a Von Karman Vortex Street Wake.- A Model for Inhomogeneous Turbulence Based on Two-Point Correlations.- Direct Numerical Simulation of Rotating Mixing Layer.- Three Dimensional Hot Wire Measurements Behind a Swept Backward Facing Step.- Velocity Gradients Depending Quantities in Turbulent Grid Flow.- Two-Point Closure Approach to Rotating Turbulence Subjected to Axisymmetric Distortions.- The First Steps of the Transition to Turbulence in the Wake of a Ring and Their Modelling by the Ginzburg-Landau Equation.- Large-Eddy Simulation of Counter-Rotating Vortices in a Boundary Layer.- Measurement of the Enstrophy and the Vorticy Vector in a Plane Cylinder Wake Using a Spectral Method.- Small Silicon Pressure Transducers for the Determination of the Longitudinal Space-Time Correlation of Wall Pressure Fluctuations.- Direct Simulation of Scalar Mixing in a Compressible Mixing Layer.- Reynolds Stress Distribution Around a Large-Scale Coherent Vortex in a Turbulent Boundary Layer.- Direct Numerical Simulations of a Turbulent Jet Interacting with a Free Surface.- Coherent Structures in Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow over a Hemisphere.- Conditional Velocity pdf: New Results.- Longitudinal Vortices in the Rotating Channel Flow Due to Coriolis Force.- Turbulent Mixing Investigated by Laser Induced Fluorescence.- Numerical Simulation of Coherent Structures Inclined Two-Phase Pipe Flows.- Large-Eddy Simulations of Turbulent Flows Over a Swept Backward-Facing Step.- Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulence Structure at a Wavy-Sheared Air-Water Interface.- Local Isotropy of the Vorticity Field in a Boundary Layer at High Reynolds Number.- Dynamic Behavior of Hot-Wire Probes in Turbulent Boundary Layers.- Mixing of a Turbulent Round Buoyant Jet in Cross Flow.- Vortex Tubes in Homogeneous Turbulence.- Wavelet Analysis of the Turbulent Near-Field of a Coaxial Jet.- Correction to Taylor's Hypothesis in Swirling Flows.- Turbulent Mixing of a Scalar in Three-Dimensions.- Convective and Rayleigh-Taylor Instabilities in Stratified Fluids.- Properties of Dynamical Systems Describing the Evolution of Coherent Structures in a Transitional Boundary Layer.- Particle-Flow Interactions in the Near Wall Region of a Turbulent Open Channel Flow.- On Fractal Features of Diffusion Field in a Turbulent Jet.- Nonlinear Energy Density Transfer in Plane Poiseuille Flow.- Turbulent Free and Impinging Heated Jets with Swirl.- Characterization of Turbulent Properties in Relation with Bubble/Drop Breakup Process.- Large Eddy Simulations of Shear Flows: Mixing Layers.- Three-Dimensional Transition of the Vorticity Created by an Impacting Water Drop.- Revisiting Compressible Homogeneous Shear Flow at Finite Mach Number by Means of Rapid Distortion Theory.- Measurement and Modelling of the Anisotropic Dissipation and Slow Pressure-Strain in Homogeneous Turbulence.- The Spatial Structure of Intense Foci in a Time-Developing Three-Dimensional Plane Wake.- The Development of Three-Dimensionality in the Wake of a Circular Cylinder.- Structures in Turbulent Plane Couette Flow Obtained from Correlation Measurements.- Strongly Localized Events in Laboratory Turbulent Flows.- Statistics of Temperature Increments in Fully Developed Turbulence.- A Preliminary Study on the Formation of Elongated Vortices in Turbulence.- On the Taylor Hypothesis in Unsteady Wall Layers.- Fast Bimolecular Reactions in High Reynolds Number Turbulence: Structure of the Reactive Interface and Surface of Reaction.- Large Deviations and a Quantitative Theory of the Small Scales in Fully Developed Turbulence.- Comparison of Subgrid-Models in LES of the Compressible Mixing Layer.- Turbulent Flow in a Sudden Pipe Expansion.- Bursts and Low-Reynolds-Number Effects in Turbulent Boundary Layers.- Statistics of Turbulence Between Two Counter-Rotating Disks in Low Temperature Helium Gas.- Oblique Wave Resonance in the Far Wake.- Eddy-Viscosity of Three-Dimensional Flow.- DNS of Transitional Flow around a Square Cylinder.- Bypass Transition under Turbulence: From Simulation to Modelling.- Experimental Study of a Shearless Turbulent Mixing Layer Subjected to Solid Body Rotation.- LES of High Intensity Electric Arcs.- Acoustically Driven Chaotic Oscillations of Gas Bubbles in Liquids.