Adventures In Manic Depression

Adventures In Manic Depression

Kobo ebook | February 7, 2014

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"Adventurs In Manic Depression," is a collection of both fiction and non-fiction pieces culled from 40 years of writing by syndicated columnist, screenwriter Stuart Goldman. The book includes a wealth of Goldman's newspaper articles—many of them in the True Crime genre—and a wide seletion of both published and non-published fiction pieces. Goldman's style has been likened to J.D. Salianger, John Fante, Charles Bukowski, and Dr. Hunter S.  Thompson—"gonzo" being the prime word used to dessribe Goldma's writing style. Goldman himself objects to any and all comparisons, claiming that he is a "better writer," (Goldman is not short on ego) than any of the aforementioned authors. Goldman has also sold several original screenplays, in the action-adventure genre. The most recent is "Spy Vs. Spy, a true re-telling of Goldman's undercover expose of the slimy world of tabloid journalism. Originally, Oliver Stone was set to direct the feature, which ultimately went back on the shelf after no screenwriter could "crack,"  Goldman's multi-layaered story. The film sold to Phoenix Pictures in 1995, but currently, Goldman and Phoenix are bringing the film back on the drawing board, with Goldman re-writing the original draft. In fact, there is no love lost between the film industry and Goldman, who says he stopped being a movie-goer somewhere around 1960. "After that, most everythig was simply crap," says Goldman. Goldman quit the writing business entirely for 10 years to work as a private investigator—his goal, to rescue his father Maurice Goldman's (a highly renowned composer of classical music) entire musical collection from a con artist who had "stolen" the collection from Goldman's family. It took Goldman five years to corner the culprint, and recover the collection, which he donated to the Musical Archivese at Case Western Resererve University in Cleveland, Ohio—the school from which his father had graduated. Goldman has re-entered the writing world witha new zest. He has just complete his first YA horror novel, and is now working on Volumes 11 of "Adventures In Manic Depression." Asked about the title, Goldman makese no bones about the fact that he has suffered from manic-depression since 1980. "There's nothing to be gained from this demonic disease," Goldman said. "No wisdom, no nada. I consider that I've wasted at least half my life living in a dark room, watching TV with the sound off....not communicating with anyone in the outside world." As one might imagine, "Adventures In Manic Depression,"—though it contains some howlingly hilarious work—is often dark and tinged with madness....a territory Goldman knows all too well." Goldman says that without the aid of his psychiatrist, the famed Dr. Lewis Engle, that he would no doubt have committed suicide years ago. "Do I ever still think about it?" he quips. "I'd be lying if I said I didn't. "Manic depression is a hideous, hellish disease—the spawn of the devil." Speaking of the devil, Goldman has only recently revealed that he converted to Christianity several years ago, though that does  not mean he has aboned his native Judaism." He doesn't attend wither church or temple," though he is a strict Monotheist. Politically, Goldman is a staunch Conservative.  Many of his pieces of journalism  have appeared in "right-wing," journals—in particular The National Revview." Goldman's other main influence is particular country-western and bluegrass. He spent 10 years touring and recording with a number of  top recording artists including Doug Kershaw, John Steward, Dolly Parton, Tanya Tucker, and Leon Russell. Goldman says his favorite gig was touring as a member of the band "Kinky Friedman And The Texas Jewboys." Goldman and Friedman both share a common love of boxing and detective novels. Goldman says he is considering writing fictionalized versions of many of the true-crime stories that he has covered as a newspaper reporter. "It's still one of my favorite ways to pass the time," say

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