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As South Africa moves towards majority rule, and blacks begin to exercise direct political power, apartheid becomes a thing of the past - but its legacy in South African history will be indelible. this book is designed to introduce students to a range of interpretations of one of South Africa's…read more

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Applying many years of historical linguistic and archeological research to the spread of Bantu language communities over 1,400 years, Ehret (history, U. of California, Los Angeles) demonstrates that eastern to southern Africa in its preclassical and classical precolonial periods was as marked by…read more

Rome in Africa

by Susan Raven|

March 26, 1993

Trade Paperback



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Nearly three thousand years ago the Phoenicians set up trading colonies on the coast of North Africa, and ever since successive civilizations have been imposed on the local inhabitants, largely from outside. Carthaginians, Romans, vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, TUrks, French and Italians have all…read more