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Greg Heffley has always been in a hurry to grow up. But is getting older really all it’s cracked up to be?   Greg suddenly finds himself dealing with the pressures of boy-girl parties, increased responsibilities, and even the awkward changes that come…

The Loser List

by H N Kowitt

|March 1, 2011



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When Danny Shine (rhymes with "whine") finds out he's on the infamous Loser List in the girls' bathroom, his mission to erase it lands him in detention. That fateful afternoon, the school's bullies (who live in detention) discover that Danny can draw. Suddenly…


by Paul Glennon

|September 25, 2012



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With its spirit of adventure, Bookweirdest courts new readers and keeps Malcolm and Norman's devoted fans captivated .   Norman has woken up in a world that seems a lot like his own, but with some notable differences. Cats can talk, for example. His sister…