Air Con: The Seriously Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming: Climategate Edition by Ian Wishart

Air Con: The Seriously Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming: Climategate Edition

byIan Wishart

Kobo ebook | January 12, 2013

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For the past twenty five years, climate change has dominated the news agenda and the political sector. As the media whip up a frenzy of public concern, politicians use that concern as a cover to seize more taxes, more power and much more control of the daily lives of the public.

But what if you found out you'd effectively been conned?

Air Con became the world's #1 bestselling book on climate change, topping the Amazon sales charts in the US and UK, as award-winning investigative journalist Ian Wishart laid out the scientific evidence for and against human-caused climate change.

Citing hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies, Wishart shows the human effect on climate, even with our CO2 emissions, is dwarfed by the massive natural CO2 exchanges between the oceans, the biosphere and the atmosphere every day. He reveals it wasn't really our emissions having a major impact, but more the massive deforestation of the past two centuries that effectively cut out earth's lungs by removing the trees that normally absorb CO2 to keep the atmosphere balanced.

In Air Con, you will read how CO2 levels have been much higher for most of earth's history, and how temperatures have been much warmer than they are now, only a few hundred years ago - entirely due to natural climate cycles.

With the UK Met Office now admitting in 2013 there's been so significant global warming on Earth since 1998 - fifteen years ago - now's the time to get yourself up to speed on the climate debate, and follow the money trail to see who's really profiting from the climate scare con.


"Panic about global warming has become one of the big beat-ups of our time. In this helpful volume best-selling New Zealand writer and commentator Ian Wishart carefully and painstakingly looks at the topic, examining the evidence and weighing up the pros and cons. He not only finds the science to be unconvincing, but believes that following the proposed remedies will well-nigh bankrupt the West and in fact compound problems. An eye-opening treatment of a controversial issue". --Quadrant magazine, Australia

"Lesson one: when green Leftists try to shut down a democracy it isn't because they can defend their arguments, it's because they can't. Free speech also means nothing, without open public debates. So, what gives Al Gore the right to declare that the so-called "debate is over" in places like New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, or the U.S.? In Air Con, Ian Wishart, a critical-thinking New Zealander, dismantles the Left's worst myths through sharp questions, a good many blow-your-mind quotes, and don't-try-to-fool-me arguments.

"While the investigative journalist once believed in global warming, he now unapologetically submits (p.12): "The biggest lie in Al Gore's comments is this: "The science is settled." It's what practitioners of the dark arts of public manipulation refer to as a "lizard brain" phrase, that parks itself deep into the subconscious of listeners, thanks to a comforting appeal to authority figures (scientists), and an assurance they've got it right (settled). Lizard brains are where instinctive, knee jerk reactions are generated often before the person consciously realises."

"And how ethical is it to whine (without evidence) that all AGW skeptics are nefarious millionaires, when Al Gore is jet-setting around the world with his carbon-hungry entourage? Wishart isn't afraid to state what so many of America's anti-investigative journalists prefer to ignore (p.192): "In the case of "follow the money", it's important to recognise that both sides in this debate have a financial motivation, but arguably that of global warming believers is bigger. In the scientific community there's a standing joke, "No problem = no funding." In other words, to keep getting the research grants scientists have to keep coming up with problems requiring research or solution. In most cases, public tax money funds this and those projects that are seen as the most important get the most funding. Global warming is sex on a stick in the science community right now." Gore's I-am-the-king-of-the-world arguments show a lack of maturity and are circular in nature. Can he really read the hearts and minds of all skeptics? Are only Gore-friendly businesspeople saintly carriers of righteous moneybags? Furthermore, pro-liberty advocates reject the idea that all government-first researchers are pure, sanctified, and cleansed. The former adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Lord Christopher Monckton, praises Wishart's "timely book." Likewise, UN IPCC expert reviewer, Dr Vincent Gray believes he's done a "thorough job." --The American Thinker

I started reading this book with an intensely critical eye, expecting that a mere journalist could not possibly cope with the complexities of climate science ... [But] He gives chapter and verse for almost everything he says.

The book is brilliant. The best I have seen which deals with the news item side of it as well as the science. He has done a very thorough job and I have no hesitation in unreserved commendation. It has come along at the time we most need it and I hope it is published and publicized widely. --Dr Vincent Gray, UN IPCC expert reviewer

This book by New Zealand journalist Ian Wishart a #1 bestselling author four times, surprised me by the completeness with which he reviewed and presents alternatives to the plethora of IPCC inspired spin and publicity which floods our media today.

His sixteen chapters examining aspects of the debate are meticulously footnoted and thus are a valuable reference resource for those wishing to dig deeper or keep up to speed with the unfolding global warming / carbon reduction political drama in years to come. --Dr Warwick Hughes, climatologist

Two excellent new books to cheer the sceptic's soul, Heaven + Earth - Global Warming: The Missing Science by Professor Ian Plimer and Air Con by Ian Wishart. These two publications approach the global warming debate from different directions, but end up complementing each other very well.
Ian Plimer's book is a thorough look at the science of global warming. As a geologist, Professor Plimer is perfectly placed to put the current climate change debate in the context of the history of the planet.

By contrast, Ian Wishart's book Air Con is a little more approachable for the non-scientific reader, and whilst including enough essential science to gain a good understanding of the issues, concentrates more on the political aspects of the global warming debate, including how the global warming industry has tried (unsuccessfully) to shut down any criticism of the consensus, and exposes the scientific skulduggery that often goes on to perpetuate global warming alarmism. ACM highly recommends both books as essential reading for those who wish to gain a more detailed understanding of the climate change debate - Australian Climate Madness --Australian Climate Madness

Ian Wishart's AIR CON is another masterpiece of scientific reason, letting the thinking world know that so-called man-made global warming is the greatest scam ever aimed at humanity.
Please read this book. - Professor David Bellamy, England

Title:Air Con: The Seriously Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming: Climategate EditionFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:January 12, 2013Publisher:Howling At The Moon Publishing LtdLanguage:English

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