Alchemist Gift by Mark GiglioAlchemist Gift by Mark Giglio

Alchemist Gift

byMark Giglio

Paperback | January 14, 2016

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"A style reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's magical realism." - Red City Review.

We are all one.
We have always been and will always be.

We are a mirror to all and the measure of none.

I hope I have captured that sentiment not only in the story but also in the style and structure of this book.

The story is one of lost love, discovery, self-realization and redemption. We find our protagonist Roland Hughes stuck in a semi-comfortable little rut as he thoughtlessly muddles through life. Fate drags him out of his rut and he chooses to go on a misadventure that leaves him reeling and wishing for a chance to make things right. Roland gets his chance via an unexpected trip back in time to the Renaissance where all along, the stage is being set for him by events and a cast of characters who encompass the extant of the human condition.

The story is told by an omniscient narrator at a pace that allows the generations of characters to grow over time and experience the changes in their lives as something organic. All of the characters carry and support each other, and their individual stories are threads woven into the colorful tapestry that is the Alchemist Gift.

Each one of us perceives time differently even though the span of seconds and minutes and hours, years and decades are exactly the same. Our thoughts and memories and circumstances cause time to be in a constant flux and non-lineal.

What happens to time when we are caught up in an extraordinary moment that transcends everything we know and delivers us to a place beyond our comprehension?

When is a dream a glimpse into our subconscious and when is it a visit to a different reality? While we sleep and dream where is our essence?

Can anyone find spiritual satisfaction in today’s morality, attitudes and values as compared to those of the Renaissance?

The use of superstition and magic and the plight and treatment of women are some ongoing themes that are interwoven and supported by the plot and characters in a time when a woman could be thought of as weak and inferior or even a witch. Find yourself in one of the many resilient, strong and vital women who inhabit the pages of this novel.

Time Travel to the Age of Alchemy

Grad student Roland Hughes’ life and future are not as set in stone as he thinks. Of late he is haunted by visions of Renaissance men and women whose actions set into motion the impossible, a leap through time to the era Roland has studied and so romanticized. His misunderstandings, jealousy, assumptions, and his dark imaginings lead him to cheat on his longtime girlfriend, Liz. Roland pays dearly for his fling and desperately wishes for a second chance. The cosmos hears and provides everything needed for Roland's journey to self-understanding and redemption. While Roland's and Liz's story unfolds in present day San Diego, we are privy to the lives of those very people who have come to him in visions and dreams, as they set the stage for Roland's life in 1500's  Bavaria. For Roland, no matter when or where, the temptations are the same. Will he get it right this time?


Mark Giglio is a writer and artist living in San Diego County, California. His education in creative writing and lifelong interest in history, religions and metaphysics bring him to writing the "Alchemist Gift" book series today. From a long line of artists and craftsmen, he has the vocation of Furniture Maker and is the creator of the...
Title:Alchemist GiftFormat:PaperbackDimensions:484 pages, 9 × 6 × 1.08 inPublished:January 14, 2016Publisher:Mark GiglioLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Praise for Alchemist GiftAuthor's NoteAcknowledgementsPart I Present-Day San Diego, California The Stuff of Dreams1502 Outskirts of Terra Sanctus, Republic of Venice All the World is a StageIThe Miracle of the WitchesAnd So You Shall ReapRoland's SongIINot In The StarsBut in OurselvesSuch As We Are MadeSo Foul and Fair a DayIIIReflectionA Gift of ChanceMerely PlayersIVVVIVIIVIIILet No One Who Loves Be UnhappyThe Serpent's ToothRespiteWills and FatesVIVXSome Rise by SinXISome Fall by VirtueXIIXIIIXIVXVThere Is No Darkness But IgnoranceThe Truth In A LieFor it is in the Giving that we ReceiveSteps TakenSuspicion Always HauntsThe BudThe BlossomTreasure Most UnexpectedTo Those Who WaitXVIA Young Man's FortunePassageThe FlowerThe Light of a Single CandleThe Long ShadowLifeHandsDestined DestinationRite and RitualXVIICreationPeaceThe Eternal Nature of BeingXVIIIDarkest FateXVIVPart II 1523 Ancestral Home of Rene Hermes Outside of Adler Lager, BavariaXXXXIDeedsBest Laid PlansSilenced HeartsAbsolute CorruptionComes the TempestTabula RasaEver MindfulOfferingsMorning's LightThe ReturnIn the Looking-GlassEchoes of EchoesAnd the Veil Shall be LiftedCandle under the SunInescapableXXIIEnter the PawnLove's LaborThe FarewellEnd GameTransmutationTranscendenceTo the Victor go the RewardsThe Feel of GoldXXIIIFour Years Later Hermes' Ancestral HomeEpilogueAlchemist Gift Family Trees Hughes Family Parker Family Andano Family Hermes Family Hermes Family Testauro Family Fiore Family d'Benevita FamilyBook Club Discussion TopicsExcerpt from the Next Novel, Curious Journey

Editorial Reviews

"A style reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's magical realism."-Red City Review"Alchemist Gift is a thought-provoking journey through time."-Red City Review"WOW! This story creates characters that you really grow to love and respect."-Amanda Craven, Editor"With worlds you can see as if you were watching a movie, and characters that are so dynamic they could be your next door neighbor, this book transports you through time and space to a magical place."-Amanda Craven, Editor"The author has done his homework on the Renaissance period of the late 1400s, early 1500s. He captures the politics, culture and religion of the times through five love stories."-Mary Ellen Wilson, Editor"Read this thoughtful and earthy story with its many intricately woven subplots that culminate in a satisfying ending, but you'll still wish for more...5 stars!"-Regina Brunton"'Alchemist Gift'...lyrical and fascinating...vividly described settings and colorful characters capture the era and tell a tale of lust, love, intrigue, betrayal and redemption...well written and enthralling."-Tomas Gayton, author of 'Long Journey Home' available at AmazonAlchemist Gift a very clear visual glimpse of the unjust times of darkness-Eishinas 5*s Alchemist Gift is an interesting, entertaining discovery of history-Eishinas 5*s Highly recommended Alchemist Gift to all-Eishinas 5*s Highly recommended Alchemist Gift to those looking for strong story line-Eishinas 5*s Highly recommended Alchemist Gift to history lovers-Eishinas 5*s Alchemist Gift is a true gift for novel lovers-Eishinas 5*s Back stories as interesting as the main arc of the novel 5*s-RBrunton You really care about all of the characters 5*s-RBrunton You really care about all of the characters The decisions they make and Their ultimate fates 5*s-RBrunton Even the supporting characters are well developed 5*s-RBrunton Moments of happiness and misery Love and hatred Humor and tragedies 5*s-RBrunton Time travel is reminiscent of the Outlander series-fantastical yet readily believable 5*s-RBrunton The author keeps your interest and truly delivers in a delicious twist at the end 5*s-RBrunton Alchemist Gift gives the reader good value for their money-RosesareAmber I enjoyed reading the alchemy parts in the book-RosesareAmber