Alcohemy: The Solution To Ending Your Alcohol Habit For Good-privately, Discreetly, And Fully In Control by David NormanAlcohemy: The Solution To Ending Your Alcohol Habit For Good-privately, Discreetly, And Fully In Control by David Norman

Alcohemy: The Solution To Ending Your Alcohol Habit For Good-privately, Discreetly, And Fully In…

byDavid Norman

Paperback | January 2, 2014

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“It’s happened again! What did I do last night? I can’t remember. Jeez, I hope I didn’t do or say anything to embarrass myself or my wife. Think, man, think! Bloody h***, I hate it when I drink too much and can’t remember what’s happened. I can’t keep doing this to myself…or her. But what the h*** do I do? I don’t believe I could ever stop drinking completely.”

For many years, this is how David used to wake up in the morning. After a harsh upbringing on a remote Australian cattle property, David turned to alcohol at an early age in an attempt to replace the emptiness he felt and to simply “feel good.” After many desperate years of failed attempts to moderate and manage his drinking habit, David reached his tipping point. He was too proud and embarrassed to seek public help, so he used his own analytical skills to search within for the ultimate solution.

The result is his hugely successful 13-elementAlcohemyprocess, which completely and permanently changed the way he viewed alcohol. This process changes behavior from the inside out and asks the question why any of us drink alcohol at all, as many of us are alcohol dependent without realizing it.Alcohemytakes an in-depth look at the “Why, How, and Belief” factors of alcohol dependency. It prepares you well for an alcohol-free life by systematically examining your upbringing, values, benefits versus consequences, desires versus fears, old versus new actions, and dealing with unhelpful friends.

Alcohemyis a proven process for anyone questioning the role of alcohol in their life. It gives you the power to succeed, revealing that alcohol doesn’t free you to be yourself, but actually limits your full potential. WithAlcohemy, you can recover from the depths of despair to become the “master of your fate, and captain of your soul.”

-Alcohemyis a proven 13-element plan that will help you become alcohol-free based on real-life, personal experience.

-Alcohemywill change you from the inside and deliver the outward results. You will not have to constantly resist drinking or be labeled an alcoholic for the rest of your life; the desire to drink will truly disappear.

-TheAlcohemyprocess can be accomplished discreetly in the privacy of your own home.

-Alcohemyhighlights the real cost of alcohol-related problems globally and personally.

-Alcohemyputs the power to succeed back in your hands, where it should be.
David Norman was an ordinary guy who, like over 400 million other people around the world, developed an alcohol dependency. He went from a young lad brimming with a passion for adventure and discovery to leading a life of struggle and quiet desperation, because of chronic alcohol-related problems. In a determined effort to break these ...
Title:Alcohemy: The Solution To Ending Your Alcohol Habit For Good-privately, Discreetly, And Fully In…Format:PaperbackDimensions:240 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.4 inPublished:January 2, 2014Publisher:Morgan James PublishingLanguage:English

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By changing from the inside out rather than trying to control behaviors from the outside in (through the combination of the why, the how, and belief process I will explain in detail throughout the book), I have truly been alcohol-free since then. The self-directed process made me not just free of alcohol, but free from alcohol. The result was an utter transformation: even though my body and external appearance were the same, my spirit had been completely transformed in a profound and positive way.Because this transformation went so far beyond the mere outward action of consuming alcohol, I refer to my process as Alcohemy. “Alchemy” has been defined as a “magical power or process of transmuting a common substance (usually of little value), into a substance of great value.” It was practiced mainly in the Middle Ages to try to turn base metals into gold and to discover an “elixir of life,” resulting in great power to the person who could succeed.

Table of Contents

Introduction: How I Turned Wine into Water

Part One: Exposing Alcohol Dependency
Chapter 1: What the Brew Will Do to You
Chapter 2: My Personal Struggle with Alcohol Dependency
Chapter 3: Searching for a Remedy
Chapter 4: The Remedy Revealed

Part Two: The Alcohemy Process
Element 1: Your Journey’s History
Element 2: Record Your Associations with Alcohol
Element 3: Record Your Life Values
Element 4: Record What Alcohol Does for You
Element 5: Record the Effects of Ceasing Your Habit
Element 6: Record the Effects of Not Ceasing Your Habit
Element 7: Record the Compilation of the Total Effects of Consuming Alcohol versus Current Values
Element 8: Record and Replace Your Fears
Element 9: Record Your Current Actions Involving Alcohol and Replace Them with New Actions
Element 10: Prepare Answers to Likely Questions and Statements Regarding Your New Habit
Element 11: Write Your Commitment Statement
Element 12: Document and Reward Milestones
Element 13: Plan Your Start Date and Start

Conclusion: The Power of Alcohemy
Appendix: The Element Workbook
About the Author

Editorial Reviews

“As a scientist by training, I was rather skeptical when I realized that this book is basically a personal story. A case of one can be misleading. All of us are unique and different, and what works for David may well only work for him. What convinces me is experimental evidence, controls and comparisons. However, as I read on, I became more and more impressed. Either David is a genius who invented all this, or he has trained himself very well indeed in the fine details of psychotherapy. I have worked as a counseling psychologist since 1991, and a great deal of the contents of this book could have come from my case notes with clients. I have not found a single statement in Alcohemy that is not evidence-based. The method described in this book worked for David, and will work for you, because it is best psychotherapeutic practice. At the same time, it is new and novel. Like everyone else, until I read Alcohemy, I believed that an alcoholic can only become a dry alcoholic, because the condition is a disease, as stated by AA. I agreed with the general assessment that many years of abstinence can be broken if an alcoholic takes a drink, even unknowingly. The urge, the desire is always there in the background. David has convinced me that it is possible to get rid of this urge, this desire to drink alcohol, and by implication to get rid of any other addiction. I have started to apply David's ideas in my therapeutic practice, and hope the book will be widely enough known that it becomes the new accepted wisdom.” -Dr Bob Rich, MSc, PhD, MAPS, Counselling Psychologist “‘Why’, ‘Belief’ and ‘How’ are the focus points in David’s Alcohemy. He shows how the mind is our greatest asset in changing any negative habitual behavior. David went from the very depths of alcohol dependency to blissfully alcohol-free by changing how he thought about alcohol use. Since 1934 Alcoholics Anonymous has earned a tremendous reputation world-wide for helping millions of people with addictions. Seventy-five years from now, David’s book Alcohemy will have done the same.” —Bob Proctor, best-selling author, You Were Born Rich “This amazing book will truly help you see what is possible and live a richer life at the next level! When I work with my life and business planning clients, I challenge them to think differently about what is and what is possible. Then, we create the plan of action needed to get to what is possible. Alcohemy is a powerful life plan for people struggling with alcohol dependency, or any other negative habit. It’s clear throughout the book that David Norman is committed to helping people deal with these challenges successfully.” —Linda McLean, Speaker, Coach and #1 International Bestselling Author of Next Level Living: Today’s Guide for Tomorrow’s Abundant Life. “David’s Alcohemy not only reveals the real and hidden consequences of alcohol dependency, also the step-by-step process to being alcohol- free. He himself rose from the darkness and struggle to be completely free from desiring alcohol at all; simply by changing the way he thought. This should be a compelling read for all that habitually use alcohol.” —Bill Harris, Director, Centerpointe Research Institute, Inc., Creators of The Holosync Solution and The Life Principles Integration Process “Powerful, life-changing! David’s open, honest approach to life, love and the road to recovery are riveting. His step-by-step process encourages and empowers the individual to take charge of their own lives, reminding them that the power to choose their own destiny is already inside them. His discreet, dignified, do-it-yourself solution is a powerful remedy for any dependency or addiction and simultaneously provides the reader confidence to repair and heal the past. Alcohemy is a true catalyst for change! David delivers his disciples from the depths of alcohol dependency, to leading a life filled with their greatest dreams and desires! Cheers to your success David!” —Michelle Corr, Host of Michelle Corr 6 ° on Voice America & KWSS 93.9 FM & CEO of 6° Media “David’s journey through life and personal transformation has proven once again that nothing is more powerful than the mind. After years of struggle and heartache, David tapped deep into his own mind and developed his innate abilities to utilize this most powerful tool. However, he didn’t just stop once he broke through; he continually backed his efforts with positive influences and named his process Alcohemy. He now shares the secret of his personal success in the hope that others can experience the joy of living a life free from negative habitual behaviour. This is a must read for anyone concerned about creating sustained change in their life.” —Michael Fitzgerald, Sr. Co-Founder of MyCause Water “Alcohemy is a refreshing look into the how and why behind addiction, and David Norman’s story gives powerful insight into the role of the mind, emotion and belief in finding healing.” —Dina Proctor, Best-Selling Author of Madly Chasing Peace