Algebra Study Guide (Mobi Study Guides)

January 1, 2010|
Algebra Study Guide (Mobi Study Guides) by MobileReference
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Algebra Study GuideFEATURES:- Includes both Algebra I and II - Clear and concise explanations - Difficult concepts are explained in simple terms - Illustrated with graphs and diagrams - Search for the words or phrases - Access the guide anytime, anywhere - at home, on the train, in the subway. - Use your down time to prepare for an exam. - Always have the guide available for a quick reference. TABLE OF CONTENTS:Introduction: Simple Operations Exponents and Powers Order of Operations Variables and Expressions Working With Negative Numbers Solving Equations Using Properties of MathematicsReal Numbers: Integers and the Number Line Absolute Value Rational Numbers Adding Rational Numbers Postulates for The Natural Numbers Combining Like Terms Real Numbers Irrational NumberFunctions: Function as Box Function as Relation Domain and Range Terminology Piecewise-defined function Even and odd functions Composite function Inverse functionSolving Equations: Quadratic equations Factorization Completing the square Quadratic Formula Weda's Theorem Systems of Linear Equations Solving Equations Properties Solving simultaneous linear and nonlinear equationsLinear Inequalities: Solving linear inequalities Properties Solving Inequalities Compound Inequalities Solving Inequalities with Absolute ValueSystems of Linear Equations: Linear Equation Systems of Simultaneous Equations Linear Simultaneous Equations with Two Variables Solving Linear Simultaneous Equations Elimination by Addition Method Elimination by Substitution Method Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Solving Systems of Simultaneous Equations Involving Equations Of Degree 2 Solving Systems of Simultaneous Equations Using a Graphing CalculatorPolynomials: Polynomial Equations Solving Polynomial Equations Rational roots of polynomial equations Factoring Polynomials Binomial Theorem Quadratic Functions Cubic EquationConic Sections: Circle Analytic results Properties An alternative definition of a circle Calculating the parameters of a circle Fundamental Number Pi Ellipse Eccentricity, Equations Semi-latus rectum and polar coordinates Area Parabola Definitions Derivation of the focus Analyzing the Parabola Hyperbola Definitions Equations Conic SectionsLogarithms and Exponentials Functions: Logarithms definition Properties of Logarithms Change of Base Formula Operations With Exponential Function Multiplication The Laws of Exponents Logarithmic Functions Laws of Logarithmic Functions IterationComplex Numbers: Introduction Definition Properties The Argand Plane Euler's formula Forming trigonometric identitiesSequences and Series: Sequence Sequences in analysis Series Infinite sequences Series Infinite series Types of infinite series Power series Arithmetic progression Geometric progressionDiscrete Functions: Combinatorics Permutation Combination Binomial Coefficient Pascal's triangle Combinatorics and statistics Formulae involving binomial coefficients Generating functions Newton's binomial series

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