Algols: Proceedings of the 107th Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union held in Sidney, B.C., C by A.H. BattenAlgols: Proceedings of the 107th Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union held in Sidney, B.C., C by A.H. Batten

Algols: Proceedings of the 107th Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union held in Sidney…

EditorA.H. Batten

Paperback | August 23, 2014

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When leaving the Victoria airport the day before our Colloquium, I saw a van of the Dunsmuir Lodge marked with big letters which I read as "Alcohol Colloquium". I do often make such blunders because of the global, casual, and careless way in which I read various ads, and checked myself quickly to read it correctly as "Algol Colloquium". Millions of fellow citizens could easily make the same mistake, and no apology could be expected. Even I read and hear the word alcohol more frequently than Algol, although I must say that Algols have given me more pleasure and fewer headaches over the years; in that, however, I may be a singularity, and possibly a pitiful one at that. Being appointed Chairman of the Scientific Organizing Committee, I may be deemed to be a purer" Algolist" than other investigators, although my range of active interests is much broader; and the same is true about all the 28 invited speakers and all the other participants of the Colloquium. Our interest are strongly diversified, but there are several good reasons that brought us together at this Colloquium.
Title:Algols: Proceedings of the 107th Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union held in Sidney…Format:PaperbackPublished:August 23, 2014Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Two Centuries of Study of Algol Systems.- The H? Emitting Regions of the Accretion Disks in Algols.- Photometric Effects of Accretion Disks in Long-Period Eclipsing Binaries.- Algol, Beta Lyrae, and W Serpentis: Some New Results for Three Well Studied Eclipsing Binaries.- Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Accretion Disks in Algols.- Polarizing Gas at Small Optical Depths around Algols.- Mass Flow in Interacting Binaries Observed in the Ultraviolet.- 500-3200Å Observations of the Interacting Binary Stars V356 Sagitarii and ? Lyrae.- Circumstellar Matter in Algols and Serpentids.- Accretion Disks in Algols.- Theoretical Modelling of Algol Disks.- Algols: Wherefrom, Whereto, and What in Between?.- Formation and Evolution of Low-Mass Algols.- Algols as Limits on Binary Evolution Scenarios.- The Evolution of Moderately Close and Moderately Wide Binaries.- Fundamental Parameters of the W Serpentis Stars.- The Relation of Algols and W Serpentis Stars.- Resolving Information on Algol Systems.- The Relation between RS Canum Venaticorum and Algol.- New Ways to Rotation Rates.- High Signal-to-Noise Ratio - The Spectroscopic Key to Algol Systems.- The Utrecht Photometric System (UPS) and Some Results with It: The Masses and the Radii of the Components of U Cephei and a Photometric-Spectroscopic Analysis of the Algol-Type Binary U Coronae Borealis.- A New Light Synthesis Optimization Program. Test on Simulated Algol Data.- Reverse Algols.- The Evolution of Binary Stars into Contact States.- Common Envelope Evolution of Binary Stars.- The Effects of Magnetic Fields on Period Changes, Mass Transfer and Evolution of Algol Binaries.- General Discussion.- Concluding Remarks.- ST Carinae, an Algol-Type System in a Possible State of Rapid Mass Exchange.- ? Aurigae: A Supergiant and a Super Disk.- Relaxation of Mass-Gaining Stars.- Who Is Who in Algol-Land? Part I.- Who Is Who in Algol-Land? Part II.- An Optical and Ultraviolet Survey of Algols.- Absolute Dimensions of Algol Binary Systems.- A Study of the Irradiation of Secondaries of Algol Binaries.- The Algol-Type Binary QS Aquilae.- The B-Type Semidetached Binary BF Centauri in NGC 3766.- Absolute Dimensions and Evolutionary State of RS Vulpeculae.- High Mass Ratio Contact Binaries: Recent Evolution into Contact?.- Results of a Cooperative Investigation of RY Scuti.- Activity and Secondary Minimum of RZ Eridani.- Rapid Oscillations of CI Aurigae and AQ Tauri.- The Gravity-Darkening of the Main-Sequence Components of Spectral Types A, F and G in Detached Close Binary Systems.- Spectroscopic Observations of the Early-Type Contact Binary AW Lacertae.- U Cephei Revisited.- Dust Shell around V718 Scorpii.- Light Curve Analysis and Evolutionary Status of the RS CVn Type Eclipsing Binary RZ Eridani.- A New Model for Algol (? Persei).- Synthetic Light Curve Analysis of the Close Binary Systems BX Andromedae and RR Leporis.- Evolution into Contact of the Low-Mass Close Binary Systems.- Dust Envelopes and IR Excesses in a Sample of RS CVn-Type Binaries.- CCD Spectroscopy of the W Serpentis Binaries KX Andromedae and RX Cassiopeiae.- V367 Cygni as the Interacting Binary.- KX Andromedae: Possibly a Strongly Interacting Binary.- Radio Emission from EA Eclipsing Binaries: Evidence for Kilogauss Early- and Late-Type Stars.- Statistical Study of the Spin of Algols.- A Gentle Process for the Formation of Algols.- Radio Emission from Selected Algol Systems.- Some Modifications to the Wilson-Devinney Program.- Evidence for Transient Colour Changes of Algol in the Past.- Determining Rotation Rates from Light Curves: RW Monocerotis and RW Tauri.- AY Vulpeculae.- Matter Streams in Algol-Like Systems.- Photometric Study of Two Southern Algol Type Binaries.- Radial Velocity Variations of the Be Shell Star V923 Aquilae (HD 183556) in the Past Sixty Years.- The Binary System V380 Cygni.- Star Index.