Algorithms And Computation: 12th International Symposium, ISAAC 2001, Christchurch, New Zealand, December 19-21, 2001. Proceedi by Peter EadesAlgorithms And Computation: 12th International Symposium, ISAAC 2001, Christchurch, New Zealand, December 19-21, 2001. Proceedi by Peter Eades

Algorithms And Computation: 12th International Symposium, ISAAC 2001, Christchurch, New Zealand…

byPeter EadesEditorTadao Takaoka

Paperback | December 5, 2001

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BecauseoftheInternet,however,theneedformeeting otherpeoplefacetofaceiseverincreasing. Todoresearch,itisstillbestto seeourpeersdirectly,andgetideasfromtheveryinventers. WehopeISAAC 2001 made a good forum for researchers in algorithms and computation to meet, beingheldinNewZealand,abeautifulsmallnationof3. 8millionpeople. Itis roughlyatthecenterofthewaterhemisphere,meaningthatitisfarthestfrom therestoftheworld. Peoplecanescapefromtheirdailybusinesses,meetpeople, and refresh their thinking. We thank all the authors who submitted papers and contributed to the high quality of the symposium. We thank all the organizing committee members, programcommitteemembers,andexternalrefereeswhosacri?cedtheirtime for the symposium. We thank all the sponsors who made the symposium ?n- ciallyviable.
Title:Algorithms And Computation: 12th International Symposium, ISAAC 2001, Christchurch, New Zealand…Format:PaperbackDimensions:790 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 1.73 inPublished:December 5, 2001Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Invited Talk 1.- Chain Reconfiguration The Ins and Outs, Ups and Downs of Moving Polygons and Polygonal Linkages.- Combinatorial Generation and Optimization (I).- Application of M-Convex Submodular Flow Problem to Mathematical Economics.- A Polynomial Time Approximation Scheme for Minimizing Total Completion Time of Unbounded Batch Scheduling.- A Polynomial Time Approximation Scheme for the Multi-vehicle Scheduling Problem on a Path with Release and Handling Times.- Semi-normal Schedulings: Improvement on Goemans' Algorithm.- Parallel and Distributed Algorithms (I).- Balanced Scheduling toward Loss-Free Packet Queuing and Delay Fairness.- Broadcasting with Universal Lists Revisited: Using Competitive Analysis.- On Adaptive Fault Diagnosis for Multiprocessor Systems.- On-Line Multicasting in All-Optical Networks.- Graph Drawing and Algorithms (I).- Enumerating Floorplans with n Rooms.- On Min-Max Cycle Bases.- On the Minimum Local-Vertex-Connectivity Augmentation in Graphs.- Counting Graph Isomorphisms among Chordal Graphs with Restricted Clique Number.- Computational Geometry (I).- Quantum Algorithms for Intersection and Proximity Problems.- BUSHWHACK: An Approximation Algorithm for Minimal Paths through Pseudo-Euclidean Spaces.- Approximation of Minimum Triangulation for Polyhedron with Bounded Degrees.- Tree-Approximations for the Weighted Cost-Distance Problem.- Computational Complexity and Cryptology.- Necessary and Sufficient Numbers of Cards for Sharing Secret Keys on Hierarchical Groups.- Generic Algorithms and Key Agreement Protocols Based on Group Actions.- Baire Category and Nowhere Differentiability for Feasible Real Functions.- Translation among CNFs, Characteristic Models and Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams.- Automata and Formal Languages.- On Removing the Pushdown Stack in Reachability Constructions.- A New Recognition Algorithm for Extended Regular Expressions.- Polynomial-Time Algorithms for the Equivalence for One-Way Quantum Finite Automata.- An Index for the Data Size to Extract Decomposable Structures in LAD.- Invited Talk 2.- Parameterized Complexity: The Main Ideas and Some Research Frontiers.- Graph Drawing and Algorithms (II).- Tight Bounds on Maximal and Maximum Matchings.- Recognition and Orientation Algorithms for P4-Comparability Graphs.- Efficient Algorithms for k-Terminal Cuts on Planar Graphs.- Polynomial Time Algorithms for Edge-Connectivity Augmentation of Hamiltonian Paths.- Combinatorial Generation and Optimization (II).- Algorithms for Pattern Involvement in Permutations.- A Fast Algorithm for Enumerating Bipartite Perfect Matchings.- On-Line Scheduling a Batch Processing System to Minimize Total Weighted Job Completion Time.- On the Complexity of Train Assignment Problems.- Computational Biology and String Matching (I).- A Combinatorial Toolbox for Protein Sequence Design and Landscape Analysis in the Grand Canonical Model.- Complexity of Comparing Hidden Markov Models.- DNA Self-Assembly For Constructing 3D Boxes.- Exact Solutions for Closest String and Related Problems.- Computational Geometry (II).- Topological Peeling and Implementation.- Image Segmentation with Monotonicity and Smoothness Constraints.- Optimization Algorithms for Sweeping a Polygonal Region with Mobile Guards.- Approximation of a Geometric Set Covering Problem.- Invited Talk 3.- Shortest Path Algorithms: Engineering Aspects.- Graph Drawing and Algorithms (III).- Efficient Algorithms for Weighted Colorings of Series-Parallel Graphs.- Go with the Winners Algorithms for Cliques in Random Graphs.- Complexity of Partial Covers of Graphs.- On Game-Theoretic Models of Networks.- Parallel and Distributed Algorithms (II).- The Complexity of Some Basic Problems for Dynamic Process Graphs.- Delay Optimizations in Quorum Consensus.- Randomized Shared Queues Applied to Distributed Optimization Algorithms.- Multiprocess Time Queue.- Computational Geometry (III).- Labeling Points with Weights.- Small Convex Quadrangulations of Point Sets.- How to Color a Checkerboard with a Given Distribution - Matrix Rounding Achieving Low 2 × 2-Discrepancy.- Labeling Subway Lines.- Randomized and Approximation Algorithms.- Complexity Study on Two Clustering Problems.- A Modified Greedy Algorithm for the Set Cover Problem with Weights 1 and 2.- A Unified Framework for Approximating Multiway Partition Problems.- On-Line Algorithms for Cardinality Constrained Bin Packing Problems.- Computational Biology and String Matching (II).- Suffix Vector: A Space-Efficient Suffix Tree Representation.- Fragmentary Pattern Matching: Complexity, Algorithms and Applications for Analyzing Classic Literary Works.- Computing the Quartet Distance between Evolutionary Trees in Time O(n log2 n).- Algorithms and Data Structures.- The Cent-dian Path Problem on Tree Networks.- Approximate Hotlink Assignment.- Efficient Algorithms for Two Generalized 2-Median Problems on Trees.