Alien Abduction: Probed By The Alien Warrior by Charlotte Green

Alien Abduction: Probed By The Alien Warrior

byCharlotte Green

Kobo ebook | September 25, 2012

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Alien warrior Zebulon has a simple mission: Go to Earth, abduct a suitable human female, implant her with his seed during the traditional Alturian mating ritual…and then erase all memory of his existence from her mind.

It’s that last part he’s having trouble with. After he’s probed and examined the feisty Earth woman to ensure that she is suitable, and spent night after night filling her with his seed to create new Warrior Alturians…he’s developing feelings for her that he never imagined possible, and the last thing he wants is to leave her behind when he returns to his home planet.

But Taylor Monroe is more resourceful then Zebulon could have dreamed…and she’s also a woman with a deadly secret. When she escapes from the alien breeding ship, she’s on the run for her life from a cruel and ruthless enemy, and Zebulon is her only hope for survival.

He started to bring the white capsule close to her head. She jerked, cringing away.

“Relax. This will make it much easier.”
“What is it?”

“It will make you forget.”

“No! I don’t want to!”

He paused, surprised. “The examination is very intimate and personal, Taylor Monroe. My body will change, and I will probe you in ways that will shock and disturb you. I must…taste you. I must enter your orifices and examine them very closely.”

“I don’t want you to do anything to my mind! Please! I’ve never taken drugs. I don’t even drink. Please, I would rather endure anything that you do to me than have you erase my memory.”

“Once I start the examination, I can not stop. We prefer to erase our subjects’ memories rather than frighten them. We’re not Darconians; we don’t abuse our subjects.”

“What is a Darconian?”

“The man who tried to speak to you at the bar. His ship followed mine, after my sensors detected readings which indicated that you were a likely subject for breeding. The Darconians are brutal; you would have suffered if you’d fallen into his hands.”

Taylor’s heart pounded against her ribcage at the thought. She’d seen it in the other man’s – no, the alien’s – eyes; something brutal, a lust for inflicting pain and fear.

Then she looked at Zebulon. “I don’t want to forget,” she told him.

“Very well. But I warned you.”

Title:Alien Abduction: Probed By The Alien WarriorFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:September 25, 2012Publisher:Charlotte GreenLanguage:English

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