Alzallie: Wizards of Wes Tyree

March 3, 2021|
Alzallie: Wizards of Wes Tyree by Larence Lee
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Wizard master Zarlaam travels every summer seeking out new apprentices. He discovers a beautiful orphan of about fifteen, with more magical inner-strength than he has ever encountered. She confides her darkest secret to his trust.

Bershome is sent by his grandfather, Lord Paxtare to investigate the death of a yearling calf. Strange claw marks on the calf's neck and footprints around the kill indicate a strange creature killed and ate part of the animal.

Lady Robin, approaching the age of ten and potential apprentice is attacked by a mountain lion. Zarlaam is summoned to help her. Bershome takes a foolish action that causes him injury.

Lord Paxtare sends Bershome with soldiers to stop a border conflict between to rival barons over the question of a young man violating a young woman from another village.

Bershome goes to help a village destryoyed by fire of the Gods from heaven and discovers Wes Tyree is being invaded.

Title:Alzallie: Wizards of Wes Tyree
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 3, 2021
Publisher:​Larence Lee
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781954359017

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