Ambassador Book Two: More Ways to Take on the World and Win by Ken Taylor

Ambassador Book Two: More Ways to Take on the World and Win

byKen Taylor

Kobo ebook | August 26, 2015

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Through the ages, mankind has asked itself why certain people oppose progress, or worse, want to violently end it? The answer is that we all live lives according to where we fit on a spectrum. On one end you have the Creative class. This Alpha class of people is at the top one-fifth of society and is comprised of all the teachers, artists, engineers, doctors, writers, businessmen and women, scientists, builders, technicians, anyone and everyone that creates results that help to sustain and move humanity forward. At the opposite end you have the Destructive class. This Omega class, which is comprised of the sociopaths and psychopaths, takes up the bottom one-fifth of the spectrum and consist of all the criminals, rapists, thieves, murderers, bullies, and terrorists that want not only to destroy any positive change or progress made by the creative class, but would ultimately like to see the creative class disappear entirely. The center of the spectrum consists of the remaining three-fifths of humanity, the consumer class, the mundane world, the status quo. These people lie in the gray zone between the two extremes and are either good, bad, or indifferent, depending on how closely they sit near either end of the spectrum. This is the pool, or resource, that the Alphas and Omegas have to pull from, and this has been likened to a battle for souls. If the bad guys are more resourceful and can recruit bigger numbers, that tilts humanity toward destruction. On the other hand, if the good guys can develop the talents that lie latent in the emerging creative class, humanity can continue to prosper and move forward. This struggle is about choice. No one gets to stay in the center of the spectrum safely away from making a decision. There are forces at work, temptations, if you will, that are constantly pulling us in one direction or another and shape our intentions. This is the quiet war that we all have inside of us, the hidden dialogue that we try to keep others from discovering by pretending that we are indifferent when the exact opposite is true. You can't pretend to be an empty vessel. Everyone has something inside of them, either good or bad, that can either be developed or corrupted. The book you are now reading helps put this never-ending struggle in its proper perspective and will help you alleviate any doubts as to why things are the way they are. The information you are holding will help you to identify where you are on the spectrum and can help you better understand and educate you in how to move successfully toward one end or the other. For those that are moving toward the destructive end of things, this book will help you to understand what you can expect as far as dealing with the consequences for your actions and will prepare you for the accountability involved should you choose to join the destroyers of humanity. On the opposite side, if you are more inclined to choose a life of relative peace and prosperity, this book will help guide to toward making the decisions that will empower you to succeed. The choice is yours, but you have to decide. Do you represent what is evil and will accept the consequences or do you want to do something different, something cool that will help shape the type of future you want to live and not just one that is thrust upon you, to represent love and progress, to be an Ambassador.

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