Amino Acids as Chemical Transmitters by Frade FonnumAmino Acids as Chemical Transmitters by Frade Fonnum

Amino Acids as Chemical Transmitters

byFrade Fonnum

Paperback | March 21, 2012

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This volume represents the proceedings of a NATO Advanced Study Institute on Amino Acids as Chemical Transmitters, which took <_lace20_at20_spatind20_hotel20_in20_norway2c_20_august20_14-212c_20_1977.20_the20_meeting20_is20_related20_to20_two20_previous20_meetings20_on20_metabolic20_compartc2ad_20_mentation20_in20_the20_brain.20_the20_first20_of20_these20_meetings20_took20_place20_at20_rockefeller20_foundation2c_20_bellagio2c_20_italy2c_20_july20_11-162c_20_197120_and20_the20_proceedings2c_20_metabolic20_compartmentation20_in20_brain2c_20_were20_edited20_by20_r.20_balazs20_and20_j.20_e.20_cremer20_and20_published20_by20_macmillan20_in20_1973.20_the20_second20_meeting20_was20_an20_advanced20_study20_institute20_on20_metabolic20_comc2ad_20_partmentation20_and20_neurotransmission20_relation20_to20_brain20_structure20_and20_function2c_20_which20_was20_held20_in20_oxford2c_20_september20_1-82c_20_1974.20_the20_proceedings20_were20_edited20_by20_s.20_berl2c_20_d.20_d.20_clarke20_and20_d.20_schneider20_and20_published20_as20_volume20_620_of20_the20_nato20_asi20_life20_science20_series20_by20_plenum20_press.20_the20_object20_of20_the20_present20_meeting20_was20_to20_review20_and20_discuss20_the20_present20_status20_of20_amino20_acids20_as20_chemical20_transmitters.20_several20_issues20_such20_as20_electrophysiological20_response2c_20_localization2c_20_synthec2ad_20_sis2c_20_release20_and20_receptor20_binding20_of20_transmitter20_candidates20_were20_discussed.20_the20_possible20_morphological20_correlates20_to20_these20_funcc2ad_20_tions20_were20_also20_reviewed.20_during20_the20_meeting20_2420_leading20_papers20_were20_given.20_in20_addition2c_20_several20_of20_the20_participants20_presented20_important20_new20_findings20_during20_the20_discussion.20_some20_of20_these20_have20_been20_included20_as20_short20_reports.20_the20_main20_financial20_support20_was20_obtained20_from20_nato2c_20_scientific20_affairs20_division. at="" spatind="" hotel="" in="" _norway2c_="" august="" _14-212c_="" 1977.="" the="" meeting="" is="" related="" to="" two="" previous="" meetings="" on="" metabolic="" _compartc2ad_="" mentation="" brain.="" first="" of="" these="" took="" place="" rockefeller="" _foundation2c_="" _bellagio2c_="" _italy2c_="" july="" _11-162c_="" 1971="" and="" _proceedings2c_="" compartmentation="" _brain2c_="" were="" edited="" by="" r.="" balazs="" j.="" e.="" cremer="" published="" macmillan="" 1973.="" second="" was="" an="" advanced="" study="" institute="" _comc2ad_="" partmentation="" neurotransmission="" relation="" brain="" structure="" _function2c_="" which="" held="" _oxford2c_="" september="" _1-82c_="" 1974.="" proceedings="" s.="" _berl2c_="" d.="" clarke="" schneider="" as="" volume="" 6="" nato="" asi="" life="" science="" series="" plenum="" press.="" object="" present="" review="" discuss="" status="" amino="" acids="" chemical="" transmitters.="" several="" issues="" such="" electrophysiological="" _response2c_="" _localization2c_="" _synthec2ad_="" _sis2c_="" release="" receptor="" binding="" transmitter="" candidates="" discussed.="" possible="" morphological="" correlates="" _funcc2ad_="" tions="" also="" reviewed.="" during="" 24="" leading="" papers="" given.="" _addition2c_="" participants="" presented="" important="" new="" findings="" discussion.="" some="" have="" been="" included="" short="" reports.="" main="" financial="" support="" obtained="" from="" _nato2c_="" scientific="" affairs="">
Title:Amino Acids as Chemical TransmittersFormat:PaperbackDimensions:747 pages, 24.4 × 17 × 0.02 inPublished:March 21, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

I: Morphology.- Morphological Correlates for Transmitter Synthesis, Transport, Release, Uptake and Catabolism: A Study of Serotonin Neurons in the Nucleus Paragigantocellularis Lateralis.- Comments on the Morphology of Inhibitory Axons.- Ultrastructural Analysis of Axo-Dendritic Initial Collateral Terminals of a Feline Spinocervical Tract Neurone, Stained Intracellularly with Horseradish Peroxidase.- Electron Cytochemistry of GABA-Transaminase in Rat Cetebellar Cortex, and Evidence for Multimolecular Forms of the Enzyme.- II: Electrophysiology and Neuropharmacology.- Pre- and Non-Synaptic Activities of GABA and Related Amino Acids in the Mammalian Nervous System.- Quantitative Studies of Iontophoretically Applied Excitatory Amino Acids.- Interactions of Central Depressants with Amino Acids and Their Antagonists.- III: Localization.- Critical Evaluation of the Use of Radioautography as a Tool in the Localization of Amino Acids in the Mammalian Central Nervous System.- Transmitters in the Basal Ganglia.- Comments on the Localization of Neurotransmitters in the Basal Ganglia.- Localization of Transmitter Amino Acids: Application to Hippocampus and Septum.- Glutamate Concentration in Individual Layers of the Rabbit Hippocampus.- The Effect of Intrahippocampal Administration of ?-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA).- Neurotransmitters in the Amygdala: A Brief Review.- GABA Markers in the Hypothalamus: Topographical Distribution and Origin.- Identified Aplysia Neurons with Rapid and Specific Glycine Uptake.- IV: The Visual System.- Neurotransmitters in the Avian Visual System.- Neurotransmitters of the Mammalian Visual System.- The Localization and Metabolism of Neuroactive Amino Acids in the Retina.- Light-Induced Release of Amino Acids from the Retina.- Classification and Location of Neurons Taking up 3H-GABA in the Visual Cortex of Rats.- V: Uptake, Synthesis and Release.- GABA Agonists and Uptake Inhibitors of Restricted Conformations: Structure-Activity Relations.- Muscimol Analogues Injected into Substantia Nigra: A Valuable New In Vivo Model for GABA-Ergic Drugs.- Uptake, Exchange and Release of GABA in Isolated Nerve Endings.- Cis 3-Aminocyclohexane Carboxylic Acid, a Selective Inhibitor and Substrate for the Neuronal GABA Uptake Process.- Properties of the Accumulation of D-[14C]Aspartate into Rat Cerebral Crude Synaptosomal Fraction.- The Effect of Glutamate on the Structure and K+-Transport of Synaptosomes.- On the Metabolic and Intrasynaptic Origin of Amino Acid Transmitters.- Glutamate as a CNS Neurotransmitter: Properties of Release, Inactivation and Biosynthesis.- Role of GABAergic and Glycinergic Transmissions in the Substantia Nigra in the Regulation of Dopamine Release in the Cat Caudate Nucleus.- The Interaction Between GABAergic Drugs and Dopaminergic Stimulants.- Glutamate Decarboxylase, Properties and the Synaptic Function of GABA.- The Possible Involvement of GABA and its Compartmentation in the Mechanism of Some Convulsant and Anticonvulsant Agents.- VI: Receptor Binding.- The GABA Receptor Assay: Focus on Human Studies.- 3H-GABA Binding to Membranes Prepared from Post-Mortem Human Brain: Pharmacological and Pathological Investigations.- Studies on the Gamma Aminobutyric Acid Receptor/Ionophore Proteins in Mammalian Brain.- Comparison of 3H-Muscimol and 3H-GABA Receptor Binding in Rat Brain.- GABA Receptor in Rat Brain: Demonstration of an Antagonist Binding Site.- A Study of the GABA Receptor Using 3H-Bicuculline Methobromide.- GABA Receptors and Phospholipids.- Second Messenger Responses and Regulation of High Affinity Receptor Binding to Study Pharmacological Modifications of GABAergic Transmission.- VII: Functional and Metabolic Aspects.- Glycine: Inhibition from the Sacrum to the Medulla.- Taurine and Other Sulphur Containing Amino Acids: Their Function in the Central Nervous System.- A Functional Role for Amino Acids in the Adaptation of Tissues from the Nervous System to Alterations in Environmental Osmolality.- Isolation and Biochemical Characterization of Morphologically Defined Structures, Including Cell Types, From the Cerebellum.- Glial Cells and Amino Acid Transmitters.- Interactions Between Neurotransmitters and Astroglial Cells.- Amino Acid Precursors: Their Transport into Brain and Initial Metabolism.- Metabolic Compartmentation of the Glutamate-Glutamine System: Glial Contribution.- Compartmentation of Amino Acids in Brain: The GABA-Glutamine-Glutamate Cycle.- Computer Modeling as an Aid to Understanding Metabolic Compartmentation of the Krebs Cycle in Brain Tissue.