An Introduction to Soil Dynamics by Arnold VerruijtAn Introduction to Soil Dynamics by Arnold Verruijt

An Introduction to Soil Dynamics

byArnold Verruijt

Paperback | March 14, 2012

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This book presents the basic principles of soil dynamics, and a variety of solutions of practical interest for geotechnical engineering, geophysics and earthquake engineering. Emphasis is on analytical solutions, often including the full derivation of the solution, and giving the main parts of computer programs that can be used to calculate numerical data. Reference is also made to a website from which complete computer programs can be downloaded. Soil behaviour is usually assumed to be linear elastic, but in many cases the effect of viscous damping or hysteretic damping, due to plastic deformations, is also considered. Special features are: the analysis of wave propagation in saturated compressible porous media, approximate analysis of the generation of Rayleigh waves, the analysis of the response of soil layers to earthquakes in the deep rock, with a theoretical foundation of such problems by the propagation of Love waves, and the solution of such basic problems as the response of an elastic half space to point loads, line loads, strip loads and moving loads.
Title:An Introduction to Soil DynamicsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:448 pages, 9.25 × 6.1 × 0.01 inPublished:March 14, 2012Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Vibrating Systems1.1 Single mass system1.2 Characterization of viscosity1.3 Free Vibrations1.4 Forced Vibrations1.5 Equivalent spring and damping1.6 Solution by Laplace transform method1.7 Hysteretic damping 2. Waves in Piles2.1 One-dimensional wave equation2.2 Solution by Laplace transform method2.3 Separation of variables2.4 Solution by characteristics2.5 Reflection and transmission2.6 The influence of friction2.7 Numerical solution2.8 Modeling a pile with friction3. Earthquakes in Soft Layers3.1 Earthquake parameters3.2 Horizontal vibrations3.3 Shear waves in a Gibson material3.4 Hysteretic damping3.5 Numerical solution4. Theory of Consolidation4.1 Consolidation4.2 Conservation of mass4.3 Darcy's law4.4 Equilibrium equations4.5 Drained deformations4.6 Un-drained deformations4.7 Cryer's problem4.8 Uncoupled consolidation4.9 Terzaghi's problem5. Plane Waves in Porous Media5.1 Dynamics of porous media5.2 The basic differential equations5.3 Special cases5.4 Analytical solution5.5 Numerical solution5.6 Conclusion6. Cylindrical Waves6.1 Static problems6.2 Dynamic problems6.3 Propagation of a shock wave6.4 Radial propagation of shear waves7. Spherical Waves7.1 Static problems7.2 Dynamic problems7.3 Propagation of a shock wave8. Elastostatics of a Half Space8.1 Basic equations of elastostatics8.2 Boussinesq problems8.3 Fourier transforms8.4 Axially symmetric problems8.5 Mixed boundary value problems8.6 Confined elastostatics9. Elastodynamics of a Half Space9.1 Basic equations of elastodynamics9.2 Compression waves9.3 Shear waves9.4 Rayleigh waves9.5 Love waves10. Confined Elastodynamics10.1 Line load on half space10.2 Line pulse on half space10.3 Point load on half space10.4 Periodic load on half space11. Line Load on Elastic Half Space11.1 Line pulse11.2 Constant line load12. Strip Load on Elastic Half Space12.1 The strip pulse problem12.2 The strip load problem13. Point Load on Elastic Half Space13.1 Problem13.2 Solution14. Moving Loads on Elastic Half Space14.1 Moving wave14.2 Moving strip load15. Foundation Vibrations15.1 Foundation response15.2 Equivalent spring and damping15.3 Soil properties15.4 Propagation of vibrations15.5 Design criteriaAppendix A. Integral TransformsA.1 Laplace transformsA.2 Fourier transformsA.3 Hankel transformsA.4 De Hoop's inversion methodAppendix B. Dual Integral EquationsAppendix C. Bateman-Pekeris TheoremReferencesAuthor IndexIndexCD-ROM includedA CD-ROM accompanies this book containing programs for waves in piles, propagation of earthquakes in soils, waves in a half space generated by a line load, a point load, a strip load, or a moving load, and the propagation of a shock wave in a saturated elastic porous material

Editorial Reviews

From the reviews: "Verruijt (Delft Univ. of Technology, Netherlands) begins this 15-chapter work by discussing the basic properties of dynamic systems including various forms of damping, defined using an elementary system of mass linear spring and damper. . The author . focuses on the basics of dynamic problems in elastic continua for different types of waves, and provides solutions for more difficult mixed boundary values. . Summing Up: Recommended. Graduate students, researchers, and faculty." (R. P. Khera, Choice, Vol. 47 (11), August, 2010)