Angiography / Scintigraphy: Symposium of the European Association of Radiology Mainz 1-3 October, 1970 by L. DiethelmAngiography / Scintigraphy: Symposium of the European Association of Radiology Mainz 1-3 October, 1970 by L. Diethelm

Angiography / Scintigraphy: Symposium of the European Association of Radiology Mainz 1-3 October…

byL. Diethelm

Paperback | April 20, 2012

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The symposium on Angiography/Scintigraphy brought to Mainz in the fall of 1970 not only many European colleagues with an interest in these techniques, but also a number of visitors from overseas. These busy, work-filled days are beginning to fade in the memory of those who were there. Nevertheless, the scientific results reported on that occasion still supply the guidelines for what is currently being done in radiology and nuclear medicine. Anyone who has kept abreast of the literature over the past few years will have noted with some surprise how comparisons of the results obtained with these two important diagnostic aids continue to provoke controversy. One thing is certain: the emblem chosen for the Mainz symposium could hardly have been more appropriate. Like two cogwheels meshing in some complex piece of machinery, these radiological procedures demand the highest level of skill and precision before they will function properly on engaging so as to produce optimal results. Their findings complement each other in almost ideal fashion. Even though development in these two diagnostic disciplines has not exactly stood still since 1970, the papers given at this symposium established the fundamentals from which have stemmed many an intelligent adaptation of a method, many a cunning modification of an instrument and, not least, many a new research lead. This is why we applaud the initiative of Professor Diethelm of Mainz, whose brainchild this symposium was, in making the proceedings available to a wider audience.
Title:Angiography / Scintigraphy: Symposium of the European Association of Radiology Mainz 1-3 October…Format:PaperbackDimensions:448 pages, 24.4 × 17 × 0.07 inPublished:April 20, 2012Publisher:Springer NatureLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Space-Occupying Intracranial Lesions.- Angiography and Scintigraphy in the Preoperative Diagnosis of Intracranial Tumors.- Gegenüberstellung der Angiographie und Hirnszintigraphie in der Diagnostik von intrakraniellen raumfordernden Prozessen.- Isotope Encephalography and Cerebral Angiography in the Diagnosis of Brain Lesions.- L'imprégnation des tumeurs cérébrales. Etude artériographique, scintigraphique et angioscintigraphique au pertechnétate de 99mTechnétium de 100 tumeurs opérées.- La détection des metastases intra-craniennes par scintigraphic et gammacisternographie.- The Value of Diagnostic Procedures in Brain Tumor Identification.- Vergleichende Untersuchungen zur Aussagekraft verschiedener szintigraphischer Untersuchungs- verfahren und der Angiographie in der Hirntumorlokalisationsdiagnostik.- The Value of Brain Scintigraphy (Technetium-99m) in the Topographic Diagnosis of Space-Occupying Intracranial Lesions.- 75Se-Scintigraphy in Differential Diagnosis of Benign and Malign Cerebral Processes.- Differential Scintigraphic Diagnosis of Focal Brain Lesions.- Apport d'une technique de double marquage dans le diagnostic differentiel des lésions cérébrales.- Die Bedeutung des Abklingfaktors bei Untersuchung mit 203Hg (Chlormerodrin).- Differenzierung hirnszintigraphischer Befunde durch RIHSA-Szintigramm.- Nuklearmedizinische Differentialdiagnostik der Hirntumoren. Angioszintigraphie und a.v.-Shuntbestimmung.- Femorocerebral Angiography: A New Technic Using Preformed Ducor Catheters.- Cerebral Vascular Lesions.- Optic Atrophy Due to Intracranial Aneurysms.- Radioisotopic Evaluation of Cerebral Vascular Lesions.- The Determination of Cerebral Death by Cerebral Angiography.- Correlation of Angiography and Angioscintigraphy in Diffuse Cerebral Vascular Lesions.- Application of the Anger Camera in the Evaluation of the Permeability of Pudenz Valves. Evaluation of a New Method.- The Use of Angiokinematography in Diseases and Closures of Cerebral Vessels.- The Value of Brain Scintigraphy (Technetium-99m) in the Differential and Follow-Up of Cases of Cerebro-Vascular Disease.- Zur Differentialdiagnose früh abführender Venen im Carotisangiogramm.- Opacification des veines de l'orbite au cours de l'angiographie carotidienne externe.- Pathological Processes of the Spinal Canal.- L'artériographie médullaire étude clinique.- The Significance of the Magnetic-Tape Recording of Myelographies with Duroliopaque for the Diagnosis of Small Space-Narrowing Processes in the Cervico-Thoracic Region of the Spinal Canal.- Space Occupying Processes of the Spinal Canal and Their Diagnosis through Intraosseous Spinal Venography.- Diagnosis by Scanning in Pathological Processes of the Spinal Canal (Intravenous Myelo-Scanning).- Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Rückenmarkszintigraphie.- A Comparison of Myeloscintography, Myelography and Discography in Detection of Spinal Block Lesions.- Thyroid Lesions.- A Study of the Parameters Influecing the Clinical Use of Iodine-123.- Die kombinierte Angio- und Szintigraphie in der Schilddrüsendiagnostik.- Thyroid Angiography.- Pulmonary Vascular Lesions.- Comparison of Pulmonary Arteriography with Lung Scintigraphy in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Emboli.- Scintigraphy in Screening Pulmonary Emboli-Prospective Comparison with Angiography.- Radiographic Angiographic and Scintigraphic Findings after Relapsing Pulmonary Embolism.- Indications respectives de la scintigraphic et de l'angiographie dans l'embolie pulmonaire.- Über den quantitativen Nachweis von Durchblutungsstörungen der Lungen, über deren Ursache und Ausmaß bei Patienten mit einer cavernösen Siliko-Tuberkulose.- Analysis of the Function of the Pulmonary Vascular System.- Semiquantitative and Planimetrie Investigations of Pulmonary Scintiscans for the Estimation of Functional Disturbances of Lungs after Lymphography.- Perfusionslungenszintigraphie bei primär vasculärer pulmonaler Hypertonie.- Angiography and Scintiscanning in Preoperative Assessment of Congenital and Acquired Lung Diseases.- Comperative Study of the Pulmonary Perfusion as Determined by Different Scintigraphic Techniques and by Angiography.- Selective catheterization of the Bronchial Arteries and Their Diagnostic and Therapeutic Use.- Evaluation of Pulmonary Function and Blood Flow Using 133-Xenon and a Scintillation (Anger) Camera.- Diseases Pulmonary and Mediastinum.- Angiographic and Scintigraphic Evaluation of the Circulation in Patients with Bronchial Cancer.- Comparasion de l'angiographie et de la scintigraphic en pathologie pulmonaire.- A Radio-Isotope Approach in the Diagnosis of Lung Cancer.- Lungenszintigraphische Funktionskontrolle im Vergleich zu Röntgenuntersuchungen nach Thoraxtraumen.- Selective Arteriography of Tumours and First Experiences with Angioscintigraphy of the Mediastinum.- Diseases of the Liver.- Vergleichende vasographische und szintigraphische Untersuchungen zum Nachweis von Lebertumoren.- A Comparison of Angiographic and Scintigraphic Examinations of the Liver and the Results of Histology.- Diagnose primärer und sekundärer Lebertumoren.- Scintigraphic et angiographic dans le diagnostic du kyste hydatique du foie.- Comparative Study of Angiography and Scanning in Deseases of the Liver.- Angiographische und szintigraphische Untersuchungen der Abdominalorgane.- Combined Angiographie and Scintigraphic Investigations of the Liver.- Zur Angiographie-Szintigtaphie im Abdominalraum.- Comperative Studies on the Informational Value of Angiography, Scintigraphy and Ultrasonic Scanning in Hepatic Disorders.- Pharmacoangiography by Intra-arterial Injection of Nor-adrenalin.- Comparative Study of Angiography and Scintigraphy in the Diagnosis of Liver Disease.- Angiography and Comparative Scintigraphic Findings in Space-occupying Lesions of the Liver.- Hepatic Scintigraphy and Venography in the Budd-Chiari-Syndrome.- Vergleichende angio- und szintigraphische Untersuchungen beim experimentellen Verschlußikterus.- A Comparison of Isotope Scanning and Angiography in the Diagnosis of Liver Disease.- Hepatic Scan and Arteriogram in the Preoperative Diagnosis of Circumscribed Liver Diseases.- Diagnostische Wertigkeit der abdominalen Arteriographie.- Diseases of the Spleen.- Szintigraphische und angiographische Milzdiagnostik. Ein Vergleich bei Hämoblastosen.- Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Milzszintigraphie.- Comparative Study of Angiography and Scanning in Diseases of the Spleen.- Anwendungsmöglichkeiten von Radioisotopen mit kurzer Halbwertszeit in der Milzszintigraphie.- Diseases of the Pancreas.- Combined Angiographic and Scintigraphic Examination of the Pancreas.- Doppelradionuklid Pankreas-Funktionsszintigraphie mit einem Prozeßrechner.- Pancreatic Scanning in Clinical Practice and its Comparison with Splanching Angiography.- Resultats comparés de la scintigraphic et de l'artériographie pancréatique.- Angioscintigraphy of the Pancreas.- Perfusionsangioszintigraphie in der Diagnostik von Erkrankungen der Bauchspeicheldrüse.- Kombination von Szintigraphie und Angiographie in der radiologischen Pankreasdiagnostik.- The Endocrine Disorder of the Pancreas and Its Comparative Investigations Between Clinical, Angiographical and Operative Findings.- El tronco celiaco y la mesenerica superior en las pancreatitis cronica.- Angiographic Localisation of Insulomas.- The Scintigraphy of the Panceras.- Tumours of Stomach and Colon.- Angiographic Diagnosis and Evaluation of the Extent of Tumours of the Stomach and Colon.- Adrenal-Lesions.- Adrenal Angiography.- Angioszintigraphie der Nebennieren.- Retroperitoneal-Tumours.- Angiographical Examination of the Retroperitoneal Space.- Die angiographische Darstellung primärer Retroperitonealtumoren.- Angioszintigraphie der retroperitonealen Tumoren.- Disease of the Kidney.- Assessment of Function in the Transplanted Kidney with 133I Hippuran.- Vx2-Carcinoma as a Tumor Model Induced in the Stomach and Kidney of Rabbits.Pharmacoangiographical Examinations.- Investigations in Connection with the Effect of the Alpha and Beta Stimuli and Blocking Agents of the Sympathetic Nervous System on the Evolution of Renal Angiograms.- Intraarterial Pressure During Pharmacoangiography.- Renal Glomerulography in the Diagnosis of Renal Tumor.- Außergewöhnliche radiologische Befunde bei Nierentumoren.- Evaluation of Peripheral Circulation by Angioscintigraphy.- Angiography and Scintigraphy of the Kidney.- Rapid Sequential Renal Blood Flow Scintigraphy.- Selective Angioszintigraphy and Angiography in Kidney Diseases.- Ergebnisse der renalen Angio-Szintigraphie.- Ergebnisse der Radiologischen Untersuchungen bei vaskulären Nierenerkrankungen.- Die klinische Bedeutung der Weite und Konfiguration der Nierenarterien.- Comparison of Angiographie and Scintigraphic Findings in Localized and Generalized Alterations of the Renal Arteries.- Angiography and Scintigraphy of Inflammatory Renal.- Comparison of Angiographic and Scintigraphic Findings in Unilateral Renal Lesions Accompanied by Hypertension.- Comparative Angiographic and Scintigraphic Studies in Chronic Renal Disease.- Comparing Scintigraphic and Angiographic Tests with Peripheral Renal Processes.- Comparative Angiographic and Isotope Studie of the Kidneys.- Vergleichende szintigraphische und angiographische Untersuchungen der Nieren.- Comparison of the Diagnostic Value of Renal Scan and Angiography (Together with I. V. P. and Isotope Nephron).- Selective Nephrophlebography.- The Role of Angiography in the Detection of Polycystic Renal Disease and Associated Aneurysm of the Splenic Artery.