Angry White Extraterrestrial by Tag Pearson

Angry White Extraterrestrial

byTag Pearson

Kobo ebook | March 21, 2013

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Intergalactic peace officer Deuce Condoor is drowning in a sea of illusion. In search of a lifeline, Deuce flees the planet dar-Kirha, a world run by godless utopians many galaxies away from the unlikely safe harbor of Woodland, Nebraska.
Kirhanian utopians used deceit, denial and dysfunction to undermine a healthy humanoid society; they soon learn that political tricks may establish illusory control over infantile life forms, but they cannot propel the machinery of life among those forms. Only by stealing value from others can utopia keep its infants alive; only by perverting the virtues of others can utopians keep the illusion of functionality alive in the deluded minds of utopian slaves.
The first truth to bite truth-deniers is that God’s humanoid experiments are both structured and self-regulating: when any individual tries to cheat the structure or redirect it to his own selfish ends, that individual self-destructs; if 50.1 percent of the electorate in a self-governing society try to cheat the structure, or even passively tolerate such cheaters, the entire experiment self-destructs.
Deuce comes to realize that the suicide of a society does not kill its individual parts. True believers will move on to higher states of consciousness, while passive dimwits, comfort-worshipping slackers and evolutionary regressives get recycled en masse in the universal washing machine. There are worse places, worse states, in the universe for a soul to be washed in, and those weak-willed zeroes whose cavalier denial undermines God’s local experiments will find themselves returning again and again to what their deceptive egos told them they wanted: the secular hell of utopia.
Woodland is on the verge of taking the utopian plunge. A once-great community where families grew strong and raised well-adjusted truth seekers to keep the divine experiment going, Woodland was seduced by the good life. Her people forgot their divine purpose and succumbed to the selfish temptations of the moment, sacrificing an innocent child to secure financial gain and maximum secular comfort.
Woodland’s small town shock waves rattle other galaxies then eventually blow back in the form of Deuce Condoor to give Woodland a karmic kick in the rear. Can Deuce wade through Woodland’s corruption and exhume the truths he needs to restore his soul without using violence, the only agent of change he knows? Can he defeat community hubris and personal demons while saving Dave Davis, an American teenager who loves old movies, futuristic guns and timeless KFC, but rejects the trappings of modern slacker culture?
Dave finds himself in the eye of an intergalactic storm, with various father figures competing to influence his destiny. Will Dave learn from Deuce’s failures and become a divine spark that inspires humanity to join the pantheon of bright ideas in God’s mind? Will Dave resist the temptations of Deuce’s hunter, Simm Draper—the sword and salesman of utopia—a slick, attractive, and manipulative extraterrestrial politico who promises to give Dave everything he wants and make his movie fantasies real? Or will young David be seduced by secular cynicism, thus triggering divine depression that threatens all of Creation?
Will saving Dave save Deuce, himself trapped as an unwitting protector of utopian deceits, an irresistible physical force that nearly corrupts God’s experiment with moral freedom? Will Deuce escape utopian programming or will he be further sucked into the illusion of inevitability?
Follow Deuce’s psycho-spiritual cattle drive across Creation as he searches for a corral to contain and cleanse his radioactive truths and propel his soul to eternity. Share Deuce’s maniacal adventures and his glorious rage—watch evil and the anger that protects it make their final stand as Deuce discovers his illusion-shattering purpose somewhere between this world and the multitudes that surround it.

Title:Angry White ExtraterrestrialFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:March 21, 2013Publisher:Tag PearsonLanguage:English

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