Annals of the World by James Ussher

Annals of the World

byJames Ussher

Kobo ebook | July 13, 2009

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The "Annals of the World" by James Ussher is a great historical reference, and belongs in the library of every serious student of history and Biblical antiquity! This download makes a great addition to your e-Reader device.

The Annals of the World is a complete history of the world covering every major event from the time of creation to 70 A.D. In writing this history, James Ussher read everything about ancient history that existed in the seventeenth century, and his work is extensively footnoted with thousands of references to ancient writers. In all actuality, this work is a summary of what the ancients wrote. This book will prove to be the most valuable source of all time for the study of ancient history and of chronology. James Ussher references over 2500 historical sources to ensure that he compiled a complete collection of historical facts, and constructed a system of chronology which is held to this day by many Biblicists.

The writing is truly fresh and exciting, a bit unexpected for a volume first published in the mid 1600's by an Anglican archbishop! The descriptions of the people, the rulers, the battles, the times, are simply fascinating. Not only is there a treasure trove of biblical information, but also many first person accounts of encounters with Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, etc. The source materials used are from the people who were there! Anyone with an interest in history and notable personalities of the past will be fascinated. Remember King Herod, who ordered the slaughter of the infants when Jesus was born? According to this, he included his own children! Read about Ptolemy Philopator, who in 216 BC tried to murder all the Jews in Alexandria by locking them in the hippodrome with 500 drunken elephants. (It didn't work.) Really, you have to see this to believe it. This is definitely worth every penny!

Until recently, James Ussher's colossal Annals of the World remained inaccessible to all but the most esoteric of scholars. A hero of biblical chronology and one of the most astute church historians ever, Ussher is both loved and hated. He is loved by all those who share a commitment to the fidelity of Genesis as an accurate account of human origins, and who consistently hold to the literal, grammatical, historical approach to Bible interpretation. He is hated by evolutionists and compromising theologians who would seek to integrate evolutionary cosmology with the philosophy of science the Holy Scripture warns us about.

No man in church history left a more indelible imprint on the thinking of Christians concerning the chronology of the ancient world than James Ussher. Though he was an Anglican Archbishop of Ireland who died during the rule of Cromwell, Ussher was decidedly a Puritan. He was so revered by all, including Cromwell (an independent), that Ussher was given the honor of being buried in Westminster Abbey.

For three hundred years, Ussher's rigorous and comprehensive scholarship on chronology and biblical history was considered the unassailable standard by theologians. Until the very recent takeover of our major seminaries by misguided leadership which seek to integrate evolutionary thinking with Scripture at the expense of sound theology and sound science, Ussher's work was not only a staple of Christian education, but his comments were found in the margin notes of many King James Bibles.

James Ussher did what no other theologian of note had ever accomplished. He dedicated an entire lifetime of study to the issue of world history and chronology. His studies required him to travel extensively throughout Europe, examining the oldest and most rare manuscripts in the world, manuscripts which today are missing or have been destroyed, which is why Ussher's work can never be replicated.

Buy this ebook! You will not be disappointed. Ussher's book is a masterpiece. Simply brilliant in detail, this exhaustive work is much different from other histories since he draws on materials that no longer exist, bringing to life other texts long since lost or forgotten.


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