Another World Is Possible: Collected Writings of Omóyelé Sówore

August 31, 2020|
Another World Is Possible: Collected Writings of Omóyelé Sówore


From the Publisher

The first collection of articles by Sówore, the persecuted, Nigerian-born, U.S.-based human rights activist and journalist, founder of Sahara Reporters – the popular citizen journalism website – and Prisoner of Conscience nominee at the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission of the United States House of Representatives. He was a candidate for President of Nigeria in 2019, and is currently on trial there charged with treason for speaking truth to power.

Includes his first pieces on a wide range of topics: human rights, freedom of expression, Africa, African politics, corruption in African governments, Nigeria, Nigerian politics, corruption in Nigerian government, African diaspora, African-Americans and continental Africans, immigrant dating, war on terror, hatred of the other, mass poverty, immigrant life, philanthropy, alternative global reality, his experience living in America.

In an increasingly polarized and stratified world, strongman regime becoming the order of the day, racial, economic and social justice once more at the forefront of activism and social discourse, citizen journalism exposing societal ills and injustices, the wide ranging pieces in this collection address these issues and more.

From the Back Cover

I have always considered the legislation of human rights as an aberration. [. . .] Society becomes very dangerous when any nation develops a “patriotic class” inspired by “construction site ideology”.

. . .

[C]onsider the source of the history you read.

. . .

A special class of African elite continues to carry out the agenda of the West.

– Omóyelé Sówore

From the Introduction

[Sówore’s] thoughts and writings transcend not only time, but national boundary, ethnic or political affiliation, race, gender, class, and religion – therein their timelessness and universality. His is not a life of thought and action limited to Nigerian or African matters. He is a humanitarian, courageous, a man of heart and mind, resolute in his commitment to humanity, its empowerment and betterment. Evident in his writings here collected […].

Title:Another World Is Possible: Collected Writings of Omóyelé Sówore
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 31, 2020
Publisher:ReadThis Books LLC
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781953042514

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