Antifeminism and Family Terrorism: A Critical Feminist Perspective by Rhonda HammerAntifeminism and Family Terrorism: A Critical Feminist Perspective by Rhonda Hammer

Antifeminism and Family Terrorism: A Critical Feminist Perspective

byRhonda Hammer

Paperback | December 17, 2001

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Rhonda Hammer's Antifeminism and Family Terrorism presents provocative critical feminist perspectives on violence against women and children. Hammer provides insightful analyses of the current rhetoric produced by antifeminists who would deny the seriousness of the problem and thus undercut important feminist concerns. Responding to the ongoing backlash against feminism and feminist impersonators like Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers, Hammer documents the tragic dimensions of the brutalization of women and children in the family, and the larger problem of the increasing poverty and oppression of women and children in the global economy. It is within this context that Hammer also critiques those mainstream feminist approaches that personalize, psychologize, and/or depoliticize what she calls "family terrorism." This concept articulates the familial, societal, political, economic, and now global dimensions of violence against women and children. The book demonstrates the need for a critical and dialectical approach that draws upon colonization theory and Borderland feminism to help develop a transformative feminist theory and practice.
Rhonda Hammer is a research scholar at the UCLA Center for the Study of Women and teaches in women's studies and communication at UCLA. She is co-author of Rethinking Media Literacy: A Critical Pedagogy of Representation.
Title:Antifeminism and Family Terrorism: A Critical Feminist PerspectiveFormat:PaperbackDimensions:224 pages, 8.98 × 5.82 × 0.56 inPublished:December 17, 2001Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield PublishersLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Antifeminism, Postfeminism, and the Backlash Chapter 3 Culture Wars over Feminism: Paglia, Wolf, and Hoff Sommers Chapter 4 The F-Word and the Victimization Debate Chapter 5 Family Terrorism Chapter 6 Colonization, Dialectics, and Borderland Feminism Chapter 7 Bibliography Chapter 8 Index

Editorial Reviews

In this explosive book, Rhonda Hammer exposes what she calls 'antifeminist pseudofeminists' and 'feminist impersonators' like Camille Paglia, Christina Hoff Sommers, Katie Roiphe, and Naomi Wolf as collaborators with the colonialization of women worldwide. She powerfully argues that 'power feminism' and 'life-style feminism' are part and parcel of the very global consumer culture through which so many women are oppressed. When girl-power becomes nothing more than an excuse to shop and indulge one's urges by exploiting others, Hammer rightfully claims that it is out of line with a feminist activism that aims to redress exploitation on a global scale. Hammer also interrogates the notion of domestic violence and fake-feminist responses to it. She develops the notion of 'family terrorism' in order to insist on, rather than diminish, the severity of violence against women and children. She argues that calling it domestic violence makes it a special kind of violence that is not taken quite as seriously or considered quite as violent as other kinds of violence. Indeed, in the last chapter of her book, Hammer persuasively makes the connection between colonization, global capitalism and poverty, and the prevalence of family violence. Hammer's book is the first sustained analysis of the popularization of a certain conservative feminism, or pseudofeminism, that creates intellectual celebrities but does not address the real problems that women continue to face. Her discussion of the role of the media in the creation of feminist celebrities that appeal to young women is brilliant. Hammer's one-two punch will have many feminist scholars and activists cheering that finally someone has taken the time to meticulously expose conservative feminism as a self-serving opportunistic media fad that not only covers over the real-world exploitation of women but also collaborates with that exploitation!