Applied Networking Labs

Paperback | November 7, 2013

byRandall J. Boyle, Jeffrey A. Clements

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For undergraduate and graduate networking and telecommunications courses that use hands-on labs. This text is also appropriate for anyone interested in understanding the installation and basic operation of software used in the field of networking.

Gain hands-on experience working with networking tools

Applied Networking Labs
guides readers through the installation and basic operation of software used in the field of networking. Using this book in conjunction with a traditional Networking textbook will greatly reduce the time and effort required to prepare a course. It will also get students excited about the course and give them hands-on experience using various real-world networking tools.


Teaching and Learning Experience

This program presents a better teaching and learning experience—for you and your students. It will help:

  • Make the connections: The Chapter Map aligns chapters in Applied Networking Labs to chapters from several popular networking textbooks so instructors and students can see which projects correlate to the content being presented in class.
  • Gain real-world experience: Approximately 80 hands-on projects give students real-world experience using actual software that may not be presented in a traditional textbook.
  • Get the picture: Project Screenshots will be unique due to who is taking it and when it is taken—any sharing or cheating will be obvious.
  • Access further resources: The Website for this book contains useful resources, links, and files.
  • Keep your course up-to-date: This edition is Microsoft Windows 7® Professional compliant, contains a Microsoft Windows Server 2012® chapter, expanded Linux coverage, and updated software versions for all projects.

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For undergraduate and graduate networking and telecommunications courses that use hands-on labs. This text is also appropriate for anyone interested in understanding the installation and basic operation of software used in the field of networking. Gain hands-on experience working with networking tools Applied Networking Labs guides...

Dr. Randall Boyle is an associate professor at the College of Business and Economics at Longwood University. He received his Ph.D. in Management Information Systems (MIS) from Florida State University in 2003. He also has a master’s degree in Public Administration and a B.S. in Finance.¿ His research areas include deception detectio...

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Table of Contents


About the Authors





Intended Audience        

For the Instructor        

Getting Started        

Taking Screenshots        

Free Windows-based Software        

Software, Supplements & Updates        

Remote Class Machines        

Software Installation & Uninstallation        

Compressed (Zip) files        

Chapter 1: DOS Commands        

1.1         DOS Basics        

1.2         IPconfig        

1.3         Ping        

1.4         Tracert & Pathping        

1.5         Netstat        

1.6         Nslookup        

1.7         Arp        

1.8         Net        

1.9         FTP        

1.10         Create a Batch File        

1.11         Windows PowerShell        

Chapter 2: Windows Utilities        

2.1         Windows Task Manager        

2.2         Windows Remote Desktop        

2.3         MSINFO32        

2.4         BGInfo        

2.5         Perfmon        

2.6         Windows Event Viewer        

2.7         Process Explorer        

2.8         Process Monitor        

2.9         Text Editor (Notepad)        

2.10         Backup & Recovery        

2.11         Hardware Driver Updates        

2.12         MSConfig        

2.13         IExpress        

Chapter 3: Web Tools        

3.1         Bandwidth Speed Test        

3.2         Visual Trace Route        

3.3         WHOIS Lookup        

3.4         Using A Web Proxy        

3.5         Web Hosting Statistics        

3.6         Online Virus Scan        

3.7         Email Trace        

3.8         HTTPS Everywhere        

3.9         Flagfox        

Chapter 4: Virtualization        

4.1         OracleVM VirtualBox (OpenSUSE)        

4.2         Microsoft Virtual PC (PCLinuxOS)

4.3         Microsoft Server 2008 (Virtualized)        

4.4         Portable Applications        

4.5         Bootable USB (Debian)        

Chapter 5: Packet Analysis        

5.1         Wireshark Installation

5.2         Capture Traffic        

5.3         Packet Inspection        

5.4         Contents of a Packet (Capture an Email)        

5.5         Packet Filtering (Display Filter)        

5.6         Packet Analysis & Reporting        

Chapter 6: Network Design        

6.1         IP Addressing

6.2         Network Media        

6.3         Simple LAN Design (OPNET)        

6.4         Network Expansion & Testing        

6.5         Configuration Scenario        

6.6         Cabling Scenarios        

6.7         Switch, Router & Hub Scenarios        

Chapter 7: Wireless        

7.1         Wi-Fi Inspector        

7.2         inSSIDer        


7.4         Ekahau HeatMapper        

Chapter 8: Internet Information Services        

8.1         Internet Information Services (IIS) Installation        

8.2         Basic HTML Tutorial        

8.3         Create a Website        

8.4         Host a Website        

8.5         Multiple Websites & Hosts File        

8.6         Authentication & Limits        

8.7         Request Filtering & Logs        

Chapter 9: Apache        

9.1         Installation & Setup        

9.2         Apache Command-Line & Benchmarking        

9.3         Configuration File (httpd.conf)        

9.4         Host Multiple Websites (Virtual Hosts)        

Chapter 10: Windows Server 2008        

10.1         Server Manager        

10.2         Active Directory        

10.3         Group Policies        

10.4         Security Policies & Auditing        

10.5         FTP Server        

Chapter 11: Windows Server 2012        

11.1         Windows Server 2012 VM        

11.2         Server Manager        

11.3         Active Directory

11.4         Group Policies        

11.5         Security Policies & Auditing        

11.6         FTP Server        

Chapter 12: Linux        

12.1         Linux Installation (Fedora)        

12.2         Command-Line Primer (Fedora)        

12.3         Software Installation (Ubuntu)        

12.4         Net-Tools & Networking Commands (Ubuntu)        

12.5         System Tools & Configuration (Ubuntu)        

12.6         User & Group Management (MINT)        

12.7         Network CLI Utilities (Mint)        

12.8         Tcpdump (PC-BSD)

Chapter 13: Careers in Networking        

13.1         Occupational Statistics        

13.2         IT Certifications        

13.3         Job Search        

Appendix: Links to Software