Applied Stress Analysis by T.h. HydeApplied Stress Analysis by T.h. Hyde

Applied Stress Analysis

EditorT.h. Hyde, E. Ollerton

Paperback | September 28, 2011

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This volume records the proceedings of an international conference organised as a tribute to the contribution made by Professor H. Fessler over the whole of his pro­ fessionallife, in the field of applied stress analysis. The conference, held at the Univer­ sity of Nottingham on 30 and 31 August 1990, was timed to coincide with the date of his formal retirement from the post of Professor of Experimental Stress Analysis in the University. The idea grew from discussions between some of Professor Fessler's academic associates from Nottingham and elsewhere. An organising committee was set up, and it was decided to invite contributions to the conference in the form of review papers and original research papers in the field of experimental, theoretical and computational stress analysis. The size of the response, both in papers submitted and in attendance at the conference, indicates that the idea proved attractive to many of his peers, former associates and research students. A bound copy of the volume is to be presented to Professor Fessler at the conference dinner on 30 August 1990.
Title:Applied Stress AnalysisFormat:PaperbackPublished:September 28, 2011Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics.- Predicting Fatigue Failures in Thick-Walled Cylinders under Pulsating Internal Pressure.- Dynamic Stress Analysis of a Cracked Rolling Mill Housing.- Three-Dimensional Measurement of Opening Displacement of Rapidly Propagating Cracks in PMMA.- Kinked Cracks: Finding Stress Intensity Factors.- Strain Behavior Near Fatigue Crack Tip in Polymers and Their Life Evaluation.- Residual Stress.- Review of Some Development of the Hole Drilling Method.- The Use of Barkhausen Noise to Investigate Residual Stresses in Machined Components.- Residual Stress Patterns in Cold Drawn Steel Wires and Their Effect on Fretting-Corrosion-Fatigue Behaviour in Seawater.- Residual Stresses and Warping in Unsymmetric Laminates with Arbitrary Lay-up Angles.- Average Stress in Electrodeposits by the Bending Strip Method.- Biomechanics.- The Application of Photoelastic Techniques in Orthopaedic Engineering.- Interaction of Femur-Hip Joint Endoprosthesis with Articulated Stem.- Stress Concentration Factors for Intersecting Arrays of Notches in Beams under Pure Bending.- Three-Dimensional Strain Rosettes for an Analysis of the Geomedic Knee Prosthesis and Underlying Cement Fixation.- Finite Element and Boundary Integral Methods.- Finite Element Analysis of SPATE Benchmarks.- Finite Element Simulation of Tyre Dynamics.- Determination of Boundary Values in the Inner Surface of a Cylinder by Using Boundary Element Method.- Creep.- Model-Based Constitutive Relationships for Design and Life Extension of High Temperature Plant.- Analysis of Creep Tests on Springs.- Creep Damage and Creep Rupture of Metals.- Finite Element Prediction of Creep Crack Growth from a Semicircular Surface Crack in Lead Alloy.- The Use of the Reference Stress Concept in Creep Crack Growth Studies.- Yielding.- The Experimental Analysis of Yield Stress at the Bottoms of Notch Roots.- The Severity Near the Notch Root of Notched Bars.- The Prediction of Collapse Loads Using Finite Differences.- A Graphical Approach to Shakedown in Rolling Contact.- The Use of Shakedown Concepts in the Development of Design Rules for Shell Structures Subjected to Severe Cyclic Thermal Loading.- Design Studies.- Articulating Pin Fixed Joints.- An Axi-asymmetrical Analysis of Circular Flange Connections Subjected to External Bending Moments.- Behaviour of Open Section Steel Members Subject to Combined Bending and Torsion.- Experimental Determination of Strain Concentration Factors in RHS Truss Gap K-Connections.- Dynamic Stress Analysis.- Dynamic Behaviour of Solids Clarified by High Speed Photoelasticity.- Dynamic Stress Analysis of a Three-Dimensional Solid Body.- Shock Waves in Plates under Elastic and Viscoelastic Conditions-Optical Measurement by Combining Photoelasticity and Moiré.- Experimental, Analytical and Computational Stress Analysis Used in Developing a Multi-Purpose Semi-Submersible.- Shells and Pressure Vessels.- Recent Shell Buckling Research at Liverpool.- Stresses in Damaged Circular Cylindrical Shells.- An Improved Analysis for Cylindrical Vessels Supported on Rigid Saddles.- Stresses and Deflections Due to External Loads on the Nozzle Branches of Cylindrical Pressure Vessels.- Optimum Design of Composite-Reinforced Pressure Vessels.- Adhesive Joints.- A Two-Dimensional Stress Analysis of Adhesive Butt Joints Subjected to Tensile Loads.- A Stress Analysis of a Band-Adhesive Butt Joint Subjected to a Torsional Load.- Strength Evaluation of Scarf and Stepped Lap Joints Bonded with Adhesive Resin.- A New Concept in Mechanical Evaluation of Adhesive Test Specimens: Stiff versus Flexible Adherends.- Behaviour of Brick, Masonry and Concrete Structures.- The Application of the Finite Element Method to the Study of Cracking in Masonry Arch Bridges.- Stress Analysis in Masonry Walls by Ultrasonic Measurements.- Experimental Results on Moment Redistribution in Reinforced Concrete Continuous Beams.- A Preliminary Investigation of Reinforcement Ductility in Reinforced Concrete Slabs.- Automatic Photoelastic Fringe Reading.- A New Computer-Aided System for Photoelastic Stress Analysis with Structure-Driven Type Image Processing.- Whole-Field Measurement of Principal Stress Directions from Photoelastic Experiment Using Image Processing System.- The Benefits and Pitfalls of Automatic Processing for Photoelastic Test Data.- Photoelasticity and Photoviscoelasticity.- 3-D Photoelasticity and TV-Holography for the Analysis of Rotating Components.- Least Squares Methods for Photoelasticity.- Photoelastic Analysis of Dovetail Joints for Turbine Blades.- Inaccuracies of Photoelastic Measurements.- Fundamentals of Photoviscoelastic Technique for Analysis of Time and Temperature Dependent Stress and Strain.- Assessments of Techniques.- Strain Measurements by Strain Gages Made of Nickel Foil.- Application of Caustic Method to Stress Analysis in Plates with Discontinuously Distributing Load.- Optical and Mechanical Interaction of Structurally Integrated Optical Fiber Sensors.- Accuracy and Precision in the Thermoelastic Stress Analysis Technique.- Hybrid Technique to Analyze 3-D Stress-Strain States.- Moiré Interferometry.- Deformations and Strains Surrounding Weldments Using Moiré Interferometry.- Strain and Shape Measurements by Scanning Moiré Method and Fourier Transform Moiré Method.- The Measurement of Plastic-Elastic Strains at Weld Toes Using Moiré Interferometry.- An Optical Technique to Measure Micro Displacements.- Optical Analysis of Ductile Fracture of Metals.- Late Submission.- Sharp V-Notches Subjected to Axial and Shear Stresses.- Index of Contributors.