April 4th by Tom Birner

April 4th

byTom Birner

Kobo ebook | October 15, 2014

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Few places are more heartless than New York City -- not when your own is the only one you’ve got. It’s a hard place to start in, live in, thrive in, and, perversely, escape; it amplifies each triumph, magnifies each failure, exploits each frailty, and traps desire with the same vicious ease as it does the strangling summer heat. Why am I so lost when there’s a street sign on every corner? Why am I so lonely with so many people around? Why does this crazy way of life feel like the only way that life should ever be?
For a city of so many bright lights, New York casts quite a shadow. It what other place do so many concurrently feel so important and forlorn? It draws you in, engulfs you, spits you out, with the same grand indifference as the tide. Sometimes, though, events incite, unfold, inspire; sometimes lives converge. Sometimes fate finds desire.

Kingston Oaks is handsome, rich, young -- or not exactly old -- spineless and incomplete. He is lost in this city where every intersection appears a crossroad, every choice seems beyond him yet predetermined. He has the body of a bull and the spirit of a bunny rabbit. His wife doesn’t love him -- nobody does -- and his high social standing -- or his high financial standing, anyway -- cloaks a complacency he’s beginning to hate.

Rich lives in Queens. He’s thirty-four years old and hands out flyers for eight bucks an hour. He knows enough not to try any harder, and he knows enough to regard himself as someone to at best take pity for. But events both tragic and triumphant wake him from his sleepwalk and propel him into a world with sudden shocking color, one unraveled of comfort and simplicity. One he is forced to make something of or sink into, deep past the point of return.
Narrated by two strangers whose parallels are as striking as their differences, April 4th is a story of aimlessness, loneliness, inadequacy, and indecision, the chasms that lead us there, the fortunes that lead us away.

Title:April 4thFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:October 15, 2014Publisher:Royal Lion Entertainment/Intuition Media GroupLanguage:English

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