Art of Attraction and Seduction

December 9, 2015|
Art of Attraction and Seduction


In this book I intend to share the best advice to help you meet the beautiful women you desire and seduce them. No matter what skill level you are at, I assure you, the information that awaits you in this book will improve your dating life. Many of the tips I will explain involve examples. Use these! They are yours for the taking.
The process of how to properly approach and attract the women you desire is not very easy. My goal is to make this process easier for you and turn you into your best asset, an attractive and fully confident man.
Whether you believe you are totally hopeless with women, or if you want to improve your current skills and get maximum results, I will show you in this book how to accelerate your level of success with women and take it to a whole new chapter.
My advice, techniques and skills that I share provide real and tangible results and can be applied in a way that is congruent with who you are. I included in the pages the honest and direct advice that men need in order to obtain maximum results with women.
I want to show you that there can be an abundance of success related to experience with women in your life. Whether you are thinking of just meeting more women and having fun or you are thinking of meeting the perfect woman for you and getting in a serious relationship or even marriage, I wanted to let you know that everything is possible.
I also want to make you better by teaching you some seduction techniques. Seduction is not something that happens once, it something that continues, and that you will use throughout your relationships and even into marriage.

The main chapters of this book are:

- The five myths about women
- How do you get a girl to like you
- How to pick up girls at a bar
- How to pick up girls at a club
- How to pick up girls in day time
- Meeting girls in shopping malls
- Starting the conversation and asking the girl out
- How to dress well
- Practical advices for a perfect first date
- How to get a woman into bed
- What to say to a woman. Conversation killers
- How to attract women and how to get a girlfriend
- How to make her want you
- How to flirt with girls
- How to get anything you want
- How to seduce a girl in less than 15 minutes
- How to talk to women on Facebook
- How to text girls
- Turning a girl, sexually
- Why girls go for bad guys
- How to kiss, text and have sex with a friend
- Ten Ways to Build Sexual Tension and Twenty Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl
You will learn:

-How to attract women naturally
-How to get over the fear of rejection
-Flirting tips using eye contact and body language
-Word-for-word exactly what to say to a girl to spark her interest
-How to get sexual with women even if you have little experience
-How to pick up girls in every situation
-How to start a conversation
-Online dating strategies
-How to turn a girl sexually
-How to get a girlfriend and a serious relationship

A book for men everywhere who desire to be with the woman of their dreams... but haven't quite figured out the secrets to the complicated woman's heart...
You can have amazing results with women! I know you can! You know you can! What are you waiting for?

Title:Art of Attraction and Seduction
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:December 9, 2015
Publisher:Alexandru Nicolita
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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