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|June 23, 2016

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I have several reasons for writing. First of all, writing is fun for me. I get a lot of pleasure and very little grief from writing. It is the same with my painting. Here I have a chance to highlight some of my paintings with a short description of my thoughts as…

|January 12, 2017

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Art Journey Animals is the first-ever compendium of the most soulful and inspiring animal and wildlife artworks, culled from the winners of North Light's popular competition-books series. More than 100 hand-selected drawings and paintings by a wide variety of…

|This title releases September 5, 2017

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Relaunched in a stunning boxed set that comes with a richly illustrated book and thirty-six framable prints, this landmark book will fascinate anyone interested in birds, natural history, and art. With an outstanding selection of the most important and…
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|This title releases October 5, 2017

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Dogs and photography have gone hand in paw almost since the medium was invented and our passion remains undiminished, with pictures of adorable, bright-eyed dogs all over the internet. The photographs in this book offer an alternative to all the fluff. They…

|April 21, 2015

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Over 360 spectacular art pieces are accompanied by personal statements from 74 artists in this curated selection of contemporary works. The artists, who come from across the United States, and from places such as New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom,…

|September 15, 2008


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A exploration of the entire history of the dog in art. Features more than 250 beautiful illustrations by major artists.

|October 18, 2011


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The cat’s reputation and place in society have been subject to twists and turns of fate that are all reflected in art. While cats were deified by the ancient Egyptians, they were vilified by the medieval Church, before the Renaissance and Baroque periods…