Astronomical Time Series: Proceedings of The Florence and George Wise Observatory 25th Anniversary Symposium held in Tel-Aviv by Dan MaozAstronomical Time Series: Proceedings of The Florence and George Wise Observatory 25th Anniversary Symposium held in Tel-Aviv by Dan Maoz

Astronomical Time Series: Proceedings of The Florence and George Wise Observatory 25th Anniversary…

EditorDan Maoz, Amiel Sternberg, Elia M. Leibowitz

Paperback | December 15, 2010

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These are the proceedings of a symposium devoted to astronomical time series. With the rising quantity, quality, and variety of temporal data, increasingly higher levels of sophistication are required of astronomers analyzing time series. Many of the central questions in astrophysics hinge on their measurement and analysis. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss some of the many recent applications, discoveries, problems and techniques of astronomical time series, and to bring to light the similarity of time series problems arising in different sub-disciplines. Contributions by some of the foremost experts in astronomical time series include the fields of general mathematical and statistical techniques, interacting binaries, planet searches, pulsars, gravitational lensing, and active galactic nuclei. The volume is a unique interdisciplinary compilation on the topic of astronomical time series, and is suitable as a graduate-level introduction to the various topics, as well as a reference for time-series related work.
Title:Astronomical Time Series: Proceedings of The Florence and George Wise Observatory 25th Anniversary…Format:PaperbackDimensions:314 pages, 9.25 × 6.1 × 0.03 inPublished:December 15, 2010Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface; E.M. Leibowitz. I: Invited Papers. Astronomical Time Series Analysis: New Methods for Studying Periodic and Aperiodic Systems; J.D. Scargle. Time Series Analysis from a Statistical Viewpoint; E.D. Feigelson. Observations of Millisecond Pulsars on Time Scales from 10 Nanoseconds to 10 Years; V.M. Kaspi. Microlensing: Current Results and Future Prospects; A. Gould. Image Subtraction in Time Series Analysis: Application to Microlensing and Light Echoes; A.P.S. Crotts. Desperately Seeking Non-Gaussianity: The Light Curve of 0957+561; W.H. Press, G.B. Rybicki. The Q0957+561 Time Delay, Quasar Structure, and Microlensing; R.E. Schild, D.J. Thomson. Reverberation Mapping and the Physics of Active Galactic Nuclei; H. Netzer, B.M. Peterson. Echo Mapping of X-Ray Binaries and Active Galactic Nuclei; K. Horne. Kilohertz Quasi-Periodic Oscillations in Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries; M. van der Klis. Radial Velocity Detections of Extra-Solar Planets; T. Mazeh. Time and Quantum Measurement; R.E. Nather. Concluding Remarks; E.D. Feigelson. II: Contributed Papers. Is AGN Variability Correlated with Other AGN Properties? ZDCF Analysis of Small Samples of Sparse Light Curves; T. Alexander. Test of Irregularly Sampled Stochastic Time Series for AGN; R. Vio, W. Wamsteker. Measuring Variability in the Presence of Noise; W.F. Welsh. Wavelet Transforms of Flickering Light Curves in Cataclysmic Variables; T. Fritz, A. Bruch. Fast Computation of Trigonometric Sums with Applications to the Frequency Analysis of Astronomical Data; J. Pelt. Period Search: Comparison of the New and Old Methods; A. Schwarzenberg-Czerny. Analyzing the X-Ray Variability of Cygnus X-1; K. Pottschmidt, M. König. Far Ultraviolet Rapid HST Photometry of U Gem in Outburst and WZ Sge in Quiescence; F.H. Cheng, et al. The New Ultrashort-Period Cataclysmic Variable: RX J0757.0+6306; G. Tovmassian, et al. Permanent Superhumps in Nova V1974 Cyg 1992; A. Retter, et al. Nova V1974 Cygni 1992: Variability of the Spectra in the Nebular Phase; M. Contini, et al. On the Short-Time Scale Evolutionary History of Contact Binary VW Cephei; I. Pustylnik, J. Kreiner. Statistics of Cataclysmic Variables from the `Highly Evolved Close Binary Systems'' Catalog; N.A. Katysheva, S.Yu. Shugarov. Nova Aquilae 1995 &endash; A Photometric Resemblance to Intermediate Polars; E.M. Leibowitz, et al. The Analysis of Three Novae: Old Novae Q Cyg, DI Lac, and N Cyg 1992 = V 1974 Cyg; V.P. Goransky, et al. What is the Magnetic Field of the DQ Herculis Binaries? J.B.G. Canalle, R. Opher. Application of Frequency Analysis in Searches for Planets Around Pulsars; A.J. Maciejewski, M. Konacki. The Planetary Companions to PSR B1257+12; M. Lecar. Period Variations in Six Galactic Cepheids; A.A. Ferro, et al. Optical-to-Radio Time Delay in the Gravitationally Lensed QSO 0957+561; V.L. Oknyanskij. Reverberation Mapping of High Luminosity AGN; S. Kaspi. Reverberation Modeling of the Broad Emission Line Region in NGC 5548; M.C. Bottorff, et al. Principal Component Analysis of the C IV &lgr;1549 Emission Line in Active Galactic Nuclei; M. Türler, T.J.-L. Courvoisier. X-Ray Variability and Spectral Scaling: A Measure of BLR Sizes in AGN; A. Wandel, Th. Boller. Variable High Energy Emission of Blazars; G. Madejski, et al. Analyzing X-Ray Variability by State Space Models; M. König, et al. OJ 287: Wavelet Analysis of the 3-Year Light Curve; H.J. Lehto. Timescales of Optical Continuum Variability in NGC 4151; N. Solomos, et al. The X-Ray Variability Properties of PG Quasars: New ROSAT/HRI Results; F. Fiore, et al. Auto- and Cross-Correlations of Gamma Ray Burst Time Series; D.L. Band. TAUVEX and its Contribution to Time Series Studies; N. Brosch. Author Index.