Atlantis: The Mother of Time by J. Robin E. Harger

Atlantis: The Mother of Time

byJ. Robin E. Harger

Kobo ebook | July 10, 2012

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No evidence exists to support the idea that a comparatively primitive people gradually evolved a civilization capable of building “The Great Pyramid of Ghiza” in Egypt. Carbon dating of incidental fragments of vegetation and charcoal is meaningless in terms of the repairs and minor adjustments to the structure that have been made over the millennia. Indeed it is doubtful if even the mere shell of the structure that apparently remains could be replicated today in view of the sheer mass, the required precision and expense that would be involved. But what if the Great Pyramid was not built by the ancient Egyptians at all?

The pyramid is of the Earth but entirely “out of time” as we know it today. The pyramid was, none the less a major focus in the every-day business of Atlantis, that scarcely-forgotten city-empire that controlled the whole world up to around 11,600 years ago. Atlantis then perished in a single paroxysm of pain and misery caused exactly by misadventure involving the operational mission of the Great Pyramid. And what became of the Atlanteans? They survived as scattered remnants to found the world’s major civilizations whose later trajectories became the stuff of the currently acknowledged history as seen today. A history, as we shall see, that is redolent with myths, stories and yes, is even imbedded deep within the religions practiced throughout the world today that speak directly from the heart of Atlantis, if only we can bring ourselves to see it.

But what of that Pyramid, reduced merely to an impressive though empty shell as it seems today? Who constructed it and when? To what purpose was it addressed? The Pyramid itself was used by Atlantis but it was not constructed by Atlanteans. To decode the Pyramid is to decode ourselves for it was constructed by those who came before us, those for whom the cost of constructing that mighty edifice was as nothing compared to the undertaking that had driven them across the vast reaches of space. They reached-out to the stumbling pro-humans, reformed them, left them alone with their religion of the One Source, encoded the Pyramid of this information and then departed leaving us to take up our own destiny in the mighty task of spreading human consciousness throughout the universe. To do this however, first we must unite, forget about internecine conflict, eschew warfare and together reach for the stars.

Briefly put, the Pyramid was a gift, and what a gift it was. A gift that would presuppose the growth of a great civilization having capacity suited to its purpose. Indeed, as a unique control centre it governed access to a practically unlimited power supply. It was certainly the means by which the fabled “Garden of Eden” was created and its abrupt decommissioning heralded the great fall (of all civilization of that time).

However, mind-full as they were of the powers of darkness, knowing even that the Pyramid could be put to improper use, those that came before also encoded the true purpose into the structure thereof. This together with the scientific basis of its capabilities would be held for the benefit of the remnants of humanity that would be certain to survive the misuse of the information and power that had been freely handed to them. Sadly, perhaps the only groups that today have the resources and are capable of beginning to decode this vast data-base of power and plenty are the military forces of the world.

This is a pity, as without global and collective ownership of the information, we will again be headed for another fall.

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