Atmospheric Ozone: Proceedings of the Quadrennial Ozone Symposium held in Halkidiki, Greece 3-7 September 1984 by Christos S. ZerefosAtmospheric Ozone: Proceedings of the Quadrennial Ozone Symposium held in Halkidiki, Greece 3-7 September 1984 by Christos S. Zerefos

Atmospheric Ozone: Proceedings of the Quadrennial Ozone Symposium held in Halkidiki, Greece 3-7…

byChristos S. ZerefosEditorAnver Ghazi

Paperback | January 21, 2012

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This volume contains progress papers in atmospheric ozone research which were presen­ ted at the Ouadrennial Ozone symposium held in Greece from 3 to 7 September, 1984. These pa­ pers are grouped in nine chapters corresponding to the nine sessions of the symposium. The Editors proVide the following summary of the highlights for each chapter; this summary has been prepared after consulting the papers submitted for publication as well as session summa­ ries kindly provided by the following session chairmen: R. Bojkov, H. DOtsch, P. Fabian, J. Hai­ gh, I. Isaksen, L. Kaplan, K. KOnzi, J. London, H. Mantis, C. Mateer, A. Matthews, G. Megie and J. Russell. Chapter 1 entitled: Chemical -radiative -dynamical model calculations includes results from recent developments in modeling techniques. The chapter begins with the results from a two -dimensional model using isentropic coordinates. With prescribed diabatic heating rates and a judicious choice of eddy diffusion coefficients this method can produce realistic fields of several stratospheric species. Three dimensional model simulations come next which demon­ strate ozone transport by the stationary and transient components of the flow and emphasize the role of wave transport of ozone during a sudden stratospheric warming. The problem of chemical model validation is addressed in several different approaches.
Title:Atmospheric Ozone: Proceedings of the Quadrennial Ozone Symposium held in Halkidiki, Greece 3-7…Format:PaperbackDimensions:884 pagesPublished:January 21, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Presidential address.- Sir Charles Normad - In Memoriam.- Implementation of the WMO ozone project (1980-84).- I : Chemical-Radiative-Dynamical Model Calculations.- Simulation of O3 distribution using a two-dimensional zonal-mean model in isentropic coordinate.- A GCM study of the transport of heat, momentum and ozone in the stratosphere.- Ozone during sudden stratospheric warming: a three-dimensional simulation.- A matrix method for calculating photochemical acceleration.- Photochemical acceleration.- Budgets of stratospheric trace gases from 2-D-model calculations and satellite observations.- A Study of the ozone photochemistry in the upper stratosphere using lims data.- A theoretical study of the quasi-biennial oscillation in the tropical stratosphere.- Study of the effect of El Chichon Volcanic Cloud on the stratospheric temperature structure and ozone distribution in a 2-D-Model.- Aspects of the comparison of stratospheric trace species measurements with photochemical models.- Derivation of OH concentrations from lims measurements.- Lims data: Inferred stratospheric distribution of NOx and HOx trace constituents and the calculated odd nitrogen budget.- The distribution of ozone and active stratospheric species: results of a two-dimensional atmospheric model.- Multiple scenario ozone change calculations: The subtractive perturbation approach.- Trends in ozone and temperature structure: Comparison of theory and measurements.- Ozone in the 21st century: increase or decrease?.- II : Ozone-Climate Interaction.- Climatological fffects of atmospheric ozone: a review.- The climatic effects of ozone and trace gases.- The effect of ozone photochemistry on atmospheric and surface temperature changes due to increased CO2, N2O, CH4 and volcanic aerosols in the atmosphere.- III : Observations of Relevant Trace Constituents and their Budgets.- Map-Globus in 1983.- Vertical profiles of chlorinated source gases in the midlatitude stratosphere.- A laboratory test of cryogenic sampling of longlived trace gases under simulated stratospheric conditions.- The vertical distribution of halocarbons in the stratosphere.- Structures in the vertical profile of nitrous oxide measured over a mid latitude station.- Global lower mesospheric water vapor revealed by lims observations.- Intercomparison of stratospheric water vapor profiles obtained during the balloon intercomparison campaign.- Intercomparison of stratospheric measurements of NO and NO2.- Intercomparative Measurements of Stratospheric Nitric Acid.- Spatial and temporal variability of the NO2 total content based on annual observation data.- Southern hemisphere nitrogen dioxide.- The climatology of upper atmosphere nitrogen dioxide revealed by lims observations.- Comparisons of measured and predicted diurnal changes in Stratospheric NO and NO2.- Nitric oxide profile from 7 to 32 km.- Measurement of oxides of nitrogen in the free troposphere over Japan.- Measurements of atmospheric nitric oxide from nimbus 7 SBUV ultraviolet spectral scan data.- Evidence for a thermospheric source of stratospheric NOX.- Measurements of nighttime NO3 and NO2 in the stratosphere by matrixisolation and ESR spectroscopy.- Variabilité temporelle du NO3 stratosphérique.- Quantitative observations of stratospheric chlorine monoxide as a function of latitude and season during the period 1980 - 1983.- Trace species in the stratosphere precision and variability.- Trace constituents measurements deduced from spectrometric observations onboard spacelab.- Simultaneous measurements of stratospheric trace gases as deduced from air-borne infrared spectrometry.- The determination of stratospheric nitrogen dioxide concentrations from limb brightness measurements.- IV: Analysis of Ozone Observations.- Backscattered ultraviolet measurements of ozone 1970-2000 an overview.- Global total ozone from TIROS measurements: 1979-1983.- The observation of atmospheric structure with Toms and some potential advancements.- Standard profiles of ozone from ground to 60 km obtained by combining satellite and ground based measurements.- Annual and semiannual oscillations of stratospheric ozone.- An evaluation of the performance of umkehr stations by solar backscattered ultraviolet (SBUV) experiment.- Intercomparison of satellite ozone profile measurements.- Total ozone trend in the light of ozone soundings, the impact of El Chichon.- Variability of the vertical ozone distribution.- An ozone soundings program at the eastern equator: preliminary results.- Mean vertical distribution of atmospheric ozone over Cagliari-Elmas (39°15'N - 09°03'E).- A special ozone observation at Syowa station, antarctica from February 1982 to January 1983.- A comparison of ozone profiles derived from standard umkehr and short umkehr measurements from fifteen stations.- Rocket measurements of the vertical structure of the ozone field in the tropics.- Time-periodic variations in ozone and temperature.- Results of umkehr, ozonesonde, total ozone, and sulfur dioxide observations in Hawaii following the eruption of El Chichon volcano in 1982.- On the correspondence between standard umkehr, short umkehr and SBUV vertical ozone profiles.- Effects of the El Chichon stratospheric aerosol cloud on umkehr measurements at Mauna Loa, Hawaii.- Ozone-temperature relationships in the stratosphere.- Lidar ozone measurements in the troposphere and stratosphere at the observatoire de Haute Provence.- Vertical ozone distribution over Uccle (Belgium) after correction for systematic distortion of the ozone profiles.- On the relative quality and performance of G.O3O.S. - total ozone measurements.- Atmospheric ozone in map-globus.- One year European total ozone daily maps from Nimbus 7 and Dobson data.- Une appellation commune du nom des grandeurs utilisées pour désigner les quantités d'ozone dans l'air : l'ozonité.- Decreases in the ozone and the SO2 columns following the appearance of the El Chichon aerosol cloud at midlatitude.- Correlative studies of total ozone content with tropospheric properties - results from Indian stations.- A global climatology of total ozone from the Nimbus-7 total ozone mapping spectrometer.- V: Recent Developments in Observational Techniques.- Umkehr observations with automated Dobson spectrophotometers.- Traveling standard lamp calibration checks on Dobson ozone spectrophotometers during 1981-1983.- Recalibration of Dobson Field Spectrophotometers with a travelling Brewer spectrophotometer standard.- Review of the Dobson spectrophotometer and its accuracy.- A study of scattered light from zenith at low sun in the near UV region where the ozone absorption changes rapidly.- The automated Brewer spectrophotometer.- Experiences with aBrewer spectrophotometer and intercomparison measurements with a Dobson spectrophotometer.- Ozone profiles derived from umkehr observations obtained with the Brewer ozone spectrophotometer.- Nimbus 7 SBUV/TOMS calibration for the ozone measurement.- Ground-based microwave observations of mesospheric ozone at the Bordeaux observatory.- Ozone and water vapor in the middle atmosphere measured with an airborne microwave radiometer.- Vertical profiles and column density measurements of ozone from ground-based MM-wave spectroscopy at Mauna Kea, Hawaii: a demonstration of capabilities.- Validation of a fast line-by-line transmittance/radiance algorithm against TIROS-N series channel 9 (ozone).- Information contained in satellite meteor spectra on the vertical ozone distribution.- High resolution infrared spectroscopic studies of atmospheric ozone and related trace constituents.- Measurements of the ozone profile up to 50 km altitude by differential absorption laser radar.- Intercomparison of ozone profiles obtained by Brewer/Mast sondes and differential absorption laser radar.- Results from the balloon ozone intercomparison campaign (BOIC).- Balloon in-situ measurements of ozone with the NASA-JSC UV photometer.- Ozone intercomparisons from the balloon intercomparison campaign.- Ozone measurement from a balloon payload using a new fast-response UV-absorption photometer.- An in-situ multipass UV-absorption ozone sensor designed for stratospheric applications.- Measurement of the vertical profile of ozone from the ascent of a balloon borne ultraviolet spectrophotometer.- Spectrum measurement techniques for rocket, balloon and satellite experiments.- Precise ozone measurements using a mass spectrometer beam system.- Performance characteristics of high-altitude ECC ozonesondes.- Error performance of electrochemical ozone sondes OSR.- Mesure de la répartition verticale de l'Ozone atmosphérique par spectrophotomètrie d'absorption Dans le visible.- Un catalogue de précautions instrumentales à prendre pour faire l'étude in Situ de la variation crepusculaire ou diurne d'une espèce stratospherique, présentation d'un cas particulier, l'ozone.- Measurements of the stratospheric ozone by indigo decoloration.- Satellite measurement of mesospheric ozone from the 1.27 m airglow emission.- A rocket gas-gas chemi1uminescent technique for measurement of atomic oxygen and ozone concentrations in the 15-95 km region.- Constructing emperical zenith ozone charts and tables using the multiple linear regression technique.- Total-ozone measuring instruments used at the USSR station network.- VI: Interaction of Ozone and Circulation.- Simultaneous measurements of carbon monoxide and ozone in the NASA global atmospheric sampling program (GASP).- The interannual variations of the global total ozone as a reflection of the general circulation changes in the stratosphere.- Dependency of ozone transport on the vertical structures of planetary waves.- Ozone concentration data applied for studying mesoscale wave processes in the atmosphere.- The effect of temperature waves on the zonal mean ozone content.- Aircraft measurements nNear jet streams.- Wavenumber spectra of Ozone from GASP aircraft measurements.- Measures of stratospheric displacements from satellite data.- Variations of radiative heating/cooling in the stratosphere as revealed by satellite observations.- Observation of strong ozone variations during a prestage of the sudden stratospheric warming in January / February 1979.- Sage studies of the waves and eddy fluxes of ozone and temperature near 55° during the late February 1979 stratospheric warming.- VII: Laboratory Measurements of Absorption Cross-Sections and of Chemical Rate Constants.- The ultraviolet cross-sections of ozone: I. The measurements.- The utraviolet cross-sections of ozone: II. Results and temperature dependence.- New values of ozone absolute cross-sections in the ultraviolet spectral range at 298 and 228 K, by a method based upon pressure measurements at constant volume.- Absolute absorption cross section measurements of ozone.- Absorption coefficients of ozone for the backscattered UV instruments - SBUV, TOMS, and BUV - and for the Dobson instrument.- Mesure de l'absorption par la haute atmosphère dans le domaine de longueurs d'onde de la "Fenêtre atmospheérique" au voisinage de 200nm.- Theoretical N2-, O2-, and Air-broadened halfwidths of ozone calculated by quantum fourier theory with realistic collision dynamics.- Altitude resolved measurements of the N2O photolysis frequency in the stratosphere.- VIII: Radiation Topics Relevant to Atmospheric Ozone.- Solar irradiance and its spectral distribution through the terrestrial atmosphere.- Solar ultraviolet irradiance 1982 and 1983.- A review of solar irradiance measurements between 270 and 480 nanometers.- The global response of stratospheric ozone to ultraviolet solar flux variations.- Ozone and sunspots: why can we not find a direct correlation?.- Ozone depletion during solar proton events in solar cycle 21.- Ultraviolet imagery of the sky.- Monochromatic UV-magnification factors and total ozone.- Ozone concentration and aurora frequency in relation to solar-terrestrial indices.- Calculations of Lyman Alpha absorption in the mesosphere.- Radiative interactions of stratospheric ozone and aerosols in the solar spectrum.- A sensitivity study of calculation of atmospheric ozone transmittances.- IX: Non-Urban Tropospheric Ozone.- The role of isoprene oxidation in the tropospheric ozone budget in the tropics.- Methane oxidation in aerosol-containing atmosphere.- Hydroxyl radical concentration in ambient air estimated from C13O16 oxidation.- Tropospheric ozone: transport or chemistry?.- Effect of stratospheric intrusions on the tropospheric ozone.- Vertical ozone profiles in the lower atmosphere and their relation to long-range transport.- Cumulus cloud venting of mixed layer ozone.- Sources and budget of tropospheric ozone at a rural site in north west England.- Seasonal behaviour of the tropospheric ozone in Japan.- Photochemical oxidants at Niwot Ridge, Colorado.- Diurnal variation of ozone in fine weather situations over hilly terrain.- Opposite behaviour of the ozone amount in the troposphere and lower stratosphere during the last years, based on the ozone measurements at the Hohenpeissenberg observatory from 1967 - 1983.- Trends in tropospheric ozone concentration.- Long-term surface ozone increase at Arkona (54,68° N, 13,43° E).- A neglected long-term series of ground-level ozone.- Surface ozone near the equator.- Tropospheric ozone at four remote observatories.- Diurnal variations of non-urban ozone concentrations in Israel.- Differences in tropospheric ozone profiles obtained by Mast (Brewer) and EEC (Komhyr) Sondes.- Uncertainties in surface ozone measurements in clean air.- L'ozone serait-il l'oxydant principal du sulfure de dimethyle en milieu oceanique.- Ozone production and transfer in the FOS-BERRE basin area.- List of Participants.- List of Authors.