Atomic And Molecular Beams: The State Of The Art 2000 by Roger CampargueAtomic And Molecular Beams: The State Of The Art 2000 by Roger Campargue

Atomic And Molecular Beams: The State Of The Art 2000

EditorRoger Campargue

Hardcover | November 28, 2000

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Atomic and Molecular Beams covers the state of the art in this field both theoretically and experimentally. With many contributions from leading researchers, including several Nobel laureates, this book will serve as a long lasting source of reference on all aspects of fundamental research into or using atomic and molecular beams. The topics covered in this volume include amongst others laser cooling and manipulation of atoms and molecules, alignment, relaxation and condensation in supersonic jets, photodissociation, spectroscopy and state imaging in beams, dynamics of elementary molecular collisions, production and properties of clusters and nanoparticles and beam interactions with surfaces.
Title:Atomic And Molecular Beams: The State Of The Art 2000Format:HardcoverDimensions:1062 pagesPublished:November 28, 2000Publisher:Springer Berlin HeidelbergLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Introductory Perspectives.- Atomic and Molecular Beams in Chemical Physics: A Continuing Odyssey.- I Laser Cooling and Manipulation of Atoms and Molecules - Atomic and Molecular Optics and Applications.- 1. Foreword: Laser Cooling and Trapping of Neutral Atoms.- 2. Optics and Interferometry with Atoms and Molecules.- 3. Some New Effects in Atom Stern-Gerlach Interferometry.- 4. Atom Optics and Atom Polarization Interferometry Using Pulsed Magnetic Fields.- 5. Making Molecules at MicroKelvin.- 6. Molecular Photoassociation and Ultracold Molecules.- 7. Molecular Optics in Intense Fields: From Lenses to Mirrors.- 8. Ultrashort Wavepacket Dynamics and Interferences in Alkali Atoms.- 9. Atomic Beam Spin Echo. Principle and Surface Science Application.- 10. Sufficient Conditions for Quantum Reflection with Real Gas-Surface Interaction Potentials.- 11. Focusing Helium Atom Beams Using Single Crystal Surfaces.- 12. Atom Lithography with Cesium Atomic Beams.- II Translational and Internal Energy Relaxation in Supersonic Free Jets, Including Possible Alignment and Condensation Phenomena.- 1. The Physics of Plasma Expansion.- 2. Laser Sustained Plasma Free Jet and Energetic Atom Beam of Pure Argon or Oxygen Seeded Argon Mixture.- 3. Doppler Profiles of the Distribution of O(1D) Relaxing in Ne.- 4. Natural Alignment and Cooling in Seeded Supersonic Free Jets: Experiments and a Quantum Mechanical View.- 5. Nonequilibrium Distributions of Rotational Energies of K2Seeded in a Free-Jet of Argon.- 6. Rotational and Vibrational Relaxation of Hydrides in Free Jets: HBr and OH.- 7. Raman Studies of Free Jet Expansion (Diagnostics and Mapping).- 8. Mixed Clusters Produced in Argon-Nitrogen Coexpansions as Evidenced by Two Experimental methods.- III Photodissociation Dynamics and Electronic Spectroscopy in Molecular Beams: From Simple Molecules to Clusters and Ions.- 1. Imaging of State-to-State Photodynamics of Nitrous Oxide in the 205 nm Region of the Stratospheric Solar Window.- 2. The Photodissociation Dynamics of Tropospheric Ozone.- 3. Photodissociation of NO2 near 225nm by Velocity Map Imaging.- 4. The (Ba-FCH3)* Photofragmentation Channels: Dynamics of the Laser Induced Intracluster (Ba . . . FCH3)* ? BaF* + CH3and Ba* + FCH3Reaction.- 5. Electronic Spectroscopy and Excited State Dynamics of Aluminum Atom-Molecule Complexes.- 6. Electronic Spectra of Cold Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) Cations in a Molecular Beam.- 7. Structure and Dynamics of van der Waals Complexes by High Resolution Spectroscopy.- 8. Femtosecond Pump-Probe Experiments with a High Repetition Rate Molecular Beam.- IV Dynamics of Elementary Molecular Collisions and Femtochemistry: Theory, Real-Time Probing, and Imaging of Crossed-Beam Reactions.- 1. Femtochemistry: Recent Progress in Studies of Dynamics and Control of Reactions and Their Transition States.- 2. Femtosecond Spectroscopy of Collisional Induced Recombination: A Simple Theoretical Approach.- 3. Direct Observation of Collisions by Laser Excitation of the Collision Pair.- 4. Counterpropagating Pulsed Molecular Beam Scattering.- 5. Ion Imaging Studies of Chemical Dynamics.- 6. Orientation of Parity-Selected NO and Its Steric Asymmetry in Rotational Energy Transfer Collisions.- 7. Collisional Energy Dependence of Insertion Dynamics: State-Resolved Angular Distributions for S(1D) + D2 ? SD + D.- 8. High Resolution Translational Spectroscopic Studies of Elementary Chemical Processes.- 9. Reaction Kinetics in Uniform Supersonic Flows at Very Low Temperatures.- 10. Ion-Neutral Collisions in Beam Experiments. Production of ArNn+(n = 1, 2) in the Reaction of Arn+with N2.- 11. Crossed Beams and Theoretical Study of the (NaRb)+Collisional System.- V Clusters and Nanoparticles: Diffraction, Size Selection, Polarizability, and Fragmentation by Photodissociation, Electron Impact, and Atom Collision.- 1. Diffraction of Cluster Beams from Nanoscale Transmission Gratings.- 2. Electron Impact Fragmentation of Size Selected Arn(n= 4 to 9) Clusters.- 3. Static Dipole Polarizability of Free Alkali Clusters.- 4. Photodissociation of Water Clusters.- 5. Collision Induced Fragmentation of Molecules and Small Na+nClusters: Competition Between Impulsive and Electronic Mechanisms.- 6. Charge Exchange in Atom-Cluster Collisions.- 7. Electron Attachment to Oxygen and Nitric Oxide Clusters.- 8. The Radiative Cooling of C60and C+60in a Beam.- 9. Internal Energy Distributions in Cluster Ions.- 10. Molecular Beams of Silicon Clusters and Nanoparticles Produced by Laser Pyrolysis of Gas Phase Reactants.- VI Spectroscopy and Reaction Dynamics of Molecules Isolated, Cooled (or Conditioned), by Techniques of Molecule, Cluster, Droplets, or Liquid Beams.- 1. Spectroscopy in, on, and off a Beam of Superfluid Helium Nanodroplets.- 2. Spectroscopy of Single Molecules and Clusters Inside Superfluid Helium Droplets.- 3. The Spectroscopy of Molecules and Unique Clusters in Superfluid Helium Droplets.- 4. Electronic Structure and Dynamics of Solute Molecules on Solution Surfaces by Use of Liquid Beam Multiphoton Ionization Mass Spectrometry.- 5. Shedding Light on Heavy Molecules, One by One.- 6. Molecular Beam Studies of DNA Bases.- 7. Reaction Between Barium and N2O on Large Neon Clusters.- 8. Capture and Coagulation of CO Molecules to Small Clusters in Large Supercooled H2Droplets.- VII Interactions of Molecular Beams and Cluster Beams with Surfaces, and Applications.- 1. Essentials of Cluster Impact Chemistry.- 2. Probing the Dynamics of Chemisorption Through Scattering and Sticking.- 3. Product State Measurements of Nitrogen Formation at Surfaces.- 4. Enrichment of Binary van der Waals Clusters Surviving Surface Collision.- 5. Collision Dynamics of Water Clusters on a Solid Surface: Molecular Dynamics and Molecular Beam Studies.- 6. Hyperthermal Fullerene-Surface Collisions: Energy Transfer and Charge Exchange.- 7. Electron Emission Induced by Cluster-Surface Collisions: a Fingerprint of the Neutralization Dynamics?.- 8. Supersonic Beam Epitaxy of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors.- 9. Chemical Maps and SEM Images of the Reaction Products on Si Surfaces Irradiated with Cold and Hot C2H4Beams.- Looking Ahead.- Macro, Micro and Nanobeams.- Author Index.