Basic Food Chemistry by Frank LeeBasic Food Chemistry by Frank Lee

Basic Food Chemistry

byFrank Lee

Paperback | April 22, 2012

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Food chemistry has grown considerably since its early foundations were laid. This has been brought about not only by research in this field, but also, and more importantly, bYiadvances in the basic sciences involved. In this second edition, the chapters dealing with fundamentals have been rewritten and strengthened. Three new chapters have been added, Water and Solutions, Colloids, and Minerals. The chapter on Fruits and Vegetables has been expanded to cover texture. Other chapters discuss flavor and colors, together with one on brown­ ing reactions. The last seven chapters give the student a background of the classes offood products and beverages encountered in everyday use. Each chapter includes a summary and a list of references and sug­ gested readings to assist the student in study and to obtain further information. Basic Food Chemistry is intended for college undergraduates and for use in food laboratories. The author wishes to express his appreciation to the following people, who reviewed the chapters on their respective specialties: Doctors L.R. Hackler, M. Keeney, B. Love, L.M. Massey, Jr., L.R. Mattick, W.B. Robinson, R.S. Shallenberger,D.F. Splittstoesser, E. Stotz, W.L. Sulz­ bacher, and J. Van Buren. In addition, the author wishes to express his appreciation to Dr. H.O. Hultin and Dr. F.W. Knapp for their reviews of the entire original manuscript and for their helpful comments. The author welcomes notices of errors and omissions as well as sug­ gestions and constructive criticism.
Title:Basic Food ChemistryFormat:PaperbackDimensions:564 pages, 22.9 × 15.2 × 1.73 inPublished:April 22, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Photosynthesis.- Role of Chlorophyll.- Chemistry of Photosynthesis.- Summary.- 2. Water and Solutions.- The Structure of Water.- Solutions.- Summary.- 3. Colloids.- What Are Colloids?.- Behavior of Colloids in an Electric Field.- Syneresis.- Imbibition.- Emulsions.- Breaking of Emulsions.- Foams.- Viscosity.- Summary.- 4. Carbohydrates.- Monosaccharides.- Structure of Carbohydrates.- Carbohydrate Reactions.- Oligosaccharides.- Polysaccharides.- Digestion of Carbohydrates.- Qualitative Tests.- Quantitative Tests.- Summary.- 5. Lipids.- Simple Lipids.- Composite Lipids.- Derived Lipids.- Oxidation of Lipids.- Summary.- 6. Proteins.- Amino Acids.- Classification of Proteins.- Structure of Proteins.- Properties of Proteins.- Protein Synthesis.- Proteins in Foods.- Summary.- 7. Enzymes.- Classification.- Enzyme Composition.- Properties of Enzymes.- Enzyme Reactions.- Some Enzyme Applications in Food.- Summary.- 8. The Vitamins.- The Water-Soluble Vitamins.- The Fat-Soluble Vitamins.- Vitamins and Malnutrition.- Summary.- 9. Minerals.- Occurrence of Minerals.- Anionic Minerals.- Minerals in Canned Foods.- Summary.- 10. Flavor.- The Basic Tastes.- Flavors and Volatiles.- Flavor Enhancement.- Flavor Restoration and Deterioration.- Summary.- 11. Natural Colors.- Chemistry of Natural Coloring Matters.- Caramels and Melanoidins.- Color Determination.- Summary.- 12. Browning Reactions.- Enzymatic Browning.- Non-enzymatic Browning.- The Formation of Brown Pigments.- Inhibition of Browning.- Summary.- 13. Food Colorings.- Color Safety and Regulations.- Colors Exempt from Certification.- Color Analysis and Desired Properties.- Summary.- 14. Alcoholic Fermentation.- Wine.- Beer and Brewing.- Distilled Products.- Vinegar.- Summary.- 15. Baked Products.- Flour.- Leavening.- Summary.- 16. Milk and Milk Products.- Milk Composition.- Rancidity and Off-Flavor in Milk.- Cheese and Cheese Chemistry.- Fermentation in Milk.- Milk Products Other than Cheese.- Determination of Fat in Dairy Products.- Total Solids Analysis.- Summary.- 17. Coffee.- Composition of the Green Coffee Bean.- Changes During Roasting.- Roasted Coffee.- Coffee Products.- Summary.- 18. Tea.- Methods of Preparation.- Chemical Components of Tea.- Amino Acids.- Chemistry of Tea Manufacture.- Tea Aroma.- Summary.- 19. Cocoa and Chocolate.- Manufacture of Cocoa and Chocolate.- Chemical Composition.- Changes During Manufacture of Cocoa and Chocolate.- Volatiles and Chocolate Flavor.- Chocolate and Cocoa Products.- Summary.- 20. Meat and Meat Products.- Muscle Composition.- Changes in Muscle After Slaughter and During Processing.- Effect of Ionizing Radiation.- Summary.- 21. Fruits and Vegetables.- Ripening and Post Harvest Changes.- Storage.- Chemistry Involved in the Texture of Fruits and Vegetables.- Summary.