Basics in Adolescent Medicine: A Practical Manual of Signs, Symptoms and Solutions by Tomas J Silber

Basics in Adolescent Medicine: A Practical Manual of Signs, Symptoms and Solutions

byTomas J Silber, Harshita J Saxena

Kobo ebook | March 21, 2014

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This practical manual reviews salient topics in Adolescent Medicine. The volume is practitioner-centered, focusing on the symptoms that bring a teenager to the clinician. Every chapter begins with a very brief clinical vignette, highlighting the patient's chief complaint or primary issue of concern.

The handbook is divided into five primary sections: (1) Well Adolescent Care to include chapters such as the Annual Physical and Immunizations in Adolescence; (2) Common Problems of Adolescence such as Acne and Low Back Pain; (3) Reproductive Health Care issues such as Menstrual Disorders and Teen Pregnancy/Options Counseling; (4) Urgent Care matters including Acute Chest Pain and Scrotal Pathology: Pain and Masses; and finally, (5) Special Considerations to include chapters such as Cyberbullying and Sexting and Tobacco Use and Cessation Counseling.

Chapters follow a uniform format with vignette as described above, followed by multiple choice questions designed to test the readers knowledge. Salient features related to the chapter topic follow, including relevant clinical “pearls” such as history, physical exam, laboratory and diagnostic studies and treatment strategies. For each chapter, issues that are unique to managing illness in adolescents are highlighted to distinguish them from adults and younger children. When applicable, a broad differential diagnosis is provided to help guide the reader. Easy to read tables are included to highlight and clearly summarize key aspects of the topic and the chapters end with answers to the Board-Style questions presented at the start.


  • Well Adolescent Care:

    • The Annual Physical (Krishna White and Rita Hagler)
    • Adolescent Consent and Confidentiality (Kirsten B Hawkins)
    • Normal Nutrition through Adolescence (Erin Wolf-Barnett)
    • Immunizations in Adolescents (Lawrence J D'Angelo)
    • Taking Care of Adolescent Males (Daniel E Korin)
    • Taking Care of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) Teens (William M Barnes and David S Reitman)
    • The Pre-Participation Sports Physical (Nailah Coleman)
    • Sports Supplements (Gregg Joseph Montalto)
    • Adolescent Driving (Tiffany L Meyer)
    • The Transition to College (Isabel Goldenberg and Harshita J Saxena)
    • The Adolescent Traveler and Immigrant (Natwarlal Shah)
  • Common Problems:

    • Short Stature/Delayed Onset of Puberty (Karen Bernstein)
    • Tall Stature (Karen Bernstein)
    • Abnormal Weight Gain (Harshita J Saxena)
    • Abnormal Weight Loss/Malnutrition (Tomas J Silber)
    • Bulimia (Rosina Pellerano)
    • Anemia (Carleen Townsend-Akpan)
    • Headaches: Common, Chronic and Recurrent (Stephanie Addison)
    • Bell's Palsy (7th Nerve or Facial Nerve Palsy) (Jonathan Fanburg)
    • Asthma, Exercise Induced Bronchospasm (EIB) and Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD) (Anthony P Acquavella)
    • Gynecomastia (Amy L Weiss)
    • Recurrent or Chronic Abdominal Pain (Oscar Taube)
    • Constipation and Encopresis (Promise Ahlstrom)
    • Enuresis (Promise Ahlstrom)
    • Dysuria, Urinary Tract Infections and Pyelonephritis (Amy E Klamberg)
    • Proteinuria (Lawrence J D'Angelo)
    • Hematuria (Lawrence J. D'Angelo)
    • Low Back Pain (Alan Morrison)
    • Sports Medicine: Musculoskeletal Injuries (Nailah Coleman)
    • Acne (Karen Rosewater and Harshita J Saxena)
    • Vague Somatic Complaints (Tomas J Silber)
    • Sleep Disorders (Jose J Casas-Rivero)
    • Tics and Tourette Syndrome (Jonathan Fanburg)
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (Barbara K Snyder)
    • Anxiety Disorders (Michele D Wilson)
    • Depression (Michele D Wilson)
  • Reproductive Health Care:

    • Breast Pathology: Masses and Nipple Discharge (Amy L Weiss)
    • Dysmenorrhea, PMS and PMDD (Nneka A Holder)
    • Amenorrhea (Maria Trent)
    • Vaginal Bleeding (Maria Trent)
    • Vaginal Discharge (Karen E Simpson)
    • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)/Tuboovarian Abscess (TOA) (Avril Melissa Houston)
    • Urethritis in Males (Karen E Simpson)
    • Genital Warts: Condyloma Accuminata (Liana R Clark)
    • Genital Ulcer Syndrome (GUS) (Avril Melissa Houston)
    • Condoms (Mariana Kastrinakis)
    • Hormonal Contraception (Evelyn Simpkins Evans)
    • Emergency Contraception (EC) (Jennifer Maehr)
    • Teen Pregnancy and Options Counseling (Karen Soren)
  • Urgent Care:

    • Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke (Noel V Pesce)
    • Syncope (Rick Place)
    • Concussion and Post Concussion Syndrome (Michael A Lee)
    • Acute Chest Pain (Dana Kornfeld and Rick Place)
    • Acute Abdominal Pain (Rick Place)
    • Hematemesis (Leslie A Hayes)
    • Bloody Stools: Melena or Hematochezia (Leslie A Hayes)
    • Scrotal Pathology: Pain and Masses (David S Reitman)
    • Hip Pain and Limping (Elizabeth G Cius)
    • Neurological Emergencies: Severe Headaches, Weakness, Incoordination and Altered Mental Status (Rick Place)
    • Seizures (Robyn Miller)
    • Adolescent Sexual Assault/Rape (KathyWoodwar)
    • The Suicidal Adolescent (Maureen E Lyon)
  • Special Care:

    • Chronic Illness and Adherence to Treatment (Daniel N Davidow)
    • Difficult Conversations: Bad News, Disclosure and Advance Directives (Donna Marschall)
    • Screening for Violence and Abuse (Anisha Abraham)
    • Cyberbullying and Sexting (Sadhana Dharmapuri)
    • Tobacco Use and Cessation Counseling (Brooke Bokor)
    • Substance Use and Abuse (David S Reitman and Gregg Joseph Montalto)
    • Judicious Use of Psychopharmacologic Agents (Daniel N Davidow)

Readership: Medical students, residents, fellows and other health care professionals in training (such as nurse practitioners and physician's assistants) on their Adolescent Medicine rotations; physicians such as internists, general and family practitioners or pediatricians.
Key Features:

  • Information is rapidly accessible. Uses bulleted lists format (as opposed to dense textbook paragraphs) and easy to read tables to allow for quick review in real time (while the clinician is with their patient)
  • Interspersed multiple choice questions will enable readers to test their knowledge as they progress through the handbook. These questions, stylized after standard board questions, will thereby serve clinicians in real time while delivering patient care, but also serve as board-review material as students/clinicians prepare for in-service or board examinations for school or licensure
  • Rather than a rapidly aging bibliography, the volume provides a wide array of responsible web resources for the clinician to access
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