Be A Man Of Standing: How To Be Superman In A Clark Kent World by Jim MooreBe A Man Of Standing: How To Be Superman In A Clark Kent World by Jim Moore

Be A Man Of Standing: How To Be Superman In A Clark Kent World

byJim Moore

Paperback | April 5, 2016

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From the man who founded the WATCH D.O.G.S. revolution that is spreading around the nation and the world and the author of the book, "The Eyes of the Ship: Navigating the Water of Fatherhood" and co-author of "The 21 Day Fathering Challenge" comes the book for every man.

Every man wants to be pursued by his wife but every wife wants their husband to be pursuit worthy. This is the roadmap to becoming pursuit worthy.

The modern day man has lost his way. Life's pressures have made him stale, tired and boring and the man who once was exciting to his wife has become the man who is only a shadow of his former glory. But it doesn't have to be that way any longer.

In "Be a Man of Standing: How to be Superman n a Clark Kent World" you'll find out that Your wife deserves the best spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, and romantically Man of Steel you can possibly be. A Champion of virtue.

It's now time to take off this clumsy costume we've all been hiding behind. It's time we fully embrace the life of Superman. It's time we show the world who we are and who we were created to be. It's time to wear the suit with honor and win back her love. It's time to live in the way it's supposed to be. Rise up Superman. Take off your apron, it's supposed to be a cape!

Jim Moore is the founder of WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students, a division of The National Center for Fathering), with over 4500 active programs and with over 300,000 men serving as a Watchdog this school year it has become the largest Fathering Initiative in America. It is estimated than since its inception that approximately 3,00...
Title:Be A Man Of Standing: How To Be Superman In A Clark Kent WorldFormat:PaperbackDimensions:188 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.68 inPublished:April 5, 2016Publisher:Morgan James PublishingLanguage:English

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Read from the Book

This book is about "Manhood," It drips with testosterone. This book is written for every man and especially for those of us who are sick and tired of the typical predictable, mundane, routine, broken down, weak, boring rut we call being the typical man. We secretly ask the question to ourselves but never openly to anyone else, "Is this it"? What you're about to read is for men who have an obsession to live an authentic life and to taste all the sweet fruits of success and conquest. This blows past passion and screams straight to obsession. You eat, sleep, drink, breathe, get out of bed, and long for it to be real. It's the obsession to be a real man. A Superman.God placed this into the heart and soul of every man. It's a must that is mapped in our DNA. It's burned and branded into our very core, but is a fire that no longer burns as hotly as it should. It's found in every cell of our body, yet we fail to breathe it and exist in it fully. Being a real man---THE Man---defines everything about us and controls the way we think. It directs everything we do and dictates how we react. When we are not in it full throttle, at maximum capacity, our lives are off their axes and we stutter, sputter, and limp. Sadly, many today fail to step into this God created design. Society consistently tries to reverse it. Churches tragically attempt to dilute it. Some even try to surgically remove it but none truly can because it's perfectly crafted into every strand of a man's DNA and it can never leave us, even though most will never fully embrace it. If you find you're in this place now, follow the roadmap laid out in these pages before your destiny of a true, authentic champion is lost and possibly never to be experienced.When I read the accounts of men throughout ages who, through faith, conquered kingdoms and gained what was promised; who shut the mouths of lions and quenched the fury of the flames; whose weakness was turned to strength, and who became powerful in battle; who created wealth and abundance; who changed cultures; who were heroes to their families, greatly desired by their wives, and were leaders among men, I am blown away by the size of the gulf of what I have lived versus what has been within my reach. Get this now. God designed men to be conquerors---virtuous leaders who not only command but earn respect. Our kids long to be like them and our wives long to be with them. These are those God calls Men of Standing.What you're reading will open your eyes to what God really says about the way manhood should really be. When you're finished, it will be etched on your soul that we are to be a force! A provider. A protector. A romantic magnet. A champion of strength and of valor. A real man who definitely looks the part and divinely lives the part---spiritually, physically, financially, and romantically. Yes, the total package! Not only will you discover that this life is possible but that it's the way it's supposed to be. This is not story-book fluff. This is serious stuff for serious men. For you who are single it can help you win the love of your future wife; and, for those who are married, it can help you win back her love. This is for real, but it's up to you to follow this map for your intended destiny. When I was a kid I had several heroes, but none could top my desire to be Superman---not to be like him---I wanted to be him! I dressed like him and tried to walk and talk like him. My parents bought me a Superman costume and I even tried to fly like him. That one cost me a trip to the emergency room to sew my tongue back together. I'll never forget that my costume had a disclaimer on it that read, "Remember: This costume won't make you fly, only Superman can fly." I wish I had believed that before I jumped from the coffee table to the sofa! But never did I realize how powerful those few small words were then and how powerful they are now. A costume won't make you fly. Only Superman can fly! When this creature was living out the destiny His father spoke into him as he was traveling to this planet, he changed everything around him for the better, and, yes, he won the heart of the woman of his dreams. The same holds true today. The costume of being a typical, boring, run of the mill man that hides our true identity won't and can't make us fly. It's only when we too are living out our own destiny that was spoken into us by our Heavenly father on our way to this planet that we will be able to change the world for good . . . and win the hearts of our wives. Just remember, mild mannered Clark Kent never won the heart of Lois Lane. Why couldn't she see that Clark was really Superman? A pair of stupid looking glasses and a different part in his hair were all that separated Clark from Superman. Surely Lois, could see it was him. (I know its Hollywood here, but work with me.) The truth is, it was more than just glasses and a different hairdo. It was the inner man, the ultimate champion hiding on the inside of Clark Kent waiting to be unleashed. But all she could see was mild mannered Clark Kent. He was clumsy, goofy, and weak. But when the need arose and the shirt was ripped off, this Man of Steel---this Man of Standing---was unleashed, evil was demolished, and romance was established. His enemies ran from him and the love of his life ran to him. That's what we all want. No, that's what we all scream for on the inside, and if you're not screaming for it right now then you're worse off. You've become more like Jimmy Olsen, the news reporter boy who longed to be like Superman but thought that kind of adventure and romance was for someone else and could never be for him. The life of Superman! That's the way it's supposed to be! That's what we can all have. Remember this, the Superman suit and his true identity was always underneath Clark's clothes. It was always there, it was just covered by the clumsy clothes and goofy glasses. The same holds true with us today. Our true identity of The Man of Steel/The Man of Standing is always with us. It's just been covered up and disguised by our set own weak, clumsy clothes. Who do you want to be and what do you want to have? To be "mild-mannered Clark Kent" or experience the "Adventures of Superman"? The choice is yours. I'm calling you out Superman. Take off your weak, clumsy costume. Wake up!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

Chapter 2: The Way It's Supposed to Be

Chapter 3: The Problem with Most Guys

Chapter 4: Saving Our Own Skin

Chapter 5: Boaz, The True Man of Standing

Chapter 6: The Ultimate Magnetic Force

Chapter 7: Slinging Stones and Slaying Giants

Chapter 8: The Battle in the Night. . .There Will Always Be One

Chapter 9: Fully Persuaded

Chapter 10: For Ladies Only

Chapter 11: The Covenant of Standing