Beast Mode

September 19, 2016|
Beast Mode by R. Richard
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The police then tell me that Sonny is very angry and I won't survive, if I stay in town.
I then have a hearing about Sonny’s attempt to reduce me to a clerk and I conduct a successful defense. I'm able to pass the programmer tests, with very good scores. I'm able to get evidence introduced to show that cutie girl never used a programming terminal. However, I'm still sentenced to a desert base, since several of Sonny’s employees swear, under oath, that I never did any work. The Court refuses to answer my question, “Who did the work that I claim that I did?” My sentence will be reversed, under appeal. In the meantime, I’ll report to a desert base and serve out the remainder of my two year contract, that I signed, as a part of my work study gig.
The company and the police want me to ride a bus, out to the desert base.
I realize that I won't survive the bus trip. Therefore, I plan out a way to survive.
I close out my life, back in the city. I then ride a used motorcycle that I purchased, that will get me to the desert base, hopefully without harm.
As I ride, I plan. I have escaped the city and the number of goons that Sonny can use there. I now have to deal with the goons that Sonny will send to the desert base. Back in school, I skipped the usual gym classes and took Kung-Fu instead. I can fight, but I need to get quicker and stronger, if I'm to have a chance against the large goons that Sonny will send after me. I will continue to work on my Kung-Fu, as I must, but I also need to use a very dangerous nutritional supplement, if I hope to survive. I have a kilogram package of Beast, in my suitcase. My use of Beast will force me to take the risks of long term damage to my body, but being beaten to death is a sure way to damage my body.
After a long, boring ride, I finally get to the main gate of the desert base, where I'm assigned. I then go through a very complete search for metal objects. They find no guns or metal knives. My G10 composite knife does get through the search, undetected.
Since I have a motorcycle, for transportation, I'm assigned to the Aircraft Support Group, out in the desert, away from the main base. I report to the Aircraft Support Group and I go through the security sign in. I then get assigned to a Bachelor Officer's Quarters room. I'll eat my meals in the mess hall and I'll work in a computer facility building. It's gonna be 17 months in prison, if I survive that long.
There's a gym and I check in with the Master Sergeant who runs the place. “I'm Jim Hill, civilian. I'm just checking in. May I use the gym?”
The Master Sergeant eyes me and lectures, “You can use the gym. You bring a lock and use one of the lockers. You work out, in freshly laundered workout gear. We got a lite washer, dryer, for day by day, gonna cost you $2 per week. You use the machines, you do your exercise, then you dismount, sos the other guy can use the machine. You use free weights, you damn well restack the weights when you finish. You need to carry a water bottle, the fountains here taste like the outfall from a chemical plant.”
“I don't need chemical water. I'll buy a bottle.”
The Sergeant tells me, “I got a water bottle for sale, cost you a buck.”
“Sold, to the civilian newbie!” (As I talk to the Master Sergeant, I can detect a maybe some kind of pattern in his mind. It's a first for me and I ignore it.)
I buy the water bottle and then the Master Sergeant asks me, “You use a workout supplement?”
I tell the Sergeant, “Yeah, I use Beast.”
The Master Sergeant comes fully alert. Beast!? That stuff will leave you dragging your knuckles on the ground. You don't want that.”
I sigh. “Back in the city, my big boss decided that he was gonna try to pass my work off, as the work of some cunt that he hired. The attempt failed. He then sicced a goon on me.

Title:Beast Mode
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 19, 2016
Publisher:R. Richard
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781370935437

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