Become a U.S. Commercial Drone Pilot by John DeansBecome a U.S. Commercial Drone Pilot by John Deans

Become a U.S. Commercial Drone Pilot

byJohn Deans

Perfect | October 18, 2016

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All across America, people are learning to fly. Drones are taking to the skies to help in search-and-rescue, industry, journalism and hobbies. While drones look like toys, they are anything but. They require the discipline of a pilot and the legal support of a license. But how do you get approved to take the controls? John Deans has gone through the paces to get his Federal Aviation Administration license to fly drones, and his book will help you understand how you can get your drone wings. His step-by-step guide identifies the preparation and practice necessary to earn your license.So while there are thousands of drone pilots emerging in this exciting field of technology, photography and security, they're still required to undergo strict and exacting licensing procedures. John Deans provides a comprehensive legal guide to secure your license and safely operate a drone.
John Deans has been working in the IT industry since the early 1980s. In 1991, he was one of the founding members of Paranet, a Houston-based computer network integration consulting firm that grew to have over 2,000 employees in 23 offices by 1997. After Paranet was sold to Sprint, Deans moved his family to a ranch near Brenham, Texas...
Title:Become a U.S. Commercial Drone PilotFormat:PerfectDimensions:168 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.8 inPublished:October 18, 2016Publisher:Self-Counsel PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Introduction xiii1. Original, Old-school RC xiv2. UAVs Are Here xv3. Why Am I the Right Person to Teach YouHow to Make Money with Drones? xv1 Is Commercial “Droning” Right for You? 11. Starting a Business and Wearing Many Hats 12. Your Time 23. Location of Markets 32 UAV Restrictions: Federal, State, and Local 51. The Feds 62. UAV State Laws 73. City Drone Ordinances 83 UAV Products: Why the Focus on DJI? 91. The Technological Turning Points 92. DJI UAV Dynasty 10iv Become a U.S. Commercial Drone Pilot3. Hobby Shop Support 114 Developing a Commercial UAV Business Plan 135 Aerial Photography Markets 191. Real Estate 192. Construction Projects 213. Agricultural Services 224. Two-dimensional (2D) and Three-dimensional (3D)Aerial Mapping 225. Event Aerials 246. Vehicle Dealerships 247. Inspection Services 258. Emergency Services 269. UAV Market Summary 276 Initial Investments: What to Buy to StartYour Business 291. The Phantom 292. iPad Flight Controller 303. Phantom Accessories 314. Shaded Flight Deck 325. Travel Case 336. Media Editing Platform 347. Aerial Editing and Other Software 348. Other Critical Commercial UAS Gear forReal Estate Showcasing 357 Weather Issues: The Good, the Bad,and the Ugly 391. Weather Issues When the Client Has Time Expectations 402. Smartphone or Tablet Weather Apps 403. Avoid Winds and Rain 424. Seasonal Climate Aerial Factors 448 Drone Operation: Learn to Fly beforeTaking Photos 451. Configure Your Shaded Flight Deck: Prep Work 46Contents v2. Preparing for Takeoff 473. Landing 474. Learn Smooth Aerial Maneuvers 485. Test “Return to Home” via Distance and RC Failure 509 Flight Safety: Preventative andPreflight Measures 531. Know Your Environment before Taking Off 532. Too Tight for Drones 553. Shoot-down Avoidance 564. Simple Onlookers 585. Aerial Dangers 586. Rapid Power Loss 597. Acquire UAV Liability Insurance 608. Preparation and Preflight Checklists 609. Onsite Setup 6210. Pack-up and -out Procedure 6310 Software and Firmware Management 651. Workstation Operating System 652. Phantom Firmware 663. Remote Controller Updates 664. iPad and iPhone Operating System Levels 6711 Rules, Licenses, Exemptions, Observers,and More 691. FAA Part 107 692. Observer Management 7112 Learn Aerial Photography before You StartCharging Money 751. Video- or Photo-centric Flights 752. Videos in 10- to 15-second Scenes 763. Daylight: Morning, Noon, or Evening? 774. No Drone in Your Drone Video 775. Smoothness Is Everything in Aerial Video 78vi Become a U.S. Commercial Drone Pilot6. Stay in Motion without Repeats 787. Basic Aerial Video Recording Maneuvers 798. Intermediate Level Aerial Video Recording Maneuvers 799. Advanced Aerial Video Recording Maneuvers 8010. Intelligent Navigation Mode Enabled Maneuvers 8111. Use Reverse Play on Static Scene for PrecisionFly-in Effect 8112. The Invisible UAV Pilot 8213. Avoid Drone Shadow in Your Videos 8213 Learn 2D Mapping 851. Attain Property Line Info and Last Google Earth View 862. Mapping Flight Grid 863. Static Environment Is Critical 874. Set Camera Mapping Mode 875. 2D Map Stitching 886. KLONK Software to Measure 2D Entities 8814 Your Deliverables: Develop Your Packageof HD Video and Photos 911. Aerial Video Storytelling 912. Blend Music and Video 923. Video Titles and End Credits 934. Still Aerial Photographs 935. The Deliverables 946. The Aerial Presentation 947. Your Deliverable: Your Responsibility 958. Large Print, High-resolution Aerial Photos 9515 Step-by-Step Aerial PhotographyProject Process 971. Step One: Marketing and Selling 972. Step Two: Flight Planning 983. Step Three: Fly the Site 994. Step Four: Editing Process 1005. Step Five: Presentation to the Client 102Contents vii16 Aerial Photography Techniques forSpecific Markets 1031. Marketing Specific UAV Aerial Photography Techniques 1032. Real Estate Aerial Techniques 1033. Construction Site Aerial Techniques 1044. Law Enforcement (LE) Aerial Techniques 1055. Commercial Dealerships 1066. Tower Inspections 1067. Events: Weddings, Festivals, and Races 10717 Marketing Your Business 1091. Marketing Your Business: Get the Word Out 1092. Product Delivery Is Critical 1163. Groom Clients to Help Sell Your Services 11718 Pro bono Test Flights 11919 Pricing Your UAV Services and Products 1211. What’s the Competition Charging? 1222. Add-ons Enhance Your Price 1223. Ramp up Pricing 12320 Running a Business: The Paperwork and More 1251. Run Your Business for the Long Term 1252. Incorporate First 1253. Set up QuickBooks Accounting 1264. Pay Company Taxes 1265. Start Slow, Then Grow Your UAV Fleet 1276. Other Administrative Tasks 13321 Aerial Road Trips: Mobile Rechargingand Editing 1351. Planning a Multiple Flight-site Trip 1352. Mobile Battery Management 1363. Make Backups between Sites 1374. Onsite Editing and Production 1375. Vehicle Security and Safety 137viii Become a U.S. Commercial Drone Pilot22 Offer UAV Consulting andConfiguration Services 1391. UAV Education and Consulting 1392. Outsourced UAV Pilots 14023 Going Forward 1411. Stay ahead of UAV Technology Offerings 1412. Push It to the Safe Edge 1413. Stay Informed to Keep up Your Expertise 1424. Develop Vendor Relationships 1425. We Are the Pioneers 1436. Wrapping up 144Download Kit 147Sample1 Business Plan 14 - 20160708