Becoming Flame: Uncommon Mother-Daughter Wisdom

March 17, 2010|
Becoming Flame: Uncommon Mother-Daughter Wisdom


"As it is written, 'Our God is a consuming fire' (Heb. 12:29); so we also must kindle the divine fire in ourselves through tears and hard work." --Amma Syncletica, fourth century. What could be more natural and timely than … Spiritual wisdom drawn from a woman's world; word paintings expressed in the poetry of mother-daughter dialogue? Home and hearth lessons in eternal truth, firmly grounded in day-to-day experience? Small scenarios of inquiry and response, deep questioning and fledgling faith, that reverberate with quiet insight? Dialogues that reflect modern levels of questioning; knots of paradox that require a woman's patient attention and inner care to tease out true, gentle wisdom? A poetic exploration of the large and the small issues of women's life-nested, braided, interwoven, never fully unraveled-in precise language that retains the mystery but awakens the soul? Enter into the world of Becoming Flame: Uncommon Mother-Daughter Wisdom Dialogues with questions at the end for individual and group study.

Title:Becoming Flame: Uncommon Mother-Daughter Wisdom
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 17, 2010
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781498272216

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