Bellwether Magic

January 16, 2020|
Bellwether Magic by Kim McDougall


There’s a hole in the world.

And it’s Bobbi’s fault.

Now she’s trying to clean up her mess.

With a band of alien imps to round up, a booby-trapped grimoire to decipher, and the ever-looming menace of her demon father hanging over her head, Bobbi doesn’t sleep much these days.

Quinn’s world is unraveling too. As his body weakens from illness, he holds on tight—sometimes too tight—to the precious moments they have left together.

Those problems pale in the light of the divine Lady’s call to battle.

Now Bobbi must choose between her biggest threat and her greatest love.

You’ll be stunned by this powerful tale of a young witch living with dark power and a deadly secret.

Title:Bellwether Magic
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 16, 2020
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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