Between Dredgedales: FLEETS book 3 by Bernard Harold Curgenven

Between Dredgedales: FLEETS book 3

byBernard Harold Curgenven

Kobo ebook | December 21, 2016

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A chamber was under construction in the city of Dredgedale. The underwater city was facing its doom, and the project was soon forgotten. Who would have expected the chamber to turn up on dry land during a different era, and in the wasteland of all places?! Wasteland security was seriously compromised when the control room recieved a panic alarm from the first reaction officer. Zero-Papa Two was dispatched to the Bravo sector, and upon arrival he was faced with an anomaly beyond his control. What would become of the wasteland if the anomaly couldn't be stopped?

The wasteland is decorated with skeletons of fallen creatures. There is no vegetation in the valley known as Bravo Sector, and even migrating birds don't dare rest there. The evolved serpent species is the only creature to survive the contaminated water and scorching heat. Needless to say, these evil creatures dominate the wasteland and no translucent entity escapes this terror. The search is still on for the rogue reaction officers, and one humanoid team after another is sent into the sector to eliminate them. It is soon discovered that more than one transport chamber is in existence, delivering victims to the Bravo sector and beyond at random, causing utter chaos! A team is transported to the annihilated oceanic city of Dredgedale, where they attempt to rescue the surviving citizens. Unfortunately they face grave danger, far worse than anything they had ever encountered before. Life has evolved in the hands of dangerous anomalies and a higher power!

Sector India exists as an ice wasteland in the northern territory of the floating continent. The androids were transported by barge across the glacier ridden ocean to be remanufactured at the plant, only to discover that they were incapable of surviving the dangers that lurked in this sector. ZQ 4 once believed that Sector Bravo was hell, until he discovered it was nothing in comparison to the new wilderness.

Security inspector Rankin was pushed for time, when coms went down and all hell broke loose. He had never encountered this many anomalies in one day. He spared the life of the android called ZQ 4, after discovering the android wasn't hostile. Not being hostile does not make one any less dangerous though, as Rankin soon discovered after the visitor brought devastation with him.

War continued between the human colony and the alien invaders. The invaders had settled and consisted mostly of the famous morons. Border patrol was strict and feared by all, as fraud was often punishable by termination, yet there were those who risked everything and dared smuggle the life giving crystal, selling out their own kind. Greed, murder and other crime was in abundance as it always had been, having a serious negative affect on tourism. For many humans and humanoids, life continued unchanged, until it all went wrong, until two worlds collided!

Far away in a different sector, a survivor surfaced to infiltrate a dark cult that remained untouchable until now. Through desolate wastelands the cult once dwelled and feared no serpent but their leader. Was this all about to change?

The city of Dredgedale was once destroyed and stood on the verge of rebirth elsewhere, but will history repeat itself and will the suffering reoccur?

Title:Between Dredgedales: FLEETS book 3Format:Kobo ebookPublished:December 21, 2016Publisher:Bernard Harold CurgenvenLanguage:English

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